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  • 1. CONTENTS 4Life is Together, Building People through... Science 17 Unleash the Berry! 18 Sharpen Your Point of View Success 4 Distributor Recognition 23 All-New Presidents Club! 27 Your Freedom Journey Starts Now 17 18 Service 34 Bringing Hope to Children, Families, and Communities 23 36 Thank You! 39 At the Heart of It In every issue 27 34 3 Corporate Message 20 Summit NewsStand 38 4Life Top Ten 392 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 2. C O R P O R AT E M E S S A G ESenior Vice President, MarketingTrent TenneyVice President of Marketing Claim YourJason GoughDesign Director Passport toWade Palmer FreedomGraphic Design StaffJeff Burns This is your opportunity toTrent JamesonJuan Martinez take advantage of all thatKen McEntirePatrick Patno 4Life offersclaim yourPhotographer freedom and make yourDavid Stoker dreams a reality!Editorial DirectorRachel Thomae Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom to everyone, your ability to triumph over was truly amazing! Over 8,000 challenges and setbacks will giveAssociate Editor distributors from more than 70 different you strength and wisdom on your journeyEsther Hayden countries came to Philadelphia to claim to freedom.Lead Writers their passport to freedom. We heardTennille Lisonbee from all of our Platinum International I also enjoyed Stephen M.R. CoveysAngie Trammell message about the importance of trust Diamonds and the members of our Health Sciences Advisory Board. We witnessed during the Leadership Luncheon. AsLatin Copywriters you foster trust, personal responsibility,Judith Diaz another phenomenal advancement inMonica Tucker Transferceutical Science with the launch and compassion with the members of of 4Life Transfer Factor Vista. We your group, youll build a team that canContributors achieve freedom together.Amber Benson re-connected with old 4Life friends andCamille Bullock made new ones. And most importantly, Freedom is yours for the taking. This isLesley Dunn we recognized the achievements of 4Life your opportunity to take advantage ofCalvin Jolley distributors all over the world. It was ourTracie Kay all that 4Life offersclaim your freedom biggest convention in history!Adam Lisonbee and make your dreams a reality!Allie Middleton The worldwide 4Life family ofCurtis Ostler Sincerely,Chad Renshaw distributors is a unied force. WereNatalie Slater taking the message of freedom to theStephanie Walker entire world. As a 4Life distributor, you can be a tremendous force to liberate the4Life world by sharing the freedom that can Steve Tew9850 South 300 West President be achieved through building a 4LifeSandy, UT [email protected] businesshealth freedom, time freedom, Get to know Steve even better by reading his nancial freedom, and lifestyle freedom.Summit is published bi-monthly by 4Life Research USA, LLC, executive bio online at Simply follow 2012 4Life Trademarks, LLC Hearing from keynote speaker J.R. Company link to Executives.No part of this publication may be used or copiedwithout the written consent of 4Life Research USA, LLC. Martinez as he shared his powerfulThe information listed in this publication has not beenevaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is story of hope, resilience, and servicenot intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. was another inspiring moment duringAdvice on personal health matters should be obtaineddirectly from a healthcare professional. convention. J.R. went through a truly harrowing experience, but he didnt allow it to dene him. He knows that even though obstacles will most certainly come To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 3
  • 3. Success | RECOGNITIONPlatinum International Diamonds Ray & Barbara Meurer Dr. Herminio Nevrez & Yadira Olivo Florida, USA Puerto Rico Bonnie Taylor Juan Rosado & Damaris Zapata California, USA Florida, USA The freedom to achieve and live our dreams may be lifes ultimate experience. Finding 4Life was a miracle all its own, since it has given me the freedom and the means to fulll the most important things in my life. Freedom with 4Life allows you to grow into all you can be! Bonnie Taylor Platinum International Diamond California, USA 4 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 4. Success | RECOGNITION Platinum International Diamonds Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey Tennessee, USA California, USA Sadik Din & Hasnimah ngel Molina & Ivelisse Lpez Singapore Puerto RicoI have stayed dedicated to building my 4Life business consistently throughout the years. 4Life is the vehicle that enables me to duplicate my efforts with incredible products and an unmatched opportunity. Knowing that we are making a difference in the world keeps me going on the path to freedom. Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey Platinum International Diamonds California, USA To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 5
  • 5. Success | RECOGNITIONGold International Diamonds Akram Din Aleksey Egorov ngels Muoz Estape* Antonio Gonzlez* Barbara Wagner Byron & Analia Lpez Malaysia Russia Spain Puerto Rico California, USA California, USA Carlos Rocha Carme Sol Xalabard David Phillips Dionny Recio Edgar Mojica Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Spain Spain Washington, USA Dominican Republic Florida, USA Katharina Sihombing Indonesia Eduardo Len Marn Eiichi & Keiko Uemura Elizabeth Krakowiak Enrique & ngeles Balboa Esdras Cabrera Alberto & Esthela Carpio Rodas & Aristizbal Japan Connecticut, USA Mexico Rosa Nelia Vargas Galo Celi Panama Dominican Republic Ecuador Fadzli Salim & Giovanni & Sandra Hernn J. Santiago & Ileana & Hugo Johnson Indra Virasinghe Ivn Rodrguez & Siti Zuraidah Perotti Yaceska Robles California, USA Australia Marie Mrquez Singapore Colombia Puerto Rico Texas, USA Dr. Jase & Dr. Jinsun Javier Santana & Menchy Jeanny Serra & Jess & Itala Rivera Nova Jhonny Aguilar Pinto & Jos & Odalis Cuevas Khyeam Oquendo* Manny Lpez Mexico Betzaida Cova de Aguilar New York, USA California, USA Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Emerging Market 6 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m *Read their story in an upcoming edition of Summit.
