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Unleash Your Networking Superhero with Social Media Phil Gerbyshak @PhilGerb

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  1. 1. Unleash Your Networking Superhero with Social Media Phil Gerbyshak @PhilGerb
  2. 2. Offline sucking means online sucking!
  3. 3. Who sucks?
  4. 4. People who only talk about themselves
  5. 5. Nobody pays you to put your clothes on!
  6. 6. Get dressed 1. Complete your profile(s) with pictures and full job history 2. Add a photo to your profile (from this year) 3. Make sure you have a typo free profile
  7. 7. Relevancy Matters
  8. 8. Connection Starts with Happy Birthday
  9. 9. Your smartphone is your secret weapon
  10. 10. Getting started... Sign up Listen Share Connect with others Research before meetings Repeat often
  11. 11. Yes! One person will lead the charge!
  12. 12. No - all sales should participate
  13. 13. Bucketize Your Connections
  14. 14. BA C
  15. 15. RF Z
  16. 16. Dont try to sell them on social media!
  17. 17. Conversion is your goal!
  18. 18. Conversions that can occur
  19. 19. 8
  20. 20. Conversation is an expectation
  21. 21. 67% of the buyers journey is done digitally
  22. 22. 12 Ways To Unleash Your Superhero EVERY DAY!
  23. 23. Curation Update your status with fresh content you wrote Update your status with fresh content someone else wrote
  24. 24. Creation Write a new LinkedIn Publisher post Create a quick video with your phone
  25. 25. Connection Follow someone new on Twitter Send a personal connection request
  26. 26. Conversation Mention someones name in a tweet Comment on someones group discussion on LinkedIn
  27. 27. Collaboration Interview someone else in your industry Write an article for an industry publication
  28. 28. Members need to take necessary precautions to protect against cyber threats and the security of data.
  29. 29. Use 2 factor authentication whenever possible
  30. 30. Be aware of phishing scams
  31. 31. 10 Free (or low cost) Social Media Tools
  32. 32. 10 Tools to Help Your Social Media 1. Mention (and Google Alerts) 2. Buffer 3. Feedly 4. Camera+ 5. WordSwag 6. TwitShot 7. Canva.com 8. Capture 9. Facebook Pages Manager 10. LinkedIn Connected
  33. 33. Mention and Google Alerts Listen in for mentions of your brand, your best customers and prospects, and any other keywords. http://mention.com http://google.com/alerts
  34. 34. Buffer App Schedule posts to social media channels quickly and easily from your mobile device or via browser extension. Paid subscription offers more scheduled posts and more social channel integration. http://buffer.com BONUS: Buffer also offers Pablo, and in browser image posting editor for quotes and other graphics, perfect for including in your social media posts when there isnt one on the article or to emphasize your points.
  35. 35. Feedly Subscribe to virtually any blog and then share it via other social channels. Paid subscription offers integration into scheduling apps like Buffer. http://feedly.com
  36. 36. Camera+ Inexpensive and super easy to use mobile photo editing app to make your photos a little more vibrant. http://campl.us/
  37. 37. WordSwag Write on your pictures on your iPhone easily in just seconds, with many templates built in, and create professional looking text images. http://wordswag.co/
  38. 38. TwitShot Automatically grabs the photo from your clipboard of the article youre going to share on Twitter (or add a different photo if you dont like the one it pics), and schedules the tweet, FREE! http://www.twitshot.com/
  39. 39. Canva.com (or Canva iPad app) Quickly create images for your social media properties, email newsletters, and anything else. Has a $1 stock photo option, or use it with your images free! http://canva.com
  40. 40. YouTube Capture (iPhone) or YouTube Easy video editing, with integration to upload right to YouTube Search YouTube Capture in App Store, or just YouTube on Google Play Store
  41. 41. Facebook Pages Manager Manage multiple Facebook Pages from your mobile, so you dont accidentally post to your personal profile Search for Facebook Pages Manager
  42. 42. LinkedIn Mobile App See the news feed with the people whove made changes to their profile, people to connect to and more right up front Search LinkedIn
  43. 43. Your Turn - Questions?
  44. 44. Connect with Phil [email protected] http://philgerbyshak.com 414-640-7445 http://twitter.com/philgerb http://linkedin.com/philgerb http://facebook.com/philgerbyshak
  45. 45. Thank You Sponsors