a cabernet franc affair. 2011 arbor crest sauvignon blanc 100% sauvignon blanc bacchus vineyard,...

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A Cabernet Franc Affair

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A Cabernet Franc Affair Slide 2 2011 Arbor Crest Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sauvignon Blanc Bacchus Vineyard, Columbia Valley Optimum Consumption through 2016 Sugar - 23.0 23.5 Brix pH - 3.32 ABV - 13% 2500 Cases Fermented & Aged in Stainless Mielke Family Winemaker Kristina van Lben Sels Slide 3 2011 Arbor Crest Sauvignon Blanc In March 1982 The First Wine Sold from Arbor Crest was Sauvignon Blanc from the Bacchus Vineyard Bacchus Vineyard North and Slightly East of Richland, WA Slide 4 Once Upon a Time, In the 18 th Century Slide 5 In the Libournais Slide 6 The Story of Two Grapes Cabernet Franc Sauvignon Blanc Slide 7 It was Spring Flowering Grapes Slide 8 The Grapes were Harvested Slide 9 The wines were Made Slide 10 The Pomace Returned to the Vineyard Slide 11 The New Grapevine Grew & Grew Slide 12 And They Lived Happily Ever After You Learn Something New Every Day. Cabernet Sauvignon Slide 13 Cabernet Franc Fun Facts Compared to Cabernet Sauvignon Usually Lighter Pigments Stronger Aromas Lighter Tannins Lower Acidity Aromas Raspberry, Cherry, Licorice, Currant, Bell Pepper, Tobacco Flavors Red Fruit, Blue Fruit, Plum Pairs with Lamb, Pizza, Roast Duck, Lasagne Slide 14 Cabernet Franc Fun Facts Grown Primarily for Blending with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the Bordeaux Style But can be Vinified Alone Buds and Ripens ~ 1 Week Earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon Allows Vines to Thrive in Slightly Cooler Climates such as the Loire Valley One of the 20 Most-Planted Grape Varieties Worldwide Approximately 36,000 Hectares (~89,000 Acres) Yield Sensitive Overcropping Produces Wines with more Green or Vegetal Notes Slide 15 Chinon AOC, Loire Valley Reds- Cab Franc Up to 10% Cab Sauv White- Chenin Blanc Mostly red 2-5% Rose Chinon and Bourgueil heart of Cab Franc in the Loire Cab Franc originated in the Loire, 17 th Century Slide 16 2014 Jean-Maurice Raffault Chinon Rose From 10 ha sandy and gravelly soils Rose from 2/3 press juice, 1/3 saignee juice Cool fermentation from indigenous yeast Finished with some residual sugar Slide 17 Jean-Maurice Raffault Rodolph e Rives Loire et Vienne Slide 18 A Note About French Wine Law Appellation dOrigine Contrle (AOC) System Translates to Controlled Designation of Origin Assures that Wine (and other Foods, like Cheese) comes from Specifiied Regions and Adhere to Specific Quality Standards Everything Changed in 2012 What was once Four Categories is Now Three VDQS (Vin Dlimit de Qualit Supriure Eliminated Only about 0.9% of Wines Fell into this Category Appellation dOrigine Protge (AOP Protected Designation of Origin) Basically Replaces AOC Wines from Specific Areas, Made with Specified Grapes and Specific Winemaking Methods Indication Gographique Protge Basically Replaces Vin de Pays Regions are Specific, but Subject to Less Restrictive Regulations The Wine has to be Submitted for Analysis and Tasting Vin de France Basically Replaces Vin de Table Only Requires Name of Producer, and Designated as Being From France Now Allows Variety and Vintage on the Label Labels are In Transition Temporary Confusion Slide 19 Bourgueil AOC Slide 20 Loire Valley Primarily Grows Cabernet Franc Continental Climate with Maritime Influences Slide 21 Domaine Les Pins Cuve les Rochettes, 2012, Bourgueil (AOP) Slide 22 Family-Owned Estate for 5 Generations 100% Cabernet Franc Vines Between 10 and 35 Years Old Mechanical Harvest Grapes Destemmed and Sorted After a Few Days of Maceration, Fermentation Starts Naturally Light Pneumatic Pressing after a Minimum of 17 Days of Vatting Wine Aged in Concrete for a Minimum of 10 Months Ruby Color, Floral Red Berry Nose, Long Lasting Tannins 91 Points Wine Enthusiast Slide 23 Languedoc Slide 24 Slide 25 Bernard Alias Cabernet Franc, 2013, Vin de Pays dOc 30 Hectoliter per Hectare 1.7 Tons per Acre 100% Cab Franc Cold Fermentation with Daily Punching Down, Aged in Barrels for 4 Months Red Berries and Vanilla Scents Long Finish, with Flavors of Mocha, Caramel and Licorice Slide 26 Snake River AVA Arena Vineyard Martin Family Vineyard Many Varieties Slide 27 Snake River Winery 786 West Broad Street, Boise Scott DeSeelhorst Wine Press Northwest 2013 Idaho winery of the Year Slide 28 Snake River Winery 2011 Cabernet Franc Fairly warm climate Riper, New World Style Aromas & Flavors Concentrated raspberry Brown sugar Tobacco leaf Dried herbs Bright acidity Slide 29 Sierra Foothills AVA Ironstone Vineyards First vines planted 1856 by Swiss immigrant in Amador Co. Historic Zinfandel Elevations 1200- 3500 Warm climate- some cooling through Carquinez Strait and from mountains Slide 30 Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys, CA Calaveras County Amphitheatre Wine Caves 44 lb Gold Leaf Specimen Slide 31 2010 Ironstone Cabernet Franc Tasting notes Blue fruit Blackberry Considerable tannin Reserve- extended maceration Hay Station Ranch vineyard Aging- 18 months in small French & American oak barrels Residual Sugar 0.19 Alcohol 14.5% Slide 32 Wines Purchased at Pilgrims 1.2011 Arbor Crest Sauvignon Blanc $10 2.2014 Jean-Maurice Raffault Chinon $16 3.2012 Domaine Les Pins Bourgueil, Cuvee des Rochettes $14 4.2013 Bernard Alias Cabernet Franc, Vin de Pays dOc $13 5.2011 Snake River Cabernet Franc, Arena Valley Vineyard $18 6.2010 Ironstone Vineyards Cabernet Franc, Estate Reserve $18 Slide 33 Next Month Cadaretta & Buried Cane Wines of Washington Presented by the Winemaker