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Past Portfolio of Bali Virtual Assistants before relaunch it's services into


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2. What we do? PRINT MEDIA DESIGN 2MULTIMEDIA DESIGN Brochure Catalog Flyer/Leaflet Poster Banner Advertisement Design Packaging Logo Calendar Corporate Folder Company Profile Label Name Card & Letter Head Booklet DesignWeb Design Web Development Company Presentation Online Banner Digital Company Profile 3. MEET OUR DESIGNER TEAM Meet our creative design team, see the faces that produce all of our web design, graphic design at our creative design office in Bali.3 4. Reimer Nombi Highly creative Graphic Designer with 7 + years agency and in house experience who is team orientated with good interpersonal skills. Has the ability to liaise directly with clients and project manage from the beginning to the end. Has great attention to detail and a strong passion for design, accros all aspects of media. Creating designs as a freelancer for various clients, working on all aspects of logos/branding, stationery, brochures and promotional tools.4 5. ANDP architect business card letterhead portfolioBlackberry infographicEGCI honda community logo id card flyer banner templates5 6. Asian Development Bank annual bookORI PolytecIntoduction rproduct catalogueManuf actued by T. Ori yt r P Pol ec Composies who is the t rst manu f actuer and mar l r ket eader in Fibegla Rein ced Pla r ss f or stics in Indonesia.Cont ents Cont ents02Int r oduction03Advant ages04Structu Design ral05Appli cation Envi r onment06Part Numbering st Sy em07Pr oduct Series l ladder) (Cab e08Pr oduction Series (Channel Sy st em)13Accessories ( Cver, SpliPla Tray o ce t e)17 18Appli cation / Indu W e Ser stries ve19In The r Futu e02cabl supportst e sy a e ems r manu f actued by PT Ori ec r Pol yt Composies who is the t rst manu f actuer and mar l r ket eader in Fibe ss Rein ced Pla r gla f or stics in Indonesia. The cabl e supports st sy is ccept em a ed indu stry-wide cause itovides be r p the cuomer with st comp l e line of et ber ss cabl r gla e t ay designs. pr oducts ra manuactued t the e f r o highet indu st s stry anda ds poviding r r optimum chemi r st cal esi ance,l oad carrying capability,r ar r et dance e and ult l r ection. All the r avio p et ot pr oducts corpo e the highe in rat st quality mat raw erials which r ensu e that thest cu r omer ecei poducts ve r that exceed indu st stry anda ds f r or chemi r st cal esi ance,st ength, ame r r st esi ance and ult l r ection. r avio p et ot15In allation st Pultrusion Machine r and P ocessBank MandiriThis warning label rs on all appea st raight sections and ttings.19is ow manuf n actued with r is a unique high quality t r aw erials and ber ss cabl ray syem designed beter quality mat gla e t st abri ed o c r t in and dvel e opedt satisfy a need in fthe at t mo e stringent ernal o ernal speci cations. The r e El ectri and Cor cal r osion Indu f stries or and ext also ar g er deg of emphasis eat r ee an imp r ovement of l ga vanized eel st pla ced on orkmanship. All of these w aluminium or themopla stics/nonimpr ovements signify o t me t allic e r cabl t ay syem. st be the mar l ket eader in the e cabl cabl r e t r ay p oduct line has been indu y str. signi l upg canty r adedover the cabl t pr evious Ori-Line e r ay pr oduct line.ber ss cabl ray syems gla e t st ar cla e ssied t w o types: ladder in t o type and channel type. Ladder type is a pef cat r abri ed be ss structu r gla r e consiting ofo t s w l ongitudinal side ails r conneced by individual t t ansver r se member s, whi channel l e type is a pultruded ss channel r be gla (solid t bot with t al side om in egr r ails).ORITRAYPT. ORI PO LYTEC COMPOSITES Fact ory I & II Head Ofe c stri Jl. Kyai