paris peace conference 1919 & treaty of versailles

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Paris Peace Conference 1919, Treaty of Versailles, what did the Big Three Wilson, Clemenceau, Lloyd George want? How fair and justified was it?


  • 1. 1 The war destroyed thousands of houses, roads, bridges and farmland etc.

2. 2 65,000,000 21,000,000 10,000,000 1,000 3. 3 About 8.5 million soldiers and 6.6 civilians were killed in the war. War Deaths and Destruction 4. 4 Over 10 millionOver 10 million DeadDead 5. 5 World War I Casualties 6. 6 The Somme American Cemetary, France 116,516 Americans Died116,516 Americans Died 7. 7 A WWI cemetery at Ypres 8. 8 9. 9 a Jewish gravea Jewish grave poppiespoppies 10. 11 The signing of the Treaty ofThe signing of the Treaty of VersaillesVersailles The victorious nations signed treaties with the defeated ones. The Paris Peace Conference (1919) 11. 12David Lloyd George Major decisions were madeMajor decisions were made by the Big Three by the Big Three Georges Clemenc eau (France) Woodro w Wilson (USA) Georges Clemenceau Woodrow Wilson Britain, France, and US.Britain, France, and US. FranceFrance USA BritainUSA Britain 12. Clemenceau 13. Woodrow Wilson 14. 15 Wilsons Fourteen PointsFourteen Points 1919 Open diplomacyOpen diplomacy Freedom of the seasFreedom of the seas Free tradeFree trade DisarmamentDisarmament National self-determinationNational self-determination The League of NationsThe League of Nations Wilson 15. Lloyd George 16. 17 The Treaty of Versailles (1919)The Treaty of Versailles (1919) Germany was to:Germany was to: To disarm and cut army to 100,000 To pay a large indemnity To return Alsace-Lorraine to France To give up some of her land and all colonies To accept the War-guilt clauseWar-guilt clause 17. 18 Germany after the singing of the Treaty of Versailles Rhineland demilitarized Saar (under LN) East Prussia Alsace- Lorranie Watchmojo: 18. Germanys territorial losses: Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France. West Prussia and Posen were given to Poland. Danzig was to be a free city under the League of Nations. The Saar to be under the League of Nations for 15 years. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania became independent. Germany lost all its Asian and African colonies. 19. Germany was to lose all colonies 20. 21 Germany had to disarm according to the Treaty of Versailles. 21. 26 German cartoons in 1919. The Allies buried Germany withThe Allies buried Germany with the Treaty of Versailles.the Treaty of Versailles. The Allies sent Germany toThe Allies sent Germany to the guillotinethe guillotine. 22. 27 Whos To Blame? 23. 28 Drama v=p0Mef7arxUA 09:37-12:40 Make Germany Pay - The Big 3 (4) v=14zM9DBHuhE&feature=related v=J31vkB4IdS0&feature=related Wilson's League for Peace - NHD 2010 Treaty of V by BBC 24. Why was Germany so bitter about the Treaty of Versailles? [7] 25. How to read the cartoon? DDAABB m/watch? v=e1UROvdzpo8 26. 10. Why did the Big three disagree over how to treat Germany? [7] 14. Why did the victors fail to get everything they wanted at Versailles? [7] 27. Remember the Treaty of Brest- Litovsk? 28. 35 Germany New nations states Russia Rumania Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Bulgaria Turkey Italy Yugoslavia Spain France Portugal Britain Norway Sweden Germany Hungary Czechoslovakia Black Sea Atlantic Sea Greece Albania Belgium Holland AustriaSwitzerland WWI destroyed the empires of the Russians, the Austrians, the Germans and the Turks New countries were created after the war The New Map of EuropeThe New Map of Europe 29. 37 Significance? Problems? New tensionsNew tensions weak and unstable governmentsweak and unstable governments weak economyweak economy Nationalism grew strongerNationalism grew stronger 30. 38 Wilson suggested forming a peace-keeping organization in 1918. I Can predict with great certainty that within another generation, there will be another world war if the nations of the world do not join together to prevent it. 31. 39 Forming a Peace-keeping Body The League of Nations was formed in 1920 to prevent warprevent war and to keep peace and resolvekeep peace and resolve international conflictsinternational conflicts. 32. How far could the Treaty of Versailles be justified? [8] 33. 44 The Rise of Womens Social Status Women played an important role in the war. 34. 45 Women worked in munitions factories. 35. 46