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A new sport developed with two household items


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How to Play Tumble 2

Ready to Tumble?

Tumble requires just a spoon and a tumbler, to play – two common household objects you will find in any part of the world.

Tumble is a game which can be played by a single person, by two, or even a group of 10 more, competitively. There are different challenge levels; the higher your score, the better your win. Designed for ages 3 and up.

Objective of the Game

Landing a spoon in an erect tumbler, by hitting it with your fingers.

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How to Play Tumble 3

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How to Play Tumble 4

Equipment & Field

For a regular game of Tumble, you will require1. One tumbler – made of metal/plastic/wood/glass.2. One spoon – of any material - per player.The game is generally played on a table – of any dimension and shape. If a table is not available, it can be played on a chair, or bed; or even, the floor.

Part of the beauty of Tumble, is that the field and the equipment could change according to local conditions, which then pose varied challenges. For example, the challenges of landing the spoon in a beer glass is different from landing it in a shot glass. Similarly, the table can be a long banquet table or a breakfast-in-bed makeshift table or a narrow ironing table. The spoon also may present similar variations. And yes, you can play this indoors, outdoors, or even in a moving vehicle, with challenges of their own.

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How to Play Tumble 5


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A tumbler and a spoon: That’s all it takes

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How to Play Tumble 6

Single Player

Let us assume that the table available here is a rectangular 4-seater dining table; the tumbler made of steel; and the spoon, a steel teaspoon.

The tumbler is placed in the approximate center of the table, with its open mouth facing the ceiling. The spoon starts from any of the two lengthier sides of the table. The spoon will have its dipping bowl area facing up, so you can prop your fingers under it - like you would at caroms - to hit it up to the tumbler, and “land” it.

How to Play Tumble, Alone

There are two main ways to play Tumble, alone.1. Timed Tumble: Count how many times the spoon lands inside the

tumbler, irrespective of the number of strokes. 2. Stroked Tumble: The spoon has to land inside the tumbler in the

least amount of strokes.

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How to Play Tumble 7


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Perfect Landing

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How to Play Tumble 8


Timed Tumble1. Each set lasts for 5 minutes. 3 sets complete a game.2. Each “landing” (of the spoon in the erect tumbler) is worth 10 points.

No points if the tumbler is not erect while landing.3. If the spoon lands in the very first shot, get an extra 5 points.4. If the tumbler falls down (either on the table, or even the floor), a

penalty of 3 points is charged. The tumbler is replaced in the center for the next shot.

5. If the spoons falls down from the table, a penalty of 3 points is charged. The spoon is replaced for the next shot, but from any of the longer sides of the table. If the spoon gets physically stuck somewhere on an uneven table, it may be unstuck by hand and positioned around the same place.

6. The points from each set are added (eg: 42 points in set 1) to make your score for each game.

7. The more your score, the better your win. Scores can expressed even as negative numbers (eg: 42 + -2 + 67 = 107 points for the game).

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How to Play Tumble 9


Stroked Tumble1. Same rules as in Timed Tumble.2. Plus, every shot after the very first one, deducts 1 point each.

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Hitting the Spoon Up

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How to Play Tumble 10


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Hitting the Spoon Up

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How to Play Tumble 11

2 or More Players

Group Tumble• Any number of players, though ideally 2-10, can play Group Tumble.

Here each player plays for himself, and not as a team.• Each set lasts for 10 minutes. 3 sets complete a game. • The objective of Group Tumble is to get the maximum points by being

the first (getting 20 points), second (10 points) and third (5 points) to land in the tumbler AND/OR smashing other spoons off the table, with one’s spoon, during one’s turn.

• Landed spoons are taken out of the tumbler, and reentered only in the next set. Direct landings get 5 points, and the spoon is taken off till the next set. Spoons that fall off the table cannot be reentered during the set, and are charged a 1 point penalty each for falling down. The player whose turn it was to hit the spoon, collects a bonus of 3 points for each spoon (excluding his) that falls off the table.

• The player with most points, wins each set.• Spoons oversized or extra heavy than others on the table will not be

allowed.• All other rules from Timed Tumble apply.

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How to Play Tumble 12


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That’s a Penalty!

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How to Play Tumble 13

2 or More Players

Group Tumble: How to start• To decide the starting order, players take turns to land the spoon in a

single shot, from the long side of the table. If more than one person achieves that, they have more rounds for the same, till one person does not manage to land it. If no one lands it in the first shot, check if a spoon managed to touch the tumbler, to give it preference to start. If more than one spoon did, they have more rounds to decide who can land/touch the tumbler in a single shot. The one who had managed to land or touch directly get to start first, down till the one who was furthest off target.

• Once the starting order has been finalized, players position themselves on the two opposite long ends of the table (or all around, if the table is round, triangular, etc.), with the 1st lander facing the 2nd lander on the other side. The 3rd lander faces the 4th and so on, till the last toucher faces the 2nd last toucher. An extra player on one side is OK.

• Turn passes from the 1st to the last amongst those on the table, after each hit.

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How to Play Tumble 14


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Spoon Attack

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How to Play Tumble 15

2 or More Players

Team Tumble• 2 to 3 players in both teams, who face each other from the long ends

of the table.• The team which manages the most number of direct landings in their

first attempt, starts. If no one lands, check how many spoons from a team touched the tumbler. If it’s still a tie, check if only the spoons that have touched, can try a direct landing.

• In the game, teams score by direct landing AND/OR smashing spoons out. If a player smashes his own teammate’s spoon out, they don’t get the bonus 3 points, but only will be levied the 1 point penalty.

• Rest of the rules from Group Tumble apply.• The team with the most points, wins.

To make Group Tumble and Team Tumble more challenging, add the rules of Stroked Tumble, where each player in the team will be penalized 1 point each per stroke, after their individual first ones.

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How to Play Tumble 16


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