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The ramifications of reform, earlybird fares explained, adventure bounces back, European encounters, ski big in Japan and much more



    OCTOBER 2014

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  • Replenish your soul in the heart of Arabia. A holiday to Oman is a sensory journey. The fragrance of frankincense and oudh follows you around town. Sparkling vistas abound and, at the end of the day, pamper yourself with a massage on your private beach.


    Oman is a natural wonderland, and a haven for enthusi

    asts of the great outdoors. Hikers delight

    in its canyons, mountains, oases and coastal walks. Wat

    er-sports enthusiasts appreciate the unspoiled

    coastline of islands and beaches, and seas brimming w

    ith a rich marine life. And the golden sand

    dunes are perfect for adventurers and romantics wholl

    love the mesmerising sunsets.


  • The landscapes are stunning and the weather is beautiful all year-round. Combine that with the historical capitals of Nizwa, Muscat and Sur bustling with museums, galleries and restaurants and there is always something around every corner to capture the imagination. Whatever youre seeking, youll nd it in Oman.


    Witness age-old traditions such as clay po

    ttery, carpet weaving and the indigenous

    rock rose harvest

    perfectly preserved and passed down thro

    ugh generations. Feel the energy and exci


    of the weekend souks, where locals conve

    rge to display their best merchandise and


    for others. In Oman, the traditions of the

    bygone era are still being practiced today.


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  • travelBulletin OCTOBER 2014 1


    COVER STORYThe rami cations of reform

    This months contributorsSteve Jones, Peter Baily, Matt Lennon, Jayson Westbury, Brett Jardine, Lee Mylne, Peter Watson, Gary Walsh, Rachael Oakes-Ashe

    From the managing editor

    FIRST and foremost, thank you to the hundreds of readers who gave us their feedback on the rst new look travelBulletin last month. Our team is truly humbled at the huge response and we hope you enjoy this issue just as much please let us know what you think by sending an email to

    Among all the other activity in the industry, this month we have coverage on the continuing travel agent conference season, with many groups holding their annual gatherings during October and November.

    travelBulletin and Travel Daily have already attended the TravelManagers conference in Singapore, and in the coming weeks we are at out, heading off to conferences to be held by Travellers Choice, Travel Partners, Magellan and the Independent Travel Group, among others.

    However one notable exception to our calendar has been the much-touted Helloworld Owner Managers Conference, which took place earlier this month in Los Angeles. Some years ago Helloworlds predecessor JTG welcomed coverage of its events, but with the major makeover of the company and the attempted axing of its various brands it appears somewhat of a siege mentality has developed.

    So much so that when travelBulletin posted a Facebook photo of the Helloworld management team after bumping into them at the airport when they were en route to Los Angeles for the conference, we were asked to remove the image in short order because apparently its not a good look.

    Its all very well to receive sanitised photos and press releases after the fact, but in this day of instant updates and social media this type of manufactured news is easily seen through as evidenced by the plethora of industry newsletters and magazines which basically regurgitate media releases.

    With hundreds of agents having already departed the Helloworld ranks, the groups publicity-shyness is telling, particularly given that transparency of overrides and head of ce costs are some of the key factors being touted by competitors to attract new members.

    After all the changes, goodness knows Helloworld needs some positive coverage, and having a more open policy would be a rst step otherwise theres constant speculation about whats being hidden.

    However, this non-transparent policy may be changing, with an invitation now received to attend the Helloworld Frontliners conference in Adelaide next month. For Helloworlds sake we can only hope that this heralds a new era of openness for the company.


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    Bruce Piper


    Ian McMahons perspective

    DESPITE Barry Mayos trenchant criticisms of ATAS, it should have come as no real surprise when the TravelManagers chair-man ultimately decided his growing band of home-based travel agents would be better off joining the scheme (Travel Daily, 30 Sept).

    Although some have gleefully character-ised this as a back ip, the fact is that Mayo has all along insisted: We want ATAS to succeed (travelBulletin, May).

    While he continues to have deep res-ervations about the schemes lack of a mandatory client protection insurance requirement, Mayo believes it is better to sign up and work for change.

    The old phrase about being inside the tent peeing out rather than outside peeing in springs to mind.

    Mayos decision is a tribute to his maturity and his ability to argue a case rationally and without rancour a welcome change from the ego-driven petulance that has often in the past characterised internal travel indus-try debate and shattered industry unity.

    Most importantly, Mayos decision to sign with ATAS is an emphatic endorsement of the relevance of a robust, voluntary, industry-run accreditation scheme in Australias newly deregulated travel agency environment.

    Take a bow Jayson Westbury and your team at A