Caringin No. 18 Kawasan Indu Lippo Cika rang, Bekasi Jakara Pusat 10150 t Indonesia Indonesia Tel. (021) 632 1388 Fax. (021) 632 1177 Fact ory III Tange rang, Ban t en Email. l sa es@oripo Indonesia l yt c ww l yt cannual book Strategi Implementasi dan Pengelolaan PKBL MandiriSekapur Sirih dari Komisaris UtamaSekapur SirihQuisque sollicitudin quam id magna. Pellentesque quis dui sed augue suscipit sollicitudin. Maecenas tempor, ligula vel tempus molestie, metus dolor lacinia felis, vel sollicitudin ligula velit quis odio. Suspendisse laoreet sem eget sem. Cras enim lacus, blandit eu, facilisis quis, consequat sed, massa. Donec mollis, est at sodalesTerdepan, Terpercaya, Tumbuh bersama Andaelementum, est purus dignissim neque, vulputate convallis dui odio eget lorem. Donec facilisis, metus eu gravida convallis, mauris quam facilisis elit, nec mollis arcu elit non quam. Ut condimentum, ante in facilisis molestie, leo magna egestas nibh, in interdum sapien pede sed augue. Fusce erat lorem, pulvinar vitae, eleifend vel, rhoncus volutpat, nisi. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Mauris lorem.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse arcu mi, imperdiet eu, dictum non, lacinia id, lorem. Duis at leo et neque suscipit hendrerit. Donec diam. Integer lorem mauris, laoreet quis, bibendum eget, dictum eu, dolor. Vestibulum ultricies. Pellentesque et justo quis nisi pellentesque elementum. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Mauris congue vulputate dolor. Aliquam non ligula. Donec libero. Phasellus posuere adipiscing tellus. Integer vitae velit vel diam facilisis congue.Daftar IsiAliquam sit amet tellus. Pellentesque ultricies sem sit amet felis. Cras tempus ante id magna. Sed elementum tortor ac nisi. Donec laoreet odio varius erat. Nullam convallis vulputate leo. Nunc sagittis pharetra elit. Duis3Sekapur Sirih7Tim PKBL Mandiri8Laporan Tahunan Program kemitraan & Bina Lingkungan 2008ngkungan Program Bina Lingkungan20Opini22Awards276PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.mitraan Program Kemitraan16condimentum. Morbi tincidunt auctor dui. Ut semper urna in tellus. Praesent facilisis luctus arcu. Proin sed risus.i Strategi Implementasi dan Pengelolaan PKBL Mandiri12Laporan Keuangan PKBL Mandiri 2008Edwin Gerungan Komisaris Utama 7. Legi cake & pastaZipper laundryTee Boxlogopost card bannerpromo toolsJl . Tebet Barat o. 28B IX N Ja r Selatan ka ta 021.830.1051 | 021.830.1053 www.zipperlaundry.comTwo-Piece Suit | Setelan Jas Shirt | Kemeja Trousers | Celana Panjang Skirt | Rok Pendek Neck Tie | Dasi Jacket | Jas Safari Suit | Setelan Safari Dress | Gaun Long Dress | Gaun Panjang Moslem Suit | Setelan Muslim Traditional Dress | Kebaya Scarf | Selendang Wedding Dress | Gaun Pengantin37.000 23.000 24.000 20.000 17.000 26.000 33.000 25.000 30.000 35.000 28.000 20.000 250.00030.000 18.000 20.000 15.000 10.000 19.000 26.000 20.000 25.000 28.000 17.000 14.000 100.000Nilam Sembagi logo business card mini catalogue7 8. LaSalle College International promo toolsMTWTFS 1SMT2WTFSS23456w 123456789w478910111213w 1310111213141516w514151617181920w 1417181920212223w621222324252627w 1524252627282930w728293031131MT 1W 2T 3F 4S 5S 6MTWTw8FSS2378910111213w94567891014151617181920w 1011121314151617w121222324252627w 1118192021222324w2w 122526272829302881w3 9. Bali-based designer Rezin Akbar have completed a broad range of projects for clients in various industries both internationally and within Indonesia. He specialized him self as a web master and multimedia designer.Rezin AkbarBali Virtual AssistantsOryza CommunicationThe Bali CentreLogoLogoLogoThe GayoCitylinktransLogoLogo9 10. Whitestone Valeria Minniti Corporate Identity StationaryPalmmas Corporate Identity Stationary10Corporate Identity Stationary Brochure 11. Urban