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  • Adam

  • Mankind

  • DavidThe first Mural Mosaic, 1997

  • KUNAMOKST - Coastal Inspirations

  • International Children's Festival Through art education led by celebrated St. Albert artist Lewis Lavoie, the value of community art projects comes to life as young artists paint tiles about subjects that are important to them. Almost magically, the individual pieces come together to create a finished mural known as the Pubble People!

  • Kids of all ages came by and visited Lewis daily and watched intently in amazement as he demonstrated various painting techniques and explained how they could use colors and shapes to make their individual paintings come to lifeThe creativity that each child presented through their individual ideas was wonderful to experience one painting at a time.Lewis would emphasize how each painting was very important to make the big picture come to life. So every painter felt incredible pride knowing that their contribution would be celebrated by the community as a whole.

  • Chinese Zodiac Animals

  • United States of America Community Freedom Flag (Utah Edition)

  • A Children's Program fund-raiser for the Art's & Heritage Foundation of St. Albert, conceived and designed by Lewis Lavoie. 216 original paintings, created by over 130 artists combined together to form one amazing mural. Without knowing what the final image would be, the participating artists were asked to paint something that inspiresthem growing up in St. Albert. The Mural was unveiled December 2nd, 2004.

  • See highlights of the mural as it travels before it is permanently installed

  • http://www.muralmosaic.comF I N