  • 6. Success | RECOGNITION Gold International DiamondsJos Alberto & Sandra Jos Luis & Maria Jos Martn & Zoraida Juan Vargas & Julio Cesar Rodrguez* Kim FergusonRivera Nova Martnez* Rosado Heidy Rosado California, USA California, USAMexico Dominican Republic Florida, USA Florida, USAKurt & Melanie Kuhn Lilly & Jos ngel Lorena Daza Castillo & Lourdes Garca & Lyubov Alimova & Maris DreimanisCalifornia, USA Snchez Dr. Armando Segovia Wilfredo Vlez Mikhail Alimov Latvia Florida, USA Ecuador Puerto Rico RussiaMichael & Betty Ng Miguel Bermdez Marn* Mike & Marsha Akins Nidia Pinzn Lpez Noel Albelo & Norma ConstanzaAustralia Puerto Rico Kansas, USA Spain Sandra Jimnez Rocha Collazos Florida, USA Colombia*Read their story in an upcoming edition of Summit. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 7
  • 7. Success | RECOGNITIONGold International Diamonds Oyunmaa Banzragch & Rafaela Santiago Ramos Sahala Ranny Marrero & Rasid Kamisan & Renaldo & Narankhuu Rinchinsangi Florida, USA Sihombing* Ivelysse Robles Nieves Hasrunita Lymari Snchez Mongolia Indonesia Puerto Rico Malaysia California, USA Dr. Ricaurte Samaniego & Richard & Nancy Quek Rob Robertson, III Robert W. Robertson, Rolando Snchez & Salim Raghavan & Joanna Martino Malaysia Tennessee, USA Jr., MD Zaida Morales Noor Azlina Panama Kentucky, USA California, USA Singapore Sandra Davis Sheri Din Son Jae Min Dr. S. S. Tamilselvan & Tadashi & Saeko Shinjo Tatiana Yachnaya Kentucky, USA Singapore South Korea R. Shamala Japan Bulgaria Malaysia 8 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m *Read their story in an upcoming edition of Summit.
  • 8. Success | RECOGNITIONTatiana Yachnaya New Gold International DiamondGold International Diamond, Bulgaria 4Life is a fabulous opportunity. It gives me the ability to help and inspire people, stay positive in any situation, learn new things, and share my experience with others.G old International Diamond her to create a better future and achieve She is also grateful to her team leaders, Tatiana Yachnaya was involved nancial stability. sponsor, and corporate employees for in network marketing for over their consideration, vision, and support.ten years before she was introduced to 4Life is a fabulous opportunity. It gives4Life by Gold International Diamond me the ability to help and inspire people, I know that if a person has a dream andLyubov Alimova. She was searching stay positive in any situation, learn new stays focused, he or she will achieve anyfor new opportunities at the time things, and share my experience with rank. This kind of achievement requiresand immediately decided to join the others, commented Tatiana. 4Life has a strong desire, 100% commitment,company after learning about the Life helped Tatianas dreams come true. She self-discipline, and expanding out ofRewards Plan. now owns a beautiful home by the warm your comfort zone, shared Tatiana. sea in Bulgaria, drives a new luxury car, Most importantly, we need to loveBorn in a small town in Kazakhstan, and travels around the world. people and enjoy helping them. TheTatianas parents died when she was a achievement of Gold Internationalteenager. Tatiana admits that things were Tatiana is grateful for the support of her Diamond is a victory for me and anot always easy, but she learned to stay family, especially her daughter Lyuba victory for my organization.positive and always look for opportunities and her sister Olga. Although they eachto improve her life. She decided network live in different countries, she recognizesmarketing was the right opportunity for that 4Life allows her to visit them often. To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 9
  • 9. Success | RECOGNITION International Diamond advancements listed are for the volume months of JanuaryFebruary 2012. The 4Life opportunity came into my life when I was working I am truly honored to be recognized as an International as a nancial consultant in the stock market. The job paid well Diamond. I am grateful to everyone around me for their but took away from my time with my family. I worked in the support. I signed up in October 2010, but experienced a slump nancial industry for 18 years, and stood out as an employee for six months and could not motivate myself to work evenNew International Diamonds who always achieved the companys goals, but I didnt realize though I love 4Life Transfer Factor products and this company. that I was neglecting what was most important in my lifemy My upline leader gave me a lot of encouragement and helped husband Jess, and my sons, Jess and Geovanny. me through this difcult time. Members of my group cheered Thanks to God, Presidential Diamond Alejandra Moreno me up when I was feeling down. They taught me to be Torres and Diamond Mariana Morena Torres told me about a tenacious. I appreciate all of their support. new opportunity to create income and take control of my life I have worked in other network marketing companies and quickly advanced in rank, but I could through the network marketing industry. I signed up immediately to make additional income. not continue working for these companies, and I had almost abandoned everything about this Later