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1. 10 Easy Ways To Repurpose Content 2. 1. Turn An Article Into A PDF Checklist Take the important points from your blog post and create a simple checklist that your audience can download Stamp the checklist with your logo and have plenty of links back to your site 3. 2. Use Existing Content As Podcast Topics You can easily repurpose text and turn it into an audio file Even the simplest recording equipment can turn you into a podcaster Make your podcast really conversational 4. 3. Break It Up Into Smaller Posts Review your collection of blog content and see if you have posts that you can cut up into several blog posts and re- publish it as a series 5. 4. Listen To Your Readers Check out your comments section and see if your readers are requesting for any particular topic You can use this and develop a Q&A style feature 6. 5. Cater To Visual Readers Create an infographic that summarizes a blog post No need to be fancy! If you need help on the design aspect, you can go on www.fiverr.com to find a graphic artist who can help you 7. 6. Create A Downloadable Handy Reference Convert your blog posts into a PowerPoint presentation and use as an added incentive for people to opt in for your offers 8. 7. Tap Social Media Curate tweets talking about a specific topic to prompt discussion 9. 8. Use Your Network Think of a topic and collect quotes from experts on the subject 10. 9. Publish An E-Book Gather all similarly themed posts or topics that talk about a particular topic and publish it as an e-book 11. 10. Share What You Know And Like Thinking about what to write on your blog can get pretty overwhelming Narrow down your options by sharing what you are interested in Why not talk about something that youve read somewhere else and share the information? 12. For More Information Visit: www.SeriouslySimpleMarketing.com