lost sales recovery: how to shape an effective remarketing email campaign

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Customers keep abandoning your store leaving lots of orphaned carts floating around? Check out the effective plan of action on how you can solve this issue. Get your customers and sales back! Image Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/arlophoto/6014927165/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/hometownzero/79698342/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/esparta/1609874001/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/42931449@N07/6812481635/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/68751915@N05/6848823919/


 Do you know that RIGHT NOW YOU ARE LOSING SALES? @mageworxdotcom Abandoned carts Completed purchases Every day about 60-70% of online shoppers abandon their carts without completing checkout. @mageworxdotcom For lots of online shops it results in a staggering amount of LOST REVENUE! @mageworxdotcom 4 @mageworxdotcom 1. Pricing unexpected and unclear costs, hidden charges, overestimated prices can be the reason why shoppers leave your online store. @mageworxdotcom 2. Payment issues concerns about payment security, limited or complicated payment options, declined payments, etc. can result in a big amount of lost sales. @mageworxdotcom 3.Website performance unclear navigation, slow load time, frequent crashes and a bunch of other site performance issues can put shoppers away. @mageworxdotcom 4.No buying intention shoppers can either be in the process of making a purchasing decision (they may be comparing product options, choosing the best pricing offer, etc.), or they may be just browsing with no intention to buy. @mageworxdotcom More reasons for online cart abandonment are described in this blog post. @mageworxdotcom While the reasons for cart abandonment are endless, failure to capitalize on these lost sales opportunities can cost your online business too much! @mageworxdotcom @mageworxdotcom First you need to implement technical improvements to your online store @mageworxdotcom That is: enhancing website speed, moving to a better hosting, improving store navigation, minimizing checkout, and the like. @mageworxdotcom Second, reconsider your pricing policy. @mageworxdotcom You need to: be more up-front with pricing and fees, offer more pricing flexibility, extend the list of available payment options. @mageworxdotcom However, making a convenient and shopper-friendly E-store doesnt guarantee that people wont leave their carts in the middle of the checkout process! @mageworxdotcom If shoppers keep leaving your store, you can resort to @mageworxdotcom @mageworxdotcom First you need to collect your customers email addresses. @mageworxdotcom That can be done either via introducing sign up forms @mageworxdotcom Or via the process of signing-in/registration. @mageworxdotcom The pros and cons of each method are described HERE. @mageworxdotcom When emails are collected, you may proceed to the next stage @mageworxdotcom @mageworxdotcom The first email for sending the 1st follow-up is 20 minutes. @mageworxdotcom Your first recovery email should not be selling. It is a polite reminder of what has been forgotten and a suggestion to help. @mageworxdotcom This is an example: @mageworxdotcom The second email, should be sent 1-2 days after the initial follow-up. @mageworxdotcom A sequence email should create a sense of urgency and a stronger call to action. @mageworxdotcom Inform your shoppers that carts may soon expire, and that discounts or availability wont be guaranteed at a later point. @mageworxdotcom Check this example: @mageworxdotcom The third email, should be sent in 3-7 days since the moment of cart abandonment. @mageworxdotcom Clearly state that is the last chance to recover purchases. @mageworxdotcom Incentivize your shopper! Offer them big time-limited discounts, free shipping and other benefits. @mageworxdotcom This is a good example: @mageworxdotcom And remember! When it comes to cart abandonment emails, @mageworxdotcom the most crucial factors are: an email subject line, the tone of your message. @mageworxdotcom Check out this blog post to learn how to craft a perfect remarketing message. @mageworxdotcom @mageworxdotcom Lost sales recovery is a complex process. @mageworxdotcom It consists of technical website improvements; wise onsite marketing; remarketing campaigns. @mageworxdotcom And if you manage to organize the process the right way, you will get most of your abandoned customers back! @mageworxdotcom You can find more info on the topic here: http://blog.mageworx.com/2014/04/lost-sales-recovery-part-1/ http://blog.mageworx.com/2014/04/cart-abandonment-email/ @mageworxdotcom