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I like the idea of including a cigarette on the front of my poster, however to make my poster slightly different I am going to have the cigarette in my actors mouth rather than their hand. I am going to incorporate the smoke in to the rest of my image as I feel it will look effective.I like the fact that two of the characters/actors are almost back to back in this image, I would like to have my actors doing a similar pose as I feel it looks good and will suit my genre well. I feel that the characters being back to back will show how they are against each other and will hint to the viewers what they can expect to see within my film.GANGSTER SQUADGANGSTER SQUAD

I like the placing of the title on this film poster as I feel it stands out without being too distracting from the rest of the image. Although it isnt too distracting it is noticeable, therefore it reinforces the films title and will stick in peoples minds.I think that having the characters in suits is very effective and makes the films genre clear and obvious, therefore I am going to have the characters on my poster wearing them. As well as that this enhances the gangster or groups element in action films therefore I feel it will benefit me massively.I like the fact that the background on this poster goes from being light to dark from top to bottom, I feel that this looks effective and can link to binary oppositions of good and evil which is included in my film, as well as that, I like the fact that the sky is cloudy as this creates atmosphere, therefore I am going to try and incorporate something similar on my poster.DIE HARD 4


I like the fire effect in the background of this poster, therefore I am going to try and use a similar effect as a glow around the title on my poster.I also like the fact that the protagonist is looking away from the camera, I feel that this adds to the mystery side of the poster and will also fit my theme perfecty.