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  1. 1. This document contains information and data that AAUM considers confidential. Any disclosure of Confidential Information to, or use of it by any other party (i.e., a party other than Aaum), will be damaging to AAUM. Ownership of all Confidential Information, no matter in what media it resides, remains with AAUM. AAUM Confidential AAUM Research and Analytics Private Limited 01 N, 1st floor IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam road, Chennai 600113 Tel +91 44 66469877 | Fax +91 44 66469877 Email: | Web Analytics for Decision Makers
  2. 2. - 2 - You overcome many challenges to run a successful business but do you leverage data-driven insights to make business decisions?
  3. 3. - 3 - Advanced 93% customer satisfaction - iYOGI, a technical support provider achieved, highest in the industry Increase operational efficiency by 10% - Bharath Light and Power 23% growth in profitability - Tata Tele Services enhanced customer experience leading to 10% increase in revenue - Kerala Water Authority achieved 100% success in equitable water supply Delivery efficiency improved from 1 day to 15 mins - Marico, FMCG sector, Analytical advantage and many more ... portal%2FT290970S66172R02%2Finformation_week-december-2014.pdf&usg=AFQjCNFhnLceJq9IV6PtJyGviXTb3uHOoQ&cad=rja
  4. 4. - 4 - Analytics for Decision Makers, must-not-miss Update yourself with bleeding edge developments in analytics Customized Analytics roadmap for your organization Analytics Jumpstart Kit: a must-have for your organization Consultation with industry experts This is a customized event, specific to the needs of your organization. Register on the Explara link provided below.
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  6. 6. geniSIGHTS Scalable big data advanced analytics solution INDUSTRIES Retail Travel Finance Insurance Ecommerce Telecom HR Health care FMCGs Entertainment LINES OF BUSINESS Analytics consulting Analytics Research HIGHLIGHTS Predictive analytics Big data platform Cloud-based BI/Reporting Live link Contact Request for demo specific to your business Mail Call 8754577385/6/7/8/9 rapid data mining & advanced analytics geniSIGHTS is very affordable and customizable platform that helps the business scale analytics as per their requirements. Precanned advanced analytics solutions that fit common business needs Provisions to build and integrate specific analytical solution for your firm geniSIGHTS is offered in three modes Reporting basic customer needs like reporting Analytics intermediate requirements like reporting, data analysis Analytics + advanced analytics like prediction, big data analytics, etc Can be quickly deployed and scaled in premise and (or) cloud geniSIGHTS big data advanced analytics platform by Aaum COMPANY Founded by IIT Madras alumnus brings in extensive global business experience working with Fortune 100 companies in North America & Asia Pacific. Established at IIT Madras Research Park with a focus on researching and devising sophisticated analytical techniques to solve pressing business needs of corporations ranging from travel & logistics, finance, insurance, hr, health care, entertainment, FMCGs, retail, telecom. improved business performancelowers costs for businesses


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