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    OCTOBER 1967/75 cents


    Broadcast Engineering the technical journal o/ the broadcast - cc mmunications industry


  • In three easy steps, you can build your way economically to the same high quality deluxe color sync generator used by the major TV networks. Start out with Riker's basic EIA sync generator-lour modules, rack frame and power supply- $2900. When your budget can afford the expansion, add two more modules for deluxe sync lock and you get the advantage of three selectable speeds for locking to an external composite video or sync signal. Cost: $790.

    Now you're all set to step up to color. Add three more modules-$-985-and you have eased into Riker's widely used, field -proven Model 520-4CL Color Sync Generator with Deluxe Sync Lock. You now own the best sync generating system in the broadcast industry.

    The Riker module at a time approach is the sensible way to build quality equipment into your facilities. Over the long term it's also the most inexpensive way. If you're interested in details on sync generators, write or call Riker-the one company in the TV broadcast industry offering a complete line of all solid-s:ate instrumentation for video analysis, simulation and control.

    how to ease into

    a deluxe color sync generator

    without straining your



    RIKER VIDEO INDUSTRIES, INC., 100 Parkway Drive South, Hauppauge, Long Island, N.Y. 11787 (516) 5435200

    Circle Item 1 on Tech Data Card

  • When it comes to cutting

    TV switching costs

    -without cutting corners...

    COHU's got what it takes!

    And that's everything you need-in stock-ready for immediate delivery from a single source.Our modular, off -the -shelf approach to building solid-state switchers is thoroughly proven in use. Cohu switchers now operating include one of the largest ever built-over 14 tons of solid-state gear accommodating 80 inputs and 160 outputs! Just shipped: two identical vertical interval switching systems for Chicago's newest UHF station.

    We stock: monochrome/color switching matrix, switcher control and remote control units. Stocked accessories include sync generators, genlock, color standard, colorlock, automatic sync change -over switches, pulse and video distribution amplifiers, dot bar generators, monitors and portable vidicon cameras. Control panels are custom-built to your specifi- cations. Get full details direct or from your nearest Cohu engineering representative.

    Box 623, San Diego, Calif. 92112 Phone: 714-277-6700

    October, 1967


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  • publisher Howard W. Sams

    general manager/sales director Donald W. Bradley

    editor William E. Burke

    managing editor James M. Moore

    associate editor Harold E. Hale

    regional editors George M. Frese, Northwest Howard T. Head, Wash., D.C.

    Robert A. Jones, Midwest Allen B. Smith, North Central

    research librarian Bonny Howland

    production E. M. Rainey, Manager

    Paul A. Cornelius, Jr., Photography

    circulation Pat Osborne, Manager

    advertising sales offices

    central and midwestern Roy Henry

    Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. 4300 West 62nd St.

    Indianapolis, Ind. 46206 291-3100

    eastern Alfred A. Menegus

    Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. 3 West 57th St.

    New York 19, New York MU 8-6350

    southwestern Martin Taylor

    P.O. Box 22025 Houston, Tex. 77027



    G. R. Holtz The Maurice A. Kimball Co., Inc.

    2008 West Carson St., Suites 203-204 Torrance, California 90501

    (213) 320-2204 SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE

    The Maurice A. Kimball Co., Inc. 580 Market St., Room 400

    San Francisco, California 94104 (415) EX 2-3365

    foreign LONDON W.C. 2, ENGLAND

    John Ashcraft, Leicester Square WHitehall 0525

    AMSTERDAM John Ashcraft, Herengracht 365

    Telefoon 24 09 08 PARIS 5, FRANCE

    John Ashcraft, 9 Rue Lagrange ODeon 20-87

    TOKYO, JAPAN International Media Representatives,

    Ltd., 1, Kotohiracho, Shiba, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

    (502) 0656 Copyright m 1967

    by Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. BROADCAST ENGINEERING is published monthly by Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc., 4300 West 62nd Street, Indianapolis. Indiana 46206. SUBSCRIPTION PRICES: U.S.A. $6.00, one year; $10.00, two years; $13.00, three years. Outside the U.S.A., add $1.00 per year for postage. Single copies are 75 cents, back issues are $1.00.

    the technical journal of the broadcast -communications industry

    *Broadcast Engineering Volume 9, No. 10



    Color -TV Basics-Colorimetry A series presenting the fundamental concepts involved

    in color transmission begins in this issue.

    Radio Broadcasting on Medium Frequencies This examination of medium -frequency

    broadcasting places emphasis on the propagation mechanism: involved.

    October, 1967


    Alfred F. Barghausen, 20 James W. Finney, and Ronald M. Fisher

    A System for Separate Repeater Origination W. H. Lindenbach 42 A Canadian broadcasting organization uses

    tape -cartridge equipment to originate separate announcements over its

    main and repeater stations.


    Engineers' Exchange 6

    Washington Bulletin 53

    News of the Industry 58

    New Products 67

    Engineers' Tech Data 73

    Advertisers' Index 76

    Classified Ads 77

    Soccer is the newest dimension in color sportscasting. This month's cover shows a pickup (by CBC) of a soccer match for CTV, Canada's private color network. An

    RCA color camera is covering a game between England and Mexico in the

    new "Autostade" at Montreal, directly outside the Expo '67 grounds.

    (Photo courtesy of RCA)

    Broadcast Engineering

  • Look what your cameras can do with display units like this CBS Laboratories' Digital Display Units are part of a low cost, compact system that works daily wonders in any size TV studio!



    30,127 26,480 5 3%

    ELECTIONS -No contest. These modular units were designed specifically for TV use to give optimum clarity up to 70 feet - from any camera angle up to 145 degrees.


    7 2 °


    NE 15


    FAI R WEATHER -Cool operation. Only 2.7 watts required per unit, with no power between post- ings. Glare -free even under the strongest lighting conditions.

    And all operated by one Controller that can handle 192 units - as many as 12 groups of 16 units each. This means up to 12 two -candidate election races; or runs, hits and errors for all major league teams; or 40 local stock issues plus volume and Dow Jones closing. A one-time investment for the professional way to take care of all your daily display needs.

    Our engineers will even design your system for you. Don't take our word for it. Write or call us collect (203) 327-2000, and let us show you.



    8 6 6.4 7

    9,5 6 4,5 0 0 STOCK REPORTS -Excellent for the long pull. Rugged electro-mechanical operation is fool -proof and built to last. No bulb burn -out or the other problems of rear -illuminated displays.



    10 4




    12 SPORTS -An easy set-up. Just stack these units in a flat to suit any requirement. Custom designed matrix wiring also available for complete flexibility.


    '4 Stamford, Connecticut. A Division of Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.

    October, 1967

    Circle Item 3 on Tech Data Card 5



    with the new


    The use of controlled rever- beration has gained wide ac- ceptance in the professional recording field because the use of reverberation in several microphone channels pro- duces records that have wide audience appeal. Simply stated: reverberated sound produces hit records. Sec- ondly, reverberated sound is apparently louder than the same non -reverberated signal.

    The use of reverb in broad- casting and sound re -enforce- ment is becoming equally more popular for the same reasons: A more pleasing commercial sound and pro- duction of a signal that is ap- parently louder for the same signal level.


    Now FAIRCHILD has created two electro-mechanical reverberation systems that produce a sound, termed by recording studio mixers -the experts who know what they hear, as "extremely natural sound possessing the quality of good acoustical reverb chambers." The two models differ more in their flexibility and cost rather than in reverberation effect.

    MODEL 658A The 6588 is a complete solid

    state reverberation system with electronically controlled reverb

    time adjustments up to 5 seconds; mixing control tor

    adjustment of reverberated to non -reverberated signal ratios;

    reverb equalization at 2. 3 and 5 KHZ. Size: 241/2 x 19"

    MODEL 658B Compact, reverberation system for the 'big' sound in a small space. Contains reverb equalization in mid and low frequency range; level control; solid state design. Size, Only 51/a x 3 x 10" deep.


    The "sound" of the Model 658A and 658B REVERBERTRONS will satisfy the most de- manding audio engineer. Their pricing and size makes them even more appealing.

    Write to FAIRCHILD-t

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