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Ithaca is Gorgeous! (...and Gorges)

Fall is a beautiful time in Ithaca. Take a walk and enjoy the amazing array of autumn colors, hike one of the many gorges trails, grab some local bounty at the Farmers market, go shopping on the Commons or check out one of the many festivals this vibrant community has to offer.

Ag Day-As CALS students, you will spend most of your time on or around the Ag(ricul-

ture) Quad; join the community and see what other students are up to during this fun-filled

homage to agricultural and life sciences.

Halloween Contest-Celebrated on the last day of October, Halloween allows everyone to show their creative side; join the ranks of the cele-brants and dress up, or just walk around and enjoy the costumes. The

best costumes will be on display at the annual Halloween contest, open to staff, faculty and students.

Wilder Brain Collection- Ever wonder what the brain of an educated and orderly

person might look like? Visit Cornells Wilder Brain Collection in Uris Hall to see 122 fascinating specimens, including some of the most influential scientists and think-

ers of the 19th and 20th century.

The Cornell campus is an exciting, bustling place where there is always somethingnew to discover or try. Everyone has their own opinion about what should make it

onto your To Do at Cornell list, but here are a few of our favorites:

Whether you have started invested in a company website, begun a business blog or made your presence known on social

media, you are probably well aware that a digital footprint is nothing to scoff at where marketing is concerned. Now more

than ever, your web presence is vital to your sales strategy. Why? Because an effective, concise digital footprint will turn

out to be your top performer where sales are concerned. Here's why:

Works 24/7 So You Don't Have To

Even the best of salespersons gets sick, goes on vacation or simply takes breaks. The Internet, however, goes on forever

and sees visitors at all times of day. When your digital footprint is extensive and well-formed, you are reaching customers

in your sleep, literally. Your message and your brand are heard time and again without being intrusive or redundant.

Social media currently reaches 74% of all web users. However effective your marketing or sales strategy, it would be

impossible to harness that expanse of leads with calls or emails alone. A digital footprint makes this percentage your

potential audience!

Defines and Develops Your Brand

Anyone who has ever brainstormed ideas, talked through a complicated problem or written an essay will recognize that

the further you get in the process, the more information you amass, the easier it becomes. Same goes for developing and

defining a brand. The more you talk about it, write about it, frame and re-frame it, the more cohesive it gets. It is no

surprise then, that if your digital footprint is extensive, it will make your brand that much more familiar, that much more

focused and that much more recognizable.

It's simple, by employing a variety of approaches, such as websites, blogs and social media presence, you are also

amplifying your visibility. But more than that, you are able to address different demographics, answer different questions

and get to the real nuances of who you are as a company. Defining a brand is more than a catchy jingle or an attractive

logo, it is an involved process that is made exponentially easier through an increased digital footprint.

Establishes You as an Expert In Your Field

This one is also a no-brainer. The more you permeate the vastness of the web, the more likely it is that you will be found

in searches. Then, of course, a higher number of search hits will result in a higher level of customer trust. Basically, your

content will be higher on the totem pole of information; you will have become an expert in your niche.

Increased search hits and higher levels of trust are almost exclusively the domains of an excellent and extensive digital

footprint. Think about it, who would you be more likely to trust? A salesman that is able to eke out a few basic facts or

statistics, or one who is able to run the gamut of information necessary for you to make a decision? For most people, it

would be the latter. A wide variety of helpful, relevant and consistent content will always speak for itself.

Wherever you are in the journey of your business, a digital footprint can help you reach further, grab on tighter, and

accomplish more. No matter how great your product or service, if it is not reaching the right consumer, it is failing.

Expand your reach and find that consumer with the help of a variety of easily available and frequently inexpensive tools.

The web offers you blank slate. Take the opportunity to paint on it the best possible picture. Make it the place where you

leave your mark and meet the people who will carry it into the future.

3 Reasons to Visit Your Career Services OfficeToday!

Most college students don't find their career office until their senior year, while frantically searching

for any job that will keep them out of their parents' house. Take note, at this point it might be too late

to take advantage of everything your career office has to offer. Try using the resources housed in

this little nook of campus, youll find that even as a freshman you wont regret it. Here are three

important things they can do for you:

1. Help You Figure You Out

Most college career offices offer more than just resume and cover letter help, though this is what

students primarily seek. Many schools also offer important personality testing that can help in

every area of your life, including choosing a major, figuring out relationships and building useful

skills. Ask your career counselors if they offer the Myers-Briggs test; this is a highly advanced

personality test used by pretty much every industry and proves to be anywhere between 85-90%

accurate. Then there is Skill Scan, another useful tool that allows you to narrow down just what

you are good at and how to find work opportunities that highlight your strengths.

2. Connect You With Others

Maybe you have been sure since Day 1 that you want to be a journalist, maybe this is what you

have planned your entire life around...but the reality is probably a little different than what you

pictured. You could wait to find that out when you have your first job, or you could talk to

someone ahead of time and either embrace it with all your might or find an alternative for

yourself. The career office can help you get in touch with alumni or other professionals working

in almost any field. Networking is not only for getting jobs, it can also be a helpful way of

familiarizing yourself with all your options before committing.

3. Any Interview, Any Time

This is kind of a given, but not something to be overlooked. Knowing how to interview well is a

gift that will keep on giving. It is a skill that not only helps with bagging a job, it is also a great

way of learning how to brand and represent yourself. Career offices will help you map out your

"story," they can also do a test run and see where your weaknesses are. In many cases, there

are even opportunities to record yourself doing a mock interview so that you can actually see

yourself fidget and be aware of what you are doing.

In short, looking for a job may be the most pressing reason to visit your Career Office, but it should

not be the only one. Career counselors are just that, counselors, they can help you improve your

self-awareness, develop skills that extend beyond the job search and even help you unearth some

abilities you did not know you had. How cool is that?