on, I attended a rally in Chihuahua that gave me the courage to quit my job and work full- business model. But now, my 4Life business is expanding and it has become a bright hope for me time with this great opportunity. and for my group members. I want to thank my leaders, Presidential Diamond Alejandra Moreno Torres, Presidential Diamond This recognition is just a starting point toward my ultimate goal of becoming a leader who can Ma. Luisa Torres Valdovinos, International Diamond Patricia Gutirrez Contreras, and International offer courage and the opportunity for fullled dreams to many people through 4Life. I am really Diamond Rosa Elva Castaeda, because they have transformed my life and the lives of many grateful that I can build my 4Life business with my wonderful and reliable upline leaders and individuals who have trusted them. team members. I am cherishing the opportunity to run this business and pursue my goals. Fabiola Bribiesca & Jess Gonzlez Sponsor: Ma. Luisa Torres Valdovinos Keiko Kamijo Mexico Sponsors: Dr. Jase & Dr. Jinsun Khyeam Japan We are very grateful to God and our entire team for their great support in helping us achieve this rank. It is through this opportunity that we are changing our lifestyle and serving as a positive inuence for our entire organization. It was difcult at rst, but thanks to our angel, International Diamond Rosa Elva Castaeda, who is always watching over our growth, we have been able to achieve our dreams. Now we can enjoy true freedom that we never could have envisioned before. We are totally convinced of the opportunity that 4Life offers. We know that through the help and support of the great industry leaders at 4Life, such as Platinum International Diamonds Dr. Herminio Nevrez and Yadira Olivo, we can show the world that there is hope to change your life for the better. We consider ourselves a real example of faith, courage, and enthusiasm as we face the challenges that lie ahead. We are condent that we will overcome any challenges and take the leap to the next level until we reach the summit of success. We will guide and help others do the same and achieve what they have always dreamed offreedom. Patricia Gutirrez & Ral Equihua Sponsor: Rosa Elva Castaeda Agustinus Tyson Sutardi Ai Min Wang Alma Rosa & David Mexico Sponsor: James Ferdinand Sponsor: Gerald Coy Gonzlez Lolowang California, USA Sponsor: Noel Falcn Pagn Indonesia Mexico Daniel Isai Canales Tirado Daniya Khayrullina Erken Sukhachov Fang, Mei Xiu Fernanda Oseguera James Ferdinand Sponsors: ngel Molina & Sponsor: Svetlana Kakaskiene Sponsor: Daniya Khayrullina Sponsor: Chen, Ya Tzu Navarro Lolowang Ivelisse Lpez Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Taiwan Sponsor: Mara Eugenia Navarro Sponsor: Susianti Sugiarto Emerging Market Mexico Indonesia Not Pictured: Rohani Binti Abdullah Tengku Fadilah Binti Sponsor: Nadzrul Salim Tengku Kamalden Malaysia Sponsor: Rohani Binti Abdullah Malaysia Jeon Bok Im Lenny Irawati Marvin & Julie Peluffo Miguel Zapata Rodrguez Sponsor: Kim Jong-Ick Sponsors: Ruth & David Sponsor: Piedad Dussan & Miriam Hernndez South Korea Suryana Colombia Sponsor: Jorge Santana Indonesia Emerging Market 10 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 10. Success | RECOGNITIONInternational Diamonds must have qualied September 2011February 2012.ARGENTINA Hermes Justino Martnez LITHUANIA Rosa Elena Campoy Jeon Bok Im George Feingel Amantia & Castillo Svetlana Kakaskiene Covarrubias Kim Jae Im Gerald Coy Rina Daz Jos Duque Vladas Jonauskas Rosa Elva Castaeda Kim Jong-Ick Geraldo Figueroa & Jose Simn & Bethzaida Kwon, Han Sung Vernica PonsAUSTRALIA Polanco MALAYSIA MONGOLIA Lee Im Soon Global Foundation International DiamondsBob Fedorowytsch Lisbeth Rodrguez & Jos Anand & Jamilah Narantuya Baldorj Lee Jin Hee Group, LLCLarry Tan Luis Silva Dr. Azif Bin Ahmad Sheis & Nasantogtokh Lee Jung Soon Islian Vliz & JaimeNeville Chisholm Mauricio Alexander Aziz & Azizah Nomondalai Lee Mi Hyung Martnez Prez Reina Claudia Teng Nget Min Oyuntuya Gombodoo & Rho Jong Soon James PercifulBELGIUM Miguel & Eglis Zapata Grace Wang Munkhbayar Batmunkh Rho Yeong Ju Jessica AzimiNathalie Nauwelaers Miguel Zapata Rodrguez Hanizan Bt. Mustapha Tungalag Bajaakhuu & Joel Hernndez & Miriam Hernndez Dr. Juita Ahmad Bat-Orshikh Khadbaatar SPAIN Josena Caldern & JosBOLIVIA Tukur Asmau Kaoje Pn. Manja & En. Aziz Benito Garca Mguez Antonio CortezDavid Claros Ascarrunz Mariyah Binti Omar NEW ZEALAND Claudia Martnez & Jos Kay LundRomy Chvez Parada GERMANY En. Mohd Zaaba & Barry & Sue Blake Mega Kevin & Courtney Moore Eve Skelton Dr. Siti Aniza Jacobo Marn Morales Kim OkchinCHILE Martin Grassinger & Permal Bongman PANAMA Kim OkkyungJos Hernndez Gabriele Cordes Radzmi Bin Rahmat Antonio Jess Nez TAIWAN Kyung & Tina Kang Echeveria Rohani Abdullah & Ciro Zambrano Faras Chen, Ya Tzu Lidia Tulisiak HONG KONG Tengku Mohd Fauzi Elicer & Teresa Vergara Fang, Mei Xiu Luisa Lpez-SnchezCOLOMBIA Rui Juan Wang Rohani Binti Abdullah Fang, Xiu-Lan Manuel HernndezAbigal Lpez & Daniel Dr. Sani Ashari PERU Mark Mccarty Pinzn INDIA Mr. & Mrs. Sasitheran Ronald Ros Jaramillo THAILAND Mia KimAlfonso Acero & Lina Dr. N. Guejendiran