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To Inspire and Engage. PASUG Mission Statement. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p> To Inspire and Engage</p> <p>PASUGs mission is to foster a community of Sitecore enthusiasts in the Greater Philadelphia Region. PASUG is focused on Sitecore developers, architects, administrators, designers, business users, marketers and managers. Our goal is to provide value to all members, regardless of their role or level of experience with Sitecore. PASUG provides an open environment for our members to share their experiences, ask questions and network; unburdened by SPAM. Like Sitecore itself, we strive to Inspire and Engage our members so that the community can grow and be better equipped to utilize Sitecore as a platform to its fullest potential. </p> <p>PASUG Mission StatementSitecore from a Content Managers PerspectiveDebra Loggia, NorthPoint DigitalCustomizing Web Forms for MarketersDavid Peterson, ISite DesignWhat Well CoverArchitectural OverviewValidationSave Actions5At a GlanceStrengthsFlexibility for MarketersTime to deploymentBuilt-in Analytics supportLimitationsFront-End/CSSSome aspects difficult to extendPresentation</p> <p>Form Rendering</p> <p>Form Template</p> <p>Form Class Structure</p> <p>Control StructureControl structure matches Form structure in content.Each control responsible for its output.HTML formattingNaming conventions</p> <p>Extending WFFM ClassesSectionsInternal classForm Top-Level ControlsProtected internal setter for item contextIncludes intro, footer, submit buttonForm Data Processing</p> <p>ValidationField ValidationScope: Single Form FieldEvaluated: FirstReturns: True/FalseForm Verification ActionsScope: All Form FieldsEvaluated: LastThrow Exception on FailureExtending Field ValidatorsCross-Field Validation viaSitecore.Form.Core.Utility.WebUtil</p> <p>Technical ConsiderationsAdvantages:Expands scope to all form fields.Evaluated first with other field validators.Disadvantages:Programmatically ties field validator to another field.Content Editors can add/remove fields from forms.Validator Item</p> <p>Validation Wire-Up</p> <p>Form Verification ActionsDefine your own via BaseCheckAction.Access to all form fields</p> <p>Form Verification ActionsRaise validation failure by throwing an Exception</p> <p>Save ActionsCustom Save Actions via ISaveAction</p> <p>Q&amp;ATwitter: @PetersonDaveBlog: http://petersondave.wordpress.com</p> <p>ISITE Design: http://isitedesign.comBuilt With Sitecore:http://www.isitedesign.com/sitecore</p> <p>Extending DMS to Include non-Sitecore DataJamie Stump, Perficient Inc.B2B E-Commerce Site Integrated with Sitecore1 Million Unique Applications of ProductsSite Requires Paid Login to Access / SEO of No Concern</p> <p>Products Stored in Proprietary Homegrown Database and Served to Website via Homegrown Web Services</p> <p>Single Sitecore Page Item Serves All Products via Querystring ParameterCustom DMS Integration Case StudyClient wants to use DMS capabilities to full extent; including Analytics &amp; Contextual Reports, Personalization (by Persona), Multivariate Testing</p> <p>Need to be able to track Site Visitor information on a per-product basis even though theres a singular Product Page Item</p> <p>Implicit Personalization for Visitors to be done across multiple visits</p> <p>ChallengesProducts / Companies DBSitecore AnalyticsDB (Personas)New Products / Persona Scores DBSingle Products Page (w/ Querystring to Identify Individual Product)Get Product DataDisplay on Page via Web ServiceGet Persona Scores for Displayed ProductUsing DMS API Write Individual Product / Score Info to Analytics DBProduct ID Foreign KeyPersona GUIDForeign KeyExternal Data Integration SolutionConnect Users with Particular Visitor RecordEnsures Greatest Data AccuracyReduces DB Load</p> <p>Created Customized ReportsProfile-Centric Across VisitorsProduct-Centric Across Visitors</p> <p>Custom Conditions Allowing Personalization over Timespan (Cross-Visit)Rolling and Set Time Periods</p> <p>DMS Customization SolutionsSitecore Visits can be finicky dont always end when you expect them to</p> <p>Adjusting Visitor may cause Sitecore to think viewer is a Robot may decrease session timeout to 1 minute</p> <p>Stimulsoft Web Report Designer that ships with Sitecore has some bugs Customization of Reports is better done with Stimulsoft Reports .NETDoes carry additional cost</p> <p>API Properties can behave un-intuitivelyExample: VisitsRow.Profiles returns Profiles for Visitor not just for current Visit.</p> <p>Lessons LearnedTwitter: @jstump29</p> <p>Email: Jamie.Stump@Perficient.com</p> <p>Blog: http://blogs.perficient.com/microsoft/author/jstump/</p> <p>http://www.Perficient.com</p> <p>For Further InformationQuestions?08.08.137Q &amp; A Session</p>