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Get a clearer understanding of what Westminster Christian Academy is all about. Includes statistics from last year's graduating class as well as the application process for the upcoming school year.


  • WEare...believe...W e s t m i n s t e r C h r i s t i a n A c a d e m y

  • Mission Statement

    Our vision

    statement of values

    The mission of Westminster Christian Academy is to assist parents in educating their children by imparting Gods truth to transform society for present and future generations.

    Westminster Christian Academy is a leading Christian school, successfully implementing a curriculum that is shaped and governed by Gods Word. Students are guided in the paths of wisdom and knowledge, resulting in their godly self-discipline and orientation toward service. Acquiring confidence in Gods calling, and determination to boldly walk the path of righteousness, students are equipped to impact our world for Christ.

    1. Submission to God as our final Authority, believing the Bible to be His inspired Word2. Unconditional love/uncompromising truth3. Honesty and integrity4. Partnership with the Christian home and church5. Faithful stewardship of Gods resources6. Excellence in all things for the glory of God7. Humility in service

    Westminster Christian Academy is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International grades 1-12 and state approved by the Louisiana Department of Education grades 1-12 on the Opelousas Campus. The accreditation program of ACSI is designed to assist member schools in achieving a standard of excellence and to encourage them in a continuous process of assessment and ongoing development. To desire excellence is to take seriously our commitment to Christ, Whose name is excellent (Psalm 8:1). The process of achieving and maintaining accredited status is a means of proclaiming our commitment to doing things well. The major benefit to a school that goes through the accreditation process is the documentation of an intensive appraisal of each component of its ministry. Accreditation is a process of recognizing educational institutions for their standards, performance, integrity and quality.


  • We Are Westminster!

    We Believe. you belong.

  • We are...Christ-centeredBeing Christ-centered was woven into the foundation of Westminster Christian Academy and that remains the focus of our cutting-edge educational system today. Westminster was built upon Biblical truth, using the Scriptures as the grid by which to measure knowledge and true education. WCA employs an excellent academic curriculum, wrapped in the person of Jesus Christ, to prepare students to go into a world that is going in a very different direction.

    If we can equip students with Biblical truth, they will have a strong foundation upon which to stand when the crisis of the culture hits them. They will have the means by which to measure what is true and what is a lie and to discern the difference between the truth of Gods Word and the vain philosophies of men that change with the winds of cultural opinion. Gods truth never changes. He is the ONLY constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever; therefore, Gods truth is the only solid foundation upon which we can build our lives.

    Merida Brooks, Superintendent

  • We Believe...Jesus is the w

    ay, the truth, and the life; and no one can com

    e to the father except through him

    john 14:6 NLT

    Westminster Christian Academy is a Biblically-integrated school. The goal is for students to see the connections between Biblical truth

    and all academic disciplines and

    relational matters. As they develop their Biblical and critical

    thinking skills, they will be better equipped in the midst of our pop culture to see how

    Gods Word practically relates to all of life home, community,

    church, business, law and government.

    Ultimately, this can lead students to a better

    understanding of the nature and character

    of God and to see the fingerprints of the

    Master Designer in all of His creation. God is the God of all knowledge, and He is the Creator, and Author of every subject we teach.

  • We are...challengingWestminster Christian Academy strives to prepare students for the world and challenges that lie ahead of them. In the rigorous Westminster classrooms you will see technology through the use of SmartBoards and, in the upper school, iPads as well. Teachers are encouraged to think outside the box and to incorporate tools from the technologies available to develop learning environments that foster critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

    As a result of coming to Westminster, students will be better prepared to face challenges in and out of the college classroom and in their life situations. At WCA students are not just taught the academic subjects; they are being prepared to be the best they can be in every area of life. And, THAT is what a school should be about that is a true education.

