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IT and IndustryMarch 2003: The operation was started
May 2003: 2 Buildings were operational
June 2003: The Documentation was completed
July 2003: 8 Companies joined SATI
September 2003: 2 Buildings, 2 Classes, 1 Data Center, 1 Labs were operational
December 2003: 16 companies and research groups were operational
SATI Introduction
SATI Introduction
TOFAM Geo-Science Technology (Geo-Technology :: B3)
Fardayeh Javan (Software Solutions, Hardware Design :: B3)
NICTC (Multimedia, E-Automation, E-Learning :: B1)
CiSoft (E-Commerce, Info. Systems :: B1)
New Tech Software (Information Portals, Software :: B1)
PARSIA (Internet Appliances :: B1)
Parvan-Pajo (Software, E-Solutions :: B4)
Arya-Net-Andisheh (Software, E-learning :: B4)
Software Tech. Group (software Tech., OpenSource :: B3)
EnterPrise Development (WebServices, J2EE Design :: B2)
Office Automation Group (Office Automation, .NET :: B1)
SATI Introduction
Server Farm (Compaq/Micron Servers, Cisco Switches)
Network Printers
Conference room with Videoconferencing Facilities
DML Laboratory
Building No. 1: No. 4, Golestan Alley (500 Sq. Meter)
Building No. 2: No. 5, Golestan Alley (650 Sq. Meter)
Building No. 3: No. 23, Bagh Alley (450 Sq. Meter)
3 Well-Equipped Classroom: Sharif University
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