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My B.C. Roadtrip. Midway – Prince Rupert -Katja Kiefer. BATMOBILE (9.22 L/100 km, 60.57 litre tank)653 km between fill-ups. Me and my car. Day one- June 30th . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


My B.C. roadtrip

My B.C. RoadtripMidway Prince Rupert-Katja KieferBATMOBILE (9.22 L/100 km, 60.57 litre tank)653 km between fill-ups

Me and my car

Day one- June 30th I left Midway at 6:00 am. I filled my car up before I left and it cost me $78.00. I drove Hwy 3 and then Hwy 97. My first stop was in Oliver where I played Frisbee golf at Mount Baldy. I met up with Zoe and Bree there. The golf cost $20.00. I had a $5.00 sandwich at noon after we finished playing. I then drove to Summerland for some fresh fruit that I bought from a stand on the side of the road. That was $3.00. After that I went west on the 97c Highway. Then I drove north to Kamloops. In Kamloops I went to the BC Wildlife Park and I saw a moose and some camels. The entry fee was $14.00. It was 5pm when I was finished there so I went to the Hot House Bistro for some tacos. The dinner came to $25.00 with tax and tip and by the time I was done it was 6:30pm. I then drove to 100 Mile House to stay for the night. I stayed at the Super 8 Motel and it cost me $76.00.

Day 2-July 1stI got an early start this morning at 7:00 am. I grabbed a quick complimentary breakfast from the lobby and then I was off. I stopped for gas right outside the hotel. I put $70.00 in the tank. Then I backtracked a bit on Hwy 97 until I got onto Hwy 24. While driving on the #24 I saw a raccoon slowly walking across the road. I stopped of course to let it pass but it didnt want to move. I had to get out of the car and yell at it to get it to move. When I got to Avola I made a split second decision to rent a kayak for a couple of hours for $40 but I dont regret it. It was a very peaceful and enjoyable experience. It was 12:30pm when I was done so I went to the Rednecks Roadhouse for pizza. That was $10.00. I left Avola at 1:30pm to go to McBride. I got there at 4:00 pm. It was a little early for dinner so I went to the Whistle Stop Gallery to browse. There was a Canada Day celebration there, with little arts and crafts tables and I thought that was pretty neat. I picked up a ceramic bowl for my sister. It was $5.00. After that at 5:00pm I went to dinner at the Sun Valley restaurant. That cost $20.00. I left McBride at 6:30pm to go to my campsite in Purden Lake Provincial Park. I got there at 8:45pm and paid $16 to stay the night. I immediately set up my things to go to bed. I went to sleep at 10:00pm.

Day 3-July 2ndToday I planned to meet my sister in Prince George for the day. She lives in Fort St. John. I packed up my campsite and left the park by 9:00am. I got to Prince George and immediately filled up my gas tank. That cost $75.00. Then at 10:00am I met her at Zoes Java House. We had brunch and talked for a while. That cost $40. Then we played squash at the Prince George Golf & Curling Club for the better part of the early afternoon. I bought a day pass for us at $125. When we were done, it was about 1:00pm and we went to Caf Voltaire for a light lunch. I treated and it cost $30. When we left it was about 2:30pm so we went to The Exploration Place, which cost $10.00. It was around 4:00pm by then so I gave her the ceramic bowl that I had bought her in McBride and we said goodbye. I drove west on Hwy16 until I reached the Takysie Lake Resort in Burns Lake where I would be staying the night at the hotel and it cost $80. I got there at 7:00pm. I had a late dinner at the New Leaf Caf. That was $20.00. Then I checked in and went to sleep at about 10:00pm.

Day 4-July 3rdI left my resort in Burns Lake to head to Prince Rupert on my final day. I had breakfast at M & Ss Bagel Boy and it was really good. That cost me $10.00. I started towards Smithers at 10:00am. It was a lovely drive and I saw a mom and baby deer on the side of the road, grazing. I arrived in Smithers at 12:00pm so I went for lunch at Chatters Pizzaria & Bistro. It was filling and dee-lish. That cost $20.00. Then I went on a trail ride at Mountain View Adventures. The horse was really nice and I had a fun time. The ride was two hours long and it cost $45.00. It was 3:00pm when I left Smithers in The Bat. The drive was lovely and scenic and I saw a mountain goat way up on a cliff. I arrived in Terrace at about 6:00pm so I went to find a place for dinner. I ended up going to the Gourmet House Restaurant for some sushi. It was really yummy and I was full for the rest of my drive. That cost $65.00. I filled up with gas and it cost $70. I left Terrace at 7:00pm so that I could be in Prince Rupert by 11:00pm. I made it by 9:00pm instead. I went to my hotel which was a bed & breakfast called Pineridge. It was very nice and it cost $100.00. I MADE IT! Now I can rest

Km travelledDay 1: Midway to 100 Mile House = 541 kmDay 2: 100 Mile House to Purden Park = 562 kmDay 3: Purden Park to Burns Lake = 290 kmDay 4: Burns Lake to Prince Rupert = 490 kmTotal = 1,883 km ExpensesDay one: $221.00Day two: $161.00Day three: $455.00Day four: $310.00 Total expenses: $1147.00Required ElementsI might run into moose, deer, bunnies, or elk.States and provinces that border BC: Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Yukon, and North West Territories. There is a ferry route from Prince Rupert to Alliford Bay on Haida Gwaii. B.C. Ferries runs it.Prince Rupert is part of the Coast Mountain Range49*c was the highest temperature in Midway BC. The poisonous Western or Diamond Back rattlesnake can be found in the area, as well as the poisonous Wolf and Black Widow spiders. Scale: 5cm = 60 km 60.5cm = 726 km straight Fanny Bay - 49.4917*N, 124.8111*WSpuzzum - 49.6906*N, 121.4139*WLastman Lake - 51.3333*N, 123.6667*WRadium Hot Springs 50.6206*N, 116.0728*W =Watch for moose =Watch for falling rock or landslide obstructing traffic

=Road may be slippery ahead =Steep hill ahead, slow down

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