Saminathan Mr. Auttapun Ok Kim Mara Orrego Rajashekhar Vavilapally Siti Faizah B. Said RUSSIA Jonggirattikarn Ok M. KimArlette De J. Molina U. Padmaja & K. K. Jay Mr. & Mrs. S.K. Koh Alina Ksenofontova Mrs. Nongnut Buwan Ok Park GilBeatriz Nieto & Carlos Shankar Sukoriah Bt. Abdul Boris Ezhov & Richie Coln Ortega Wahab Aleksandra Ezhova UKRAINE Rigoberto CarrinJairo Gilberto Rodrguez INDONESIA Tengku Fadilah Binti Elena Ryleva Rozaliia Kobylianska & Roberto Padilla & Luz Marina Cruz Agustinus Tyson Sutardi Tengku Kamalden Galina Streltsova & Tamara Kobylianska Robin KniselyMara Catherine Cabrera Happy Mustikasari Tok Ming Shiun & Lau Arkadiy Gelman Rolando & Nohem Romero Prof. Dr. H. Bambang Yean Keim Irina Lapina UNITED KINGDOM GarcaMarvin & Julie Peluffo Permono Sp. A. Larisa Muratova & Linda Emmerson Ruth Flrez De BermdezNansly Murcia & Milton James Ferdinand MEXICO Dmitriy Isakov Dr. Said Daibes Mario Lolowang Alma Rosa & Daniel Lidiya Tolstikova USA Sergio MuozYesid Franco Leal & Lenny Irawati Gonzlez Liya Alekseeva Abelardo Irizarry Shawn Alford Blanca Cecilia Murcia Mr. & Mrs. M. Riandi Antonio Garduo & Marina Aryaeva Ai Min Wang Shirley Lipschutz Ruth & David Suryana Elizabeth Len Marina Ushenina & Alba Luca Loaiza Steven SlagleDOMINICAN REPUBLIC Prof. Subijanto Marto Claudia E. Ramn Sergey Ushenin Alberto Samayoa Sue HymasJoel Almonte & Denisse Sudarmo Villafuerte Nadezhda Kutuzova & Alfredo & Georgia Suzette Lawrence Moreta Susianti Sugiarto Di Jorge Gleva Gmez & Leonid Kutuzov Rodrguez Teresa TomalskaLuisa Maldonado Tjokorda Goe Maricarmen Velzquez Odissey Andronikidi & Alicja Warzecha Timothy Chu Dharmayuda Enrique & Ma. Luisa Natalya Davydyuk Beatriz Wong Tom ParadesECUADOR Astudillo Sergey Pinaev Belinda Prez Wayne EhrenbergAlejandro & Guelky JAPAN Fabiola Bribiesca & Jess Tatyana Bolgova Boguslaw Tomalski Wendy Young Reinoso Keiko Kamijo Gonzlez Tatyana Dashkova Carlos Ramrez William CaveroFanny Meza Kim Hichoru Fernanda Oseguera Tatyana Kulagina & Carmen Varela Yuet-Sheung CheungFreddy & Sara Burgos Kiyomi Shinjo Navarro Yuriy Kulagin Clementina Nena BernLaura Llerena Rick Toyosato Guillermina Miramontes Tatyana Vayner & David Jung Hwan KimLucy Pez & Fernando Yuki Tamanaha Guillermo Rivera Nova Vladimir Vayner Derek Brewington Jarrin Ivn Arenas Oceguera Doh Yeon Kim KAZAKHSTAN Jos Alfredo & Cecy SINGAPORE Donnal (Poncho) MayEMERGING MARKET Daniya Khayrullina Gonzlez Haf Yenti Salim Dr. Duane & JoanAdrin Figueroa & Diana Erken Sukhachov Mara Eugenia Navarro Nadzrul Salim Townsend Rodrguez Nadezhda Karateeva Mara Guadalupe Nova Ed LockeAlba Luca Cuicas Romero SOUTH KOREA Edison & Claudia Romero LATVIA Patricia Gutirrez & Ral Choi Gwang Ja EcheverryAlejandro Sez & Ekaterina Ivanova Equihua Choi Ok-Mook Felipe Rivera Gonzlez Carmen Fajardo Patricia Navarro Choi Suk Yoon Fernando & Roco CanelaDaniel Isa Canales Paulo Csar Navarro Ruiz Grace Chun Gary Olson & Cynthia Tirado Ha Mae Ja Champion-Olson To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 11
  • 11. Success | RECOGNITION Presidential Diamond advancements listed are for the volume months of JanuaryFebruary 2012.New Presidential Diamonds Arquitecta Martha Eladia Holgun Lucero Eliana & Rubn Tejeda Eva & Osbelto Barroso Gabby Pez Jorge Sifuentes Schacht Sponsor: Guillermina Lpez Sponsor: Luis Triana Sponsor: Beatriz Wong Sponsor: Juan M. Fundazuri Sponsor: Jessica Azimi Sponsor: Luisa Lpez-Snchez Arizona, USA Florida, USA Emerging Market Florida, USA California, USA California, USA Mara C. Almonte Yaret Zavaleta Sponsor: Desie Almonte Sponsor: Jessica Azimi Maryland, USA California, USA Not Pictured: Alva A. Turcios Eduardo Bulies Humberto Cassiano Mara Snchez Nohem Garca Vctor Lpez Sponsor: Mara Bertha Sponsor: Zaida Morales Rosa Sponsor: Jorge G. Rustrian Sponsor: Jaime Cabrera Sponsors: Rolando & Sponsor: Ai Min Wang Cobarrubias Florida, USA California, USA New York, USA Nohem Garca California, USA California, USA Texas, USA Enrique F. Torres Laura Olivieri Martnez Marta Gmez Zheng Zi Wang Azucena Lpez Sponsor: Yen Wei (Julius) Sponsor: Mairym Pacheco Sponsor: Roberto Prez Rafael Otez Sponsor: Ai Min Wang Sponsor: Alba Lorena Wong Florida, USA New Jersey, USA Sponsor: Roque Daz California, USA Caldern Guam, USA New York, USA California, USA Mara Bertha Nancy Justiniano Guillermina Lpez Sponsors: Jorge Escudero & Rafael Reyes Consuelo Perdomo Cobarrubias Sponsor: Martha Mrquez Shirley Mancera Sponsor: Mara Snchez Sponsor: Roberto Prez Sponsor: Jorge Sifuentes Arizona, USA New York, USA California, USA Emerging Market New York, USA 12 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 12. Success | RECOGNITIONDiamond Advancements listed are for the volume months of JanuaryFebruary 2012.BOLIVIA Mara Irene Da Silva Claudia Guadalupe FLORIDA, USA MARYLAND, USA Luca M. SantiagoAdis Amin Bravo Lobo Cortez Garca Ernesto Jos Agero Herminia Del Carmen Marco Antonio Paz Justiniano Mara Rosa Leggol David Fabela Jos A. Fernndez Velas Mara Cevillo FlrezGaby Maita Pinto Rosales Doris Miao Leonorinda B. Coln Joaqun Velas Mara MoralesMery Natividad Mirian Del Carmen Edelmira Meza Huerta Magali & Lorenzo Juana I. & lvaro A. Rosy I. Quinton Saravia