the top 5 ways to repurpose spare rooms in your pleasanton ca luxury homes for sale

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The Top 5 Ways to Repurpose Spare Rooms in Your Pleasanton CA Luxury Homes for Sale

From rarely used dining rooms to empty bedrooms to unused garage areas, there are plenty of ways to repurpose spare rooms in Pleasanton luxury homes for sale. Here are 5 awesome ideas to turn any spare room into one you can enjoy:

Turn the dining room into a library.Some luxury homes have wide open kitchens with breakfast bars that are mostly used as dining areas. This makes the separate dining room a waste of space, unless you always throw dinner parties for 10 people or more. So why not turn the space into your very own library? The windows are big enough to provide enough lighting. The dining table is sturdy enough to accommodate big books for heavy readers and has plenty of space for writers to draft their novels. All you need to add are bookshelves, a couple of lamps, a couch or two, and youre all set.

Turn an empty bedroom into a home office.If you usually bring work at home anyway, why not turn the space into one where you can focus on your tasks properly? Set up a personal home office complete with a computer table, printer, filing cabinets, cork boards or whiteboards, and more.

Turn an empty closet into a private bar.Some luxury homes for sale in Pleasanton CA have wide walk-in closets in the great room or living room. Why not reclaim this space and turn it into a private bar? Ideally, it would include a mini fridge to hold beer bottles that need to be served cold and an ice maker. As with most built-in closets, it already has rows and rows of shelves you can use to place your liquor bottles and store your wine glasses.

Turn a garage into your very own studio.For the budding artist in you, whether youre into photography or painting or sculpting, this space is wide enough to accommodate your dream art studio. Just make sure that there is proper lighting to go around the space. Feel free to decorate the room into any way you want that can fuel your creativity and spark your genius. Who knows, you might just create your masterpiece!

Turn a spare bedroom into a playroom.For growing families, its important to allow babies and toddlers to enjoy an afternoon of play in a safe space. Let them be kids and create a room where they can have fun with all their toys and books. Luxury Realtors in Pleasanton understand that having kids means having a ton of toys scattered around the house but if you let them have their own playroom, you can be sure that all the dinosaurs, dolls, balls, and toy trains are kept in one room. Nobody really wants to accidentally step on a Lego brick in the kitchen, right?

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