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  • Shasta Miners and Prospectors Association (SMPA) July 2016 Pg. 1

    Shasta Miners & Prospectors Association NEWSLETTER

    Miner of the Month for July 2016

    “Red” Passman

    Founded in 1959, Shasta Miners & Prospectors Association is a non-profit organization that helps small-scale miners and pro- spectors while educating the public about mining. The Association offers gold-bearing claims that the members can enjoy using with full access and we hold monthly meetings that are open to the public.

    Miner of the Month

    July 2016

    Red Passman

    Thank you

    Thank you for going above and beyond for

    the betterment of our members.

    December 2015 Miner of the Month

    Susan Doyle

    Source as of July 13 2016

    Jan. 2016 Miner of the Month

    Dan Logan

    Feb. 2016 Miner of the Month

    Dick Kingsmore

    Mar. 2016 Miner of the Month

    Barbara Wilson

    The July 21, 2016 Meeting


    Bring your metal detectors. Let the most experienced of our members answer

    any questions you may have. Bill Doyle, Dick Kingman, Chip Hess, Mike Ab-

    ernathy and others will give you tips and techniques to help you get he best

    performance from your detector. Questions and answers and hands-on demon-

    strations. Much Fun!!!!

    April 2016 Miner of the Month

    Bill Fisher

    May 2016 Miner of the Month

    Bob Carpenter

    June 2016 Miner of the Month

    Mike Russell

    SMPA Annual Outing Information for Douglas City Campground.

    The Dates for the annual outing is July 29 and 30 Games, Hunts, and Potluck.

    Potluck is 4 pm on Sat. July 30




    Monex Spot Prices Open High Low

    Monex Spot


    1345.00 1340.00 1345.00 1336.00

    Monex Spot Silver

    20.43 20.40 20.51 20.18

    Great DEAL! Bounty Hunter Sharpshooter metal detector, Bounty Hunter pinpointer,

    headphones, treasure belt and instruction manual. Buy the entire pack-

    age $175.00. Contact Bill Doyle at: 530-549-3039

    Metal Detector Sale

  • Shasta Miners and Prospectors Association (SMPA) July 2016 Pg. 2

    2016 Officers and Directors and Chairs

    O ffi c e r s

    P r e s i d e n t D ia n a C la yt o n ( 5 3 0 ) 5 2 4 - 1 2 2 6 d ia n a e c la y t o n @ a o l . co m

    V i c e P r e s i d e n t D o n n a D a v i s ( 5 3 0 ) 6 2 3 - 0 7 4 4 d j d _1 9 6 3 _2 0 0 6 @ ya h o o . co m

    Secr eta ry S u s a n D o y le ( 5 3 0 ) - 5 4 9 - 3 0 3 9 d o y l es j @ a o l . c o m

    Treasu re r W a yn e K i n g ( 5 3 0 ) - 396-2207 [email protected]

    D i r e c t o r s Dick Kingsmore (530) 549 -3197 [email protected]

    Mike Russell - (530) 347-7436 [email protected]

    Dan Collier (530) 356-4530 [email protected]

    Leg is lation C h ip H es s ( 5 3 0 ) 4 1 0 - 3 1 2 2 C h ip @ m i n e rs ca ch e . c o m

    Metal De tecting Outings Bi l l D o y le ( 5 3 0 ) - 5 4 9 - 3 0 3 9 d o y l ew [email protected] a o l . c o m

    Cla ims / Outings

    M ik e A b e r n a t h y ( 5 3 0 ) 6 3 8 - 6 7 1 7 u cn o k is s @ y a h o o . co m Bo b B u r d ett ( 5 3 0 ) 4 7 4 - 4 4 8 8 Bo b C a rp e n t e r ( 5 3 0 ) 3 5 7 - 5 3 3 1 K en n y C h in n ( 5 3 0 ) 5 1 0 - 0 1 7 8 b u c tg r d @ ya h o o . c o m G en e C la y t o n ( 5 3 0 ) 2 2 2 - 6 0 7 0 g en e. c l a y to n 3 3 @ g m a i l . c o m

    SMPA Logo C lo th ing

    Mary Ann Stevens (5 3 0 ) 3 4 7 - 1 6 7 9 [email protected]

    Membe rsh ip Donna Davis ( 5 3 0 ) 6 2 3 - 0 7 4 4 d j d _1 9 6 3 _2 0 0 6 @ ya h o o . co m

    Web S ite Adm inistra tor D a v id D o b b er ( 5 3 0 ) 3 4 7 - 6 7 0 5 d . d o b b [email protected] s b cg lo b a l . n et Web: To access: find out what your user name and password is. The newsletter is posted to mem- ber site for current month and moved to the public access the following month. Newsletter is sent via email unless otherwise indicated. IF you have an email address and not getting your newsletter, be sure to check spam or junk mail.

    A letter from our President, Diana Clayton

    Dear Shasta Miners and Prospectors: June was a crazy month. We are however

    back on schedule.

    The Shasta County fair was successful, ex-

    cept for a couple of nights when it rained.

    Mike and Cindy Russell, Red Passman,

    Larry and Phyllis , Cassie and Joe , Bill

    Ron, Lori, Robert Baxter, and especially Mary Ann and Jim

    Stevens did a great job covering all the hours. Thank you for

    all the work put forth to make SMPA a good memory and edu-

    cational event for people.

    I am looking forward to the July 29 and 30 outing at the

    Douglas City Camp Ground. It has showers and nice facilities

    and is very clean. There is an area for tent camping as well.

    The cost is $10 per vehicle, $5 for Seniors. I believe the gold-

    en age card might even give folks additional discounts. As

    you turn on to Steiner Flat Rd., the park is the first R.V. park

    to the left. Many of us are planning to go as early as Wed. and

    stay through Sunday. Last year Kenny did a surprising feat,

    he caught a nice salmon. Some gold was found and the hunts

    were fun. Check out the enclosed flyer for more details. We

    hope the event will even be more fun this year. If any ques-

    tions give us a call. In the meantime I will see you at the July

    21 meeting. I am looking forward to the metal detecting work


    Still no word on the legisla-

    tion issues.


    SMPA Officers and Board Members

    If you need information about the club

    activities please contact us.

    Diana Clayton

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Shasta Miners and Prospectors Association (SMPA) July 2016 Pg. 3


    I am travelling, so hope to be back to

    see everyone at the July meeting.

    Guided Metal Detector Outings: Guided metal detecting outing usually occur on the Second Sat. morning after our regular scheduled meeting. The location of the hunt is announced at the general meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting please contact Bill Doyle, Metal Detecting Chair. Email: [email protected] or call (530) -549 -3039

    Guided Claims Outings: Guided Claims outings are scheduled the first Sat. following the general meeting. For more information contact Michael Abernathy, Claims Chair. Email: [email protected] or call 530) 638-6717

    Shasta Miners and Prospectors

    Meeting Minutes Submitted by Susan


    No Minutes for June as

    Meeting was cancelled.

    SMPA Logo Clothing Chairper- son, Mary Ann Stevens

    [email protected] Ph.: (530)- 347-1679

    We have nice hoodies, t-Shirts, tank tops, hats, and iron-on emblems. These items are on display and are for purchase at each general meeting.

    The Hidden Coin is Still Out There






    June Metal Detecting Outing Only three persons participated in the outing held at North Cottonwood School and West Valley High School. Those

    in attendance were Dennis Paloma, Val Smalley, and me. We found some coinage at North Cottonwood School and

    Val found a small ring. We then went to West Valley High School and recoverd some coinage there.

    The detecting trip to Idaho was great! Those that took the trip and joined in the hunt were, Mike Abernathy, Susan

    Doyle and me. Donna Davis and Millie Hosier also were at the event, but did not participate in the hunt.

    Susan and I found a total of 613 coins; $94.70, in silver coins; and $64.64, in clads for a $159.34 total. These finds

    were located in 2 hours, 15 minutes. Mike also did great and came home with silver and clad coins.

    The weather held out until the hunts were ending and then the rains came and we got wet; however, with the great

    finds the wet clothes were worth the treasures we found.

    This outing, held at Farragut State Park near Athol, Idaho, was the 45th such hunt held by the Northwest Treasure

    Hunter’s Club, of Spokane, Washington. Congratulations to all the officers and members of the club for the success-

    ful planning and operation of the event. We were welcomed by the club members and made new friends and contacts.

    Until the next meeting, stay well.


    mailto:[email protected]

  • Shasta Miners and Prospectors Association