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Wilson & The Peace Treaty

Pres. Wilson & The Peace TreatyTreaty of VersaillesCh 16.3(.4 is not on test)#26

Events Timeline Post WarJan 8,1918 Wilson presents Congress with his plan for peace (Fourteen Points)Nov 3, 1918 Republicans win congressional elections in U.S. - Wilson loses credibility with Europe's LeadersThe Kaiser abdicates Throne / Republic Formed Nov 11, 1918- Armistice Day (veterans day)- GR. Signs in part because of Wilsons 14 pts.Dec. 12, 1918 Wilson arrives in Paris as a Hero

January 1919Paris Peace Conference begins at the Palace of Versailles

Lawrence of Arabia and representatives from over 30 nations attended

Pres. Wilson Star of the ShowGreeted by Europeans as a SaviorGR. Signed Armistice in part because of 14 ptsCreel had 60 million leaflets dropped from planes over GR.

Wilsons 14 PointsFreedom of Ocean TravelNo more Secret AlliancesArms ReductionsEquality of Trade Barriers Free TradeSelf Determination for PolandLeague of Nations 14th Pt.- mediating body- rep. from every nation- provide security for each country

Four Countries Emerge as the Most Powerful at the Conf. - 30 countries Attended The Big Four1) France2) Britain3) Italy4) United States They shaped the final agreement

Germany & Russia were not allowed to attendBolshevik Revolution in Russia-after Czar AbdicatedLenin had to get Russia out of the war so he could concentrate on problems at HomeThe Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany, giving them much territory, pop., resourcesCivil War, 1917-1920Reds versus Whites Complete breakdown of Russian economy and society

8Wilson wants to remake the World in a way that War will be a thing of the PastRoadblocks AppearEuropean leaderswish to punish & humiliate Germany for starting the WarU.S. overall role inwar was questioned

French turned the railcar where documents of German surrender were signed into a museum- embarrass Germany

Wilsons Power DiminishesMost of the 14 pts were shot down by AlliesGives up on the rest to save the 14th pt.- League of NationsJune 28, 1919 Treaty is Signed- by Germany Too Why did they Sign?July, 1919 Wilson heads back to U.S. to convince our Senate to RatifyTreaty of Versailles June 1919Alsace & Lorraine (industrial region) would return to Fr.New Countries Created CZ/Yugo/PolandGR - Stripped of Overseas ColoniesGR Forced to accept full responsibility for starting the War (pay millions in Reparations) Blank CheckLeague of Nations was createdGerman Territorial Losses: 1919-1921

Opposition in AmericaIrreconcilablesProgressive RepublicansWanted to focus attention on problems at home instead of Europe

2) ReservationistsArticle 10 of TreatyCould put U.S. into war to preserve another nations independenceWho should declare war?-Congress or League

Wilson takes his case directly to Am. peopleWhistle-stop cross country train tourHe is wore down and exhaustedSept. 25, 1919 Suffers a stroke -incapacitatedOct. 1919 Senate Rejects the Treaty**U.S. never signs the treaty ending WWI**The U.S. will NOT Join the League of NationsIsolationism v InterventionismNov. 1920 Harding(R) elected Pres.Feb. 3, 1924 Wilson Dies / Broken & Defeated

Final ExamMultiple Choice -120True & False - 50Chronological Order- PresidentsNotebook1896-1932 15250Matching :Terms 35People 30250 pts

Roaring 20s Quiz --- 50pts