another woman's house

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Another Woman's House

Another Woman's House

By: Xandiya

Im living in another woman's house. I take care of it everyday. I make sure it is just the way she likes it. It isn't mine. Nothing but a pot or pan here or there. My pack of smokes on the table. I have my bed that I sleep in and some other personal items but it is not my house.

This is NOT my houseI feel out place and at home all at the same time. Her son is her and he loves me so. Her husband is here too, he thinks the world of me. I love them both but this house is hers and she is gone. She is gone never to return. It wasn't supposed to be this way. I miss her so much.

RIP Sharon 1956-2016

It is her home and I miss her so much. She should be her enjoying it, and cleaning it! Ha! I love doing it all, but this is not my house.