    Vinnie Bullara, Current athletic director and former WCA High School Science and Chemistry Teacher

  • Oh, the Places Youll GoA small sampling of the universities and private colleges our students have been accepted to and/or attend post-graduation: Baylor University Boston College Harvard University Louisiana College Louisiana State University Loyola University McNeese State University Notre Dame Princeton University Samford University Stanford University University of Louisiana Lafayette Wheaton College

    Honors and Advanced Honors TracksStudents with a high GPA and demonstrated commitment to academic study can apply to enter the WCA Honors and Advanced Honors Tracks. Students accepted into these selective academic tracks have the opportunity to take honors and advanced honors courses in biology, English, math and even earn college credit through Advanced Placement classes in English and chemistry and dual enrollment in history courses.

    Scan the tag for a complete listing of colleges and universities our grads have been accepted to or attended. Or visit www.wcala.org/colleges

    Class of 2014 Fast Facts

    47 graduating seniors 3 Distinguished Scholars (GPA 4.0) 3 scored a 30 or higher on the ACT 5 earned ACSI Distinguished Student

    Award 2 Received an Opelousas-St. Landry

    Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 42% earned Academic Achievement

    Award (GPA 3.33-3.99) 28% are National Honor Society

    Members 82% were accepted into a 4-year

    institution 24.1 was the average ACT score 38% graduated with WCA Honors or

    Advanced Honors 64% qualified for TOPS (Tuition

    Opportunity Program for Students) when enrolling in Louisiana colleges and universities

    We Believe...in w

    orking with

    enthusiasm, as though w

    orking for the Lord rather than for people. Ephesians 6:7 nlt

  • We are...hardworking2 Timothy 2:15 says, Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. Although we understand this verse speaks to our adherence to sound doctrine through proper study of Gods Word and its application to our lives, there is a broader principle that can be taken from it that is the principle of hard work and the fruit produced from it. We seek excellence in every sport at WCA, and we understand that excellence cannot be attained without hard work, sacrifice, dedication, attention to detail, and doing these things with integrity. When our athletes take the field or court, they need not be ashamed, nervous, or frightful. Why? Because they have put in the hard work, and have been held accountable by coaches who model strong work ethic and who do so with integrity.

    Some may say, Its just a game, or, Winning is not important as long as everyone has fun. The WCA Athletic Department could not disagree more. It is our mission - and, indeed, our duty - to instill life altering values in the young men and women that participate in WCA Athletics. While football, basketball, or any other sport may be just a game, the lessons learned through them - in the striving to be excellent in them - are priceless. Do we want our young men to become husbands, fathers, employees, and employers who work hard on their marriages, who sacrifice for their wives and children, who are excellent employees and bosses? Absolutely! Do we want our young women to become virtuous wives and mothers, excellent employees and bosses? Absolutely! Do we want our athletes to become WINNERS in life? We most certainly do! These lessons arent always learned in the classroom, and that is why we stress excellence and winning with integrity in the WCA Athletic Department.

    Vinnie bullara, Athletic Director

  • Westminster Christian Academy requires hard work in the classroom and in our enrichment and co-curricular activities. Students of all ages on all campuses can participate in soccer. Elementary sports (depending on the campus) include football, basketball,

    volleyball, soccer, pep squad and baseball. Upper school sports (grades 7-12) include football, volleyball, basketball,

    baseball, softball, soccer, golf, track and field, cross-country, cheerleading, tennis and swimming.

    Upper school students (grades 7-12) have access to drum line, mission teams, Student Council, National Honor Society, Crusaders 4 Life and the Rangers program an outdoor, wilderness and adventure program encouraging perseverance, team building and leadership skills.

    Fine arts electives include chorus, drama and art. Music lessons are made available on our campuses in piano, guitar and drums.

    We Believe...in w

    orking hard to present ourselves to god and receive his approval. a good w

    orker is one who does not need to

    be ashamed and w

    ho correctly explains the w

    ords of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

    We Believe...in w

    orking hard to present ourselves to god and receive his approval. a good w