Rodrguez Castelln Soza Elsy Cruz Rosales Betancur Yvo L. YelaPedro Ezequiel Patrick Edwards Eufemia Lpez Manuel Castrilln New Diamonds Mamani Nina Silvia Mara Miranda Eulalia Ramos De Lpez Roldn NEW JERSEY, USA NORTH CAROLINA, USA Guerrero Gerardo Jaime Martha Bauza Araseli Gmez Midelbia RodrguezDOMINICAN Silvia Mercedes Grace Suazo Mayra Vera & Francisco Edith Martnez Bello Roque MontaoREPUBLIC Moscarda Marecos Griselda & Jess Orozco Snchez Egda CebenoJorge Antonio Zuleiqatu Pullo Iselda Snchez Miguel Romero Juan David Henao OHIO, USA Guzmn Pea Ixcoatl Parraga Miriam Blandon Mara Camilo Mary Pat DelamboMarilyn Marte GUAM Jaime Meja Aguilar Nora Beatriz Ramrez Mara PeaRamona Aridia Del Frances Carbullido Jos De Jess Caldern Rafael N. Mara Maritzabell Rendn OREGON, USA Carmen Estvez Arias Fred Blas Leticia Snchez Raquel Guzmn & Martha Gmez Jonathan Lo Russo Frederico W. Mendiola Mara A. Guerrero Nelson Snchez Minerva HerreraEMERGING MARKET Valerie C. Blas Mara A. Rivera Regla Cid Nora Hiraldo PENNSYLVANIA, USAAbel De Jess Mara E. Rivera Sarah Almonte Rosio Giraldo Carlos Carranza Aguirre Castaeda PUERTO RICO Mara Ibarra Virginia M. Oliver Salome JiraldoAlicia Del Carmen Hiplito Rodrguez Maricela Prez Yolanda D. Pern Llanes Santos Ernesto Gmez RHODE ISLAND, USA Gutirrez Ivn Sabedra & Mabel Olivia Luce Ysrael Martnez Anadilia MejaCarlos David Amaya Torres Patricia Amparan NEW MEXICO, USA Wendy Francis Ovalles Castillo Jos Rivera Patricia Escorza-Jaime HAWAII, USA Jess Felipe SonoraCarmen Ramrez Luis Negrn Rafaela Valenzuela Hong Gao TEXAS, USADilcia Edith Ortiz Miguel A. Albelo Randy Frager NEW YORK, USA Aurora Martnez Martnez Ronald Batista Sonia Franco ILLINOIS, USA Alexie Vera Claudia E. DvilaEnrique Ren Sonia Rubiano Avelardo Ledesma Basilia Camilo Gilberto Builes Maradiaga Rodrguez ARIZONA, USA Stephanie Cassiano Celedonia Cruz Celetina De Jess Soto Jos FigueroaEverth Ivn Arriaza Roberto Duarte & Stephanie Roque Gonzlez Cruz Mara Ripoll Leticia Navarete Castillo Elisabeth Gauthereau Susana Villanueva Cruz Soto Danilo Snchez Luisa KonumaGabriel Colorado Teresa Ramos Miguel Villanueva Daro Vargas Pamela Parsons Manosalva CALIFORNIA, USA Thelma Carcamo Gladys Galarza Roxana GonzlezJess Jos Amarilla Alva A. Tuacids Yesenia Ramrez IOWA, USA Ivanise Heterington Yolanda Montiel Pagani Amando Ventura Amos Yoder Jean Franko GutirrezJos Luis Calderon Ana Daz CONNECTICUT, USA Elmina Nisley Jeremas Romero UTAH, USA Cardona Ana Lugo Anglica Prez Jorge Danilo Cantor Cristina BravoJos Ramn Barahona Araceli Hernndez Joel De Jess KANSAS, USA Snchez Jobita Bernal Cceres Arcelia Nelson Mei Ling Siu Caldera Laura Hernndez Garca Jos Gregorio Landy Ortega LezJuana Basilia Oliveira Bertha Cermeo Roco Arias Lauren Roberts HernndezIsaura Eugenia Quiroz Calixto Rodrguez Ruval Yurquin Ochoa Juan Carlos Toledo WISCONSIN, USA Obando Carlos & Brenda Barrios Alvarado Salvador MatasLudwig Antonio Duarte Quintero Judith Martnez Barrios Cecilia Alfaro To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 13
  • 13. Success | RECOGNITION Convention 2012 Special Awards and Honors2012 Special Awards and Honors Presidents Club Members of the Presidents Club have set the standard for signicant growth within their ave sign organizations, inspiring thousands of up-and-coming 4Life distributors to do the same. Alba Luca Cuicas Romero Eduardo Len Ileana & Hugo Johnson Mauricio Alexander Prez Reina Rigoberto Carrin Emerging Market Marn Aristizbal California, USA Emerging Market Florida, USA Aleksey Egorov Panama Indra Virasinghe Miguel Bermdez Marn & Roberto Padilla Russia Esdras Cabrera Alberto & Australia Ruth Florez De Bermdez Florida, USA ngels Muoz Estape Rosa Nelia Vargas Ivn Rodrguez & Puerto Rico Rolando Snchez & Spain Dominican Republic Marie Mrquez Mike & Marsha Akins Zaida Morales Anthony Rodrguez & Esthela Carpio Rodas & Texas, USA Kansas, USA California, USA Brenda Feliciano Galo Celi Dr. Jase & Dr. Jinsun Khyeam Nadzrul Salim Salim Raghavan & Noor Azlina Puerto Rico Ecuador California, USA Singapore Singapore Arlette De J. Molina Fanny Meza Jhonny Aguilar Pinto & Nansly Murcia & Santana Sanjur Batista & Colombia Ecuador Betzaida Cova De Aguilar Milton Mario Patricia Bernal Gil Mr. Auttapun Jonggirattikarn Felipe Rivera Gonzlez Emerging Market Colombia Colombia Thailand Florida, USA Jos & Odalis Cuevas Nathaniel Lowe & Sergio Muoz Aziz & Azizah Freddy & Sara Burgos New York, USA Jamileth De Lowe New Jersey, USA Malaysia Ecuador Jos Luis & Maria Martnez Panama Tatiana Yachnaya Byron & Analia Lpez Giovanni & Sandra Perotti Dominican Republic Noel Albelo & Sandra Jimnez Bulgaria California, USA Colombia Jos Martn & Zoraida Rosado Florida, USA Tok Ming Shiun & Carlos Padilla Cruz & Gladis Cristina Rueda & Florida, USA Oyunmaa Banzragch & Lau Yean Keim Maribel Prez Miguel Cervantes Lilly & Jos ngel Snchez Narankhuu Rinchinsangi Malaysia Puerto Rico Peru Florida, USA Mongolia Carme Sol Xalabard Gustavo Adolfo Moreira & Lorena Daza Castillo & Ramos Sahala Sihombing Spain Flor De Liz Hidalgo Dr. Armando Segovia Indonesia Costa Rica Ecuador Rasid Kamisan & Hasrunita Clementina Nena Bern Florida, USA Haf Yenti Salim Lourdes Garca & Wilfredo Malaysia Singapore Vlez Renaldo & Lymari Snchez David Phillips Washington, USA Hermes Justino Puerto Rico California, USA Martnez Castillo Luis Quiel Dr. Ricaurte Samaniego & Dionny Recio Emerging Market Dominican Republic Panama Joanna Martino Hernn J. Santiago & Maris Dreimanis Panama Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Yaceska Robles Katharina Sihombing Latvia Richard & Nancy Quek Puerto Rico Malaysia Indonesia 14 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 14. Success | RECOGNITIONConvention 2012 Special Awards and Honors 2012 Special Awards and Honors Silver DollarThe Silver Dollar award honors distributors who celebrate the value andsatisfaction of hard work, the spirit of idealism, the entrepreneurial spark thatignites the desire for success, and opportunities to build others.Alejandro & Guelky Reinoso Eve Skelton Luis Chu Payn Rosa Elena Campoy Tatiana YachnayaEcuador Germany Panama Covarrubias BulgariaMr. Auttapun Jonggirattikarn Flora Verresen Masafumi Kanda Mexico Timothy ChuThailand Belgium Japan Rozaliia Kobylianska & Tamara California, USACarmen Madge Jos Hernndez Echeveria En. Mohd Zaaba & Dr. Siti Aniza Kobylianska Valentina & Rolf SzaboPeru Chile Malaysia Ukraine AustraliaClaudia Martnez & Jos Megia Jos Luis & Maria Martnez Dr. N. Guejendiran Santana Sanjur Batista &Spain Dominican Republic India Patricia Bernal Gil ColombiaDavid Claros Ascarrunz Jos Simn & Bethzaida Ramos Sahala SihombingBolivia Polanco Indonesia Dr. Said Daibes Emerging Market Maryland, USAEdison & Claudia Echeverry Rebecca EncinasCalifornia, USA Kang Ok Nye Philippines Shawn Alford & Julio Cesar Korea Rodrguez California, USA Success Rally Presenters These distributors were chosen out of thousands of successful 4Life business builders throughout the world to share their expertise, vision, and prospecting tips at the Passport to Freedom 2012 Success Rally. Byron Lpez Jhonny Aguilar Pinto California, USA Emerging Market Carme Sol Xalabard Nadzrul Salim At the Heart of It Spain Malaysia Dr. Eduard Hutabarat Noel AlbeloAs the name suggests, the At the Heart of It award recipients Indonesia Florida, USAhave taken the real meaning of service into their businesses, Esdras Cabrera Alberto Oyunmaa Banzragchtheir lives, and their hearts. Dominican Republic Mongolia Ivn Rodrguez Renaldo SnchezOyunmaa Banzragch Janice Skeen Texas, USA California, USAMongolia Ohio, USA Jeanny Serra Tatiana Yachnaya Puerto Rico Bulgaria To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 15
  • 15. Success | RECOGNITION E Beacon of Hope Donors These donors have been awarded Beacon of Hope status by making a Foundation 4Life or 4Life Fortify donation valued at $5,000 or more. Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18-month cycle, in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. Platinum International Diamonds Gold International Diamonds International Diamonds ngel Molina & Ivelisse Lpez, Puerto Rico Carlos Rocha, Spain Benito Garca Mguez, SpainFoundation 4Life Bonnie Taylor, California, USA David Phillips, Washington, USA Bonnie Hornsby, South Carolina, USA Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey, California, USA Edgar Mojica, Florida, USA David Torres, Puerto Rico Dr. Herminio Nevrez & Yadira Olivo, Puerto Rico Eiichi & Keiko Uemura, Japan Gabriel Mason, Panama Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers, Tennessee, USA Esdras Cabrera Alberto & Rosa Nelia Vargas, Joel Almonte & Denisse Moretta, Juan Rosado & Damaris Zapata, Florida, USA Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Ray & Barbara Meurer, Florida, USA Dr. Jase & Dr. Jinsun Khyeam, California, USA Mrs. Nongnut Buwan, Thailand Sadik Din & Hasnimah, Singapore Jos Martn & Zoraida Rosado, Florida, USA Rajashekhar Vavilapally, India Lourdes Garca & Wilfredo Velez, Puerto Rico Shirley Lipschutz, California, USA Rafaela Santiago, Florida, USA Rob Robertson, Jr. MD, Kentucky, USA Presidential Diamonds Rob Robertson, III, Tennessee, USA Geovanni Santiago Maldonado, Puerto Rico Sheri Din, Singapore Ing. Luis A. Ortiz Cosme, Puerto Rico Tadashi & Saeko Shinjo, Japan Marty Prue, Texas, USA New Ray of Sunshine Donors By supporting Foundation Doing little things with great I believe that providing I think its a privilege to help I nd joy through To bring light to children 4Life, I show condence and love every day is possible service is truly living out hungry children around the participating in the companys brings light to the world. I am gratitude to 4Life, whose with 4Life. My father once the philosophy that we world. humanitarian projects and glad that I can be a small ray main philosophy is to told me, The love of giving are all made by God. We contributing to the world. of sunshine. serve others. will eventually lead this are all brothers and sisters Kay Lund After the earthquake in world to no poverty. I feel so and helping others is an International Diamond Japan, I was grateful to 4Life Simon Stolzenbach Alina Ksenofontova & blessed to be a part of 4Life. expression of love. Oregon, USA executives and distributors Diamond Oleg Maryev Together with my family and for the support provided. Germany International Diamonds good friends, we can move Ingrid Deuchler After achieving my own Russia mountains. Presidential Diamond economic independence, Germany I enjoy contributing to Haf Yenti Salim my community. This is a International Diamond wonderful part of my life. Singapore Kiyomi Shinjo International Diamond Japan < Ray of Sunshine Donors These donors have been awarded Ray of Sunshine status by making a Foundation 4Life or 4Life Fortify donation valued at $3,000 $4,999. Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18month cycle, in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. International Diamonds Presidential Diamonds Alina Ksenofontova & Oleg Maryev, Russia Ingrid Deuchler, Germany Carlos Padilla Cruz & Maribel Perez, Puerto Rico Haf Yenti Salim, Singapore Diamonds Kay Lund, Oregon, USA Simon Stolzenbach, Germany Kiyomi Shinjo, Japan 16 | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 16. SHARPEN YOUR4Life Transfer Factor Vista POINT OF VIEWIn the United States alone, the number one thingpeople fear losing is their vision.*No matter the shape, size, or shade, light receptor in the back of the eye toyour eyes let you view the beauty of the initiate signals to the brain.outdoors, read good books, walk, run,drive a car, and much more. Its easy to Yellow, purple, and orange pigmentstake your eyes for granted, but instead, from squash, watermelon, and evenwhy not do everything you can to support owers also provide important antioxidantthe health of your eyes and promote visual support for the eyes. Technology hasperformance for many years to come! made it possible to concentrate these building blocks in supplement form,4Life Transfer Factor Vista is a new promoting visual acuity. Supplementproduct from 4Life that helps you smart and see sharp with 4Life Transfersee the world and everything it has to Factor Vista.offer. It contains FloraGLO, the #1 Calvin McCausland, PhDdoctor recommended and most clinically 4Life Chief Scientic Ofcerresearched lutein brand on the market**,as well as ingredients that support healthyvisual acuity. It also features Targeted Its important for people to know howTransfer Factor, specically 4Life to keep their eyes healthy and help reduceTransfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula, the risk of developing eye conditions asto support the immune system. they age. Through eating foods rich in lutein and by taking eye vitamins with4Life Transfer Factor Vista: FloraGLO Lutein**, people can feed their eyes as their own rst line of defense Supports visual acuity and sharpness for healthy vision. Includes ingredients to help shield the Aaron Scheidies macula of the eyes from excessive blue National and World Champion Para Triathlete light and oxidative effects of the sun Promotes healthy eye function ORDER Supports the ability to adapt to 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR VISTA TODAY! varying light conditionsTESTIMONIALSFor generations, mothers have told theirchildren to eat your carrots to see well!Beta-carotene, the antioxidant that givescarrots their orange color, is one of the Item #29501 (60 capsules)building blocks of the eyes. It acts as a Wholesale: $45.95 | Retail: $50.95 | 38 LP
  • 17. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSABOUT 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR VISTA WHAT IS THE MACULA AND WHY IT IS CRITICAL TO PROTECT IT?The macula is an oval-shaped highly pigmented yellow spot near the centerof the retina of the human eye. The macula gets its yellow color from theantioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Because the macula is yellow in color, itabsorbs high amounts of blue and ultraviolet light that enter the eye. Imagesviewed are focused within the macula.HOW DO LUTEIN AND ZEAXANTHIN PROMOTE HEALTHY EYE FUNCTION?Lutein and zeaxanthin belong to a group of antioxidants called carotenoids.They provide powerful support for the focal point of the eyes, the macula. Theseingredients help shield the macula from excessive blue light and oxidative effectsof the sun.IVE HEARD ABOUT LUTEIN FROM MY DOCTOR. HOW CAN I MAKE SURE IMTAKING THE BEST KIND?4Life utilizes the FloraGLO brand, the #1 doctor recommended and mostresearched lutein brand on the market**. FloraGLO lutein is patented. Itspurication process is unique and innovative.HOW DO THE SUPPORT INGREDIENTS IN 4LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR VISTAPROMOTE EYE HEALTH?In addition to lutein and zeaxanthin, 4Life Transfer Factor Vista includes vitaminsA, E, and C, zinc, bilberry, black currant, and more to provide powerful supportfor the eyes. Black currant fruit extract and bilberry fruit extract have a long historyof providing powerful antioxidant support for the eyes. During World War II, agroup of British air force pilots documented taking bilberry extract to help supporttheir night vision.*2010 American Eye-Q Results, American Optometric Association.**Based on the results of the National Disease and Therapeutic Index (NDTI) syndicated report among physicianswho recommend a dietary supplement with lutein for eye healthAugust 2010August 2011 (U.S. Data).FloraGLO is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.
  • 18. N E W S S TA N D 4Life Receives Utah Genius Award Immediately following Convention 2012: Passport to Freedom in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, executives were recognized on behalf of 4Lifes worldwide distributors with the Utah Genius Award for the companys work in patent and trademark protection. Senior Vice President of Marketing Trent Tenney accepted the award in downtown Salt Lake City. Its an honor to receive the Utah Genius Award, he stated. Its a reection of the work were doing to protect the 4Life opportunity for generations to come.4Life Sets aNew Record in 4Life Makes Top 50 on DSN Global 100 ListGrowth and Rank For the third year in a row, the Direct Selling News recognized 4Life among the top 100Advancements direct selling companies in the world. As theDuring the State of the Company report in industrys premier publication for networkGeneral Session I at Convention 2012, marketers, the Direct Selling News undergoesPresident Steve Tew recognized 4Lifes months of research prior to publication.newest Platinum International Diamond Im pleased to report that 4Life has movedDamaris Zapata and announced that March up an additional 17 places to number 45 in the2012 was the best sales month in company world, said President Steve Tew. Our rank ishistory. By refusing to succumb to the a remarkable testament to the commitment ofhardships of recession, 4Life distributors 4Life business builders around the world.around the world surpassed our previousrecord by millions of dollars!In addition to a new Platinum International 4Life FortifyDiamond, the company recognized aplethora of new rank advancements at every Donation in Perulevel, including seven new Gold International 4Life distributors teamed up with corporateDiamonds. The company enjoyed year-over-year executives to feed more than 250 children insales growth records on ve continents. Some San Miguel, Ayacucho, Peru and to announce aof the record-breaking growth was experienced donation of more than 8,000 4Life Fortify mealin the following countries: Venezuela at 230%, packs. In addition to a hearty lunch, each childBolivia at 214%, Thailand at 38%, Mexico at received a school backpack lled with supplies.22%, Ecuador at 20%, and India and the United The community was overwhelmed by the visitStates at 16%. Indonesia, whose 4Life ofce due to the long commute necessary to accessopened in 2011, represents the companys for growth, said 4Life Fortify Nutrition this area.largest marketplace opening ever. Program Director Tracie Kay. Projects like this 4Life Fortify will provide these families with are made possible thanks to the wonderfulVisit 4Lifes YouTube and Facebook pages for the basic nutrition, and therefore a better chance generosity of our 4Life family.Presidents State of the Company video address.For late-breaking news, visit 4Lifes Digital NewsStand at | S U M M I T w w w. 4 l i f m
  • 19. N E W S S TA N DSeven New Golds: A Rank Advancement RecordNever before in the companys 14-year have improved their lives and the lifestyles of and Menchy Oquendo from Puerto Rico, Joshistory have seven Gold International others around them. Luis and Maria Martnez from the DominicanDiamonds broken rank in a single month. This Republic, Julio Cesar Rodrguez from themilestone, achieved in March 2012, reflects New Gold International Diamonds include United States, Miguel Bermdez Marn fromthe ongoing growth of the company as well ngels Muoz Estape from Spain, Antonio Puerto Rico, and Ramos Sahala Sihombingas the thousands of 4Life distributors who Gonzlez from Puerto Rico, Javier Santana from Indonesia.Foundation 4Life 4Life ThailandSponsors School Launches enummiExpansion Life C EnergizingFoundation 4Life recently announced its Serumsponsorship of the Dona Justa Guido MemorialSchool expansion located just outside Manila, 4Life executives and distributors gathered inPhilippines. In conjunction with Feed The Children, Bangkok, Thailand for the launch of enummithis new construction project will include a Life C Energizing Serum and a new packagingtwo-story building that will house an additional for the children who attend the school. The look for the enummi Skin Care line at the 2012classroom and community center. This addition will structure is expected to be completed in time for enummi Talk provide a place to begin a feeding program the start of the upcoming school session in June. The enummi Skin Care line includes six products that combine the power of 4Life Transfer Factor with support ingredients that hydrate, nourish,Team 4Life Member and protect the skin. Distributors shared productBrady Stewart experiences and business-building tips on how to engage customers with the advantages ofAttends Convention 4Lifes skin care products.Team 4Life Member Brady Stewart showcasedhis training as a 2012 United States WorldBench Press Team Alternate by building up to a715 pound lift in the store at Convention 2012.Between lifts, he engaged an active audience withinformation about core training and his use of Factor RioVida Tri-Factor Formula, and others.4Life products, including RiteStart Men, Energy Brady is ranked number two in his weight classGoStix, Musculoskeletal Formula, 4Life Transfer nationally, and fth in the world. Comments, questions, or inquiries? [email protected] To g e t h e r, B u i l d i n g P e o p l e S U M M I T | 21
  • 20. WHAT SETSYOU FREE DVD It Item #80946 5-pack English/Spanish $6.25Time freedom, financial freedom, lifestyle freedom,and the freedom to choosethese are the dreams that 4Life distributors have been achievingfor over a decade. Choose to be free. Choose 4Life.What Sets You Free DVDWatch real-life stories from Platinum International Diamonds, 4Lifestop-ranking distributors.Order today at!
  • 21. QHG All-New Presidents Club Now With Greater Rewards! Our President s Club Program has recently undergone some major changes with exciting new rewards, improvements, and qualications to push you even further! By recognizing your hard work and commitment, this important program encourages distributors to reach new levels of success, and develops a common bond for distributors who have achieved their goals with 4Life. Read on to learn more about the exciting changes. The new program will go into effect during the May 2012 bonus period. The first group of qualifying distributors will be announced in October 2012. Upon qualifying, distributors will immediately become new members of the Presidents Club and start receiving recognition from October 2012 forward.
  • 22. R ecog n i t i on an d R ewa rdsNew Presidents Club members will be personally recognized for 18 months with the following rewards: Platinum$50,000 Gold$15,000 International$5,000 *Actual pieces may vary.EXCITING CASH REWARDS: EXCLUSIVE SAPPHIRE JEWELRY: PERSONALIZED HOMEBoost your pocketbook with Choose from beautiful mens DELIVERIES:special cash rewardsthe higher and womens jewelry, uniquely Special occasions will becomeyour rank advancement, the designed for 4Life. even more special with personalhigher the reward. acknowledgement from 4Life.FEATURED RECOGNITION: SPECIAL CONVENTION PACKAGE: A LAPEL PIN AND PLAQUE:Get recognized for your Receive exclusive access to special Receive commemorative itemsachievement in numerous ways, perks and recognition at 4Life that will become wonderfulespecially through the recognition international conventions. reminders of your andduring special 4Life events.
  • 23. Qua l if i cat io n R eq uiremen ts Requirement #1* #2* #3 (one of the following)* Total Organizational High rank Number of times organizational Fourth leg volume outside of volume the rst leg Platinum Two times in International International 2,000,000 LP 1,000,000 LP six months Diamond Diamond Gold Three times in Presidential OR International 500,000 LP 250,000 LP six months Diamond Diamond International Four times in Presidential 100,000 LP Diamond 50,000 LP Diamond six months (on the third leg)$OO WKUHH TXDOLFDWLRQV PXVW EH PHW ZLWKLQ WKH VDPH PRQWK WR FRXQW WRZDUG PHHWLQJ WKH UHTXLUHPHQWVDistributors can secure their membership in the Presidents Club by continuously meeting the requirementsin any ongoing six-month period. If the distributors 18-month personal recognition period is still ineffect when another qualification is met, the 18-month recognition period will start over again.If a distributor achieves a new rank during the qualification period, 4Life w