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Industry Knowledge for Decision Make Marketing through TradeBriefs e-Newsletter 10,00,000+ Subscribers Email : [email protected] Phone: +912240044861, +919930577889

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Industry Knowledge for Decision Makers. Lead Acquisition through TRADEBRIEFS e-NEWSLETTER 8,00,000+ Subscribers. Email : [email protected] Phone: +912240044861, +919930580074. FOR PARTNERS . FOR ADVERTISERS . FOR SUBSCRIBERS . High quality opt-in. Daily Knowledge Brief. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Industry Knowledge for Decision MakersMarketing through TradeBriefs e-Newsletter 10,00,000+ Subscribers

Email : [email protected]: +912240044861, +919930121544

For subscribers, TradeBriefs provides the latest news, in-depth insights in a daily personalized newsletter, specific to their industry. Industries covered include Retail, IT, Construction, Logistics, Telecom, Food/FMCG, Finance, Software, Digital Media, Franchise, Marketing, Ecommerce, HR as well as Leisure.Daily Knowledge BriefFOR SUBSCRIBERS For advertisers, TradeBriefs provides an engaging vehicle to reach top decision-makers and other professionals, including 60,000+ CXOs. Marketing options include content marketing, display and email marketing.10,00,000+ professionalsFOR ADVERTISERS TradeBriefs partners with associations and organizations to provide a valuable daily knowledge brief to its members, prospects and customers.High quality opt-inFOR PARTNERS The problem we are solving

Information OverloadNews, Blogs, Knowledge3 Current ProfileSubscriber growthKey Statistics about TradeBriefsMarket leader in business audience online in India10,00,000+ subscribers for our daily newsletters50% active subscribers(who read & click on our content)Newsletters across 13 verticals specific to IndiaPartnerships with major industry bodies in the past 1 yearCounts IBM, Adobe, Intuit, Gartner as marquee customers2 rounds of funding from 500 Startups in late 2012/early 2013 - $50,000 eachIn growth phase now & profitable since 2012

44Our largest vertical is Retail . Following this, we have Digital Media , IT , SME/other , Finance , Telecom , HR , Logistics, FMCG , Media , Construction, Marketing, Business and Ecommerce Top Sectors in IndiaApart from professionals who sign up for our current verticals, we are constantly launching new vertical and function-based newsletters, thus expanding our audience by tens of thousands of subscribers every month.New additionsOur AudienceSubscribers profile by DesignationTop Management TradeBriefs attracts those who care about industry information to build their business and further their careers. These are the top white-collar professionals in the countryWhite-collar professionalTradeBriefs has the largest number of engaged CXOs for an online publication in India, with consistent open rates of 10%+ every dayTarget Audience BreakupSubscribers Single Personalized Newsletter with content from all sources

Curation is 80% automated, 20% manual

The algorithm keeps the content timely and comprehensive (one stop shop)

The human component adds analytical value and ensures zero noise8 Key Customers and Subscriber Feedback

It's a great brief. Very timely and insightful Mahesh P, Director Excellent source of Industry knowledge Anand R, MD I read it regularly and find it very informative and useful Schauna S, CEO

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Content Marketing within the newslettersEmailers to segmented audiences

10 Advertiser ROIOne of the most granular reports in the industry

Advertisers know exactly where they are spending their money

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Re-target through email marketing (has given phenomenal open rates of 35%+ to our advertiser clients)

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11Our Website

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