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Social citizens

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Basic ideaThe Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesnt understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.

Media companies dont control the conversation any more Rupert Murdoch

No control

Social Media StarfishFacebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube,, Twitter, are just a few of the many social networking sites where the active consumer interacts. Add to this all the blogs and forums and you have what former Microsoft technical evangelist Robert Scoble calls the Social Media Starfish.

Place for interaction

AttentionBrands must learn that social media is a trading game.The users currency is attention.This can be traded for values, information and entertainment, amongst others.But like any other medium format, unless brands learn the game quickly, some will misinterpret such social media with disappointing results as the likely outcome.

Push Pull Participation> >

ChallengeMarketing has not kept up with the radical changes in media.Users often expect more than what theyre offered.

While social media offers perfect opportunities,there is a need for Social Glue.

Social media users interact to find friendship, and friendship requires that you have something interesting to bring to the conversation, that you show respect, and you dont spam them. A friend remembers you and what you stand for.Brands must do the same.

Brands must respect

Wisdom of CrowdsSocial media can be defined as the democratization of information. The users becomes a publisher.This represents a fundamental shift for marketeers:From a broadcast mechanism towards a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations and interactions.

This means that the outcome can no longer be dictated.Traditional ways of dealing with the consumer is no longer working.

Users = Broadcasters


People are social beings, they want to communicate, they like to share information and experience and they like to share it with the world.

For a better outcome, give your audience credit for their intelligence, invite them in, in short: Bond with your target groups, intrigue them, get them involved.Dont be shallow. Add value. Show them your love.



Since there is an information overload, attention is scarce.As a marketeer youll need to be creative



-Create a Speakers Corner -Offer something meaningful-Dont be an island-Self criticism and evaluation is a must-Evolve during the project (dont be afraid to change. the web is an ongoing process)-Stimulate users input-Communicate as a person

Things to take into account


Things to take into account




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