world war i armistice, the paris peace conference & the treaty of versailles

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WORLD WAR I Armistice, the Paris Peace Conference & the Treaty of Versailles

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World War IArmistice, the Paris Peace Conference & the Treaty of Versailles

on the way to armisticeWoodrow Wilsons FOURTEEN POINTSJAN. 8, 1918 Woodrow Wilson to the U.S. Congress proposed a 14-POINT PROGRAM FOR WORLD PEACE

later taken as the basis for peace negotiations at the end of the war.

Free trade, open agreements, democracy & self determination (and a diplomatic end to the war!)on the way to armisticeWoodrow Wilsons FOURTEEN POINTS

Allied Armistice with germanyGermany Falls ApartBy September 1918, situation for Germany is HOPELESS sets ARMISTICE in motionHundred Days Offensive Desertion, Civilian Strikes, Mutiny, German RevolutionAllied Armistice with germanyArmistice of Compigne

Russia (December 1917) Bulgaria (September 1918) Ottomans (October 1918) Austria-Hungary (November 1918)

Germany Nov. 11, 1918 Armistice Day Veterans Day

Armistice: A termination of hostilities as a prelude to peace negotiationsParis peace conferenceNegotiations to End the War

Meeting of the Allied victors at the end of WWI to set the peace terms for the Central Powers following the armistices of 1918.Diplomats from more than 32 countries!

Big FourMajor decisions @ PPC Creation of the League of Nations Five peace treaties with Central Powers Awarding of German & Ottoman colonies to Great Britain and France Reparations imposed on Germany Drawing of new national boundaries (self-determination)Treaty of VersaillesFormal Peace With Germany

ONE OF FIVE peace treaties at the Paris Peace Conference to end WWIFormally ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers! (June 28, 1919) Main Provisions of the TOV WAR GUILT CLAUSE German REPARATIONS for allied damages (132 billion marks) German DE-MILITARIZATION ALSACE & LORAIN returned to France (1871) Eastern Germany given to a NEW POLISH STATELegacy of WWINew Countries and Old Ones

Old Empires collapse, new nations emerge!