treaty of versailles securing world peace or sowing the seeds of war?

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  • Treaty of VersaillesSecuring world peace or sowing the seeds of War?

  • November 7/8, 2007TSWU: Understand the effects of the Treaty of Versailles and analyze the impact of this treaty on the United States and its impending influence on world affairs over the next twenty years.

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  • Did Germany really lose the War?War of AttritionTotal War?Did the Allies conquer Germany?Predict a German soldiers attitude toward this loss? Predict a German citizens attitude toward this loss? A Politician?

  • Writing Prompt.The War to End all Wars is over, it is your job to ensure that war does not break out again. Which of the following should be the priority after the war has ended: A. Punish the losersAddress issues that caused the warLook out for you and yours, forget the restExplain and predict the consequences of your choices. Now write!!!

  • Treaty of VersaillesFrom January to June 1918, US president Woodrow Wilson and the Euro powers met at the palace of Versailles to decide terms for the treaty with Germany to end the bloody stalemate of WWI. Those invited wereGeorges Clemenceau (Fr.), David Lloyd George (Br.) , Vittorio Orlando (It) (howd he get an invitation?) and Woodrow Wilson (US)

  • Here are your roles..George Orlando Clemenceau W. Wilson

  • Versailles..greatest palace in Europe.

  • Big FourAlthough reps from thirty countries attended, the big four negotiated the most important provisions of the Treaty of Versailles.

  • German political drawing after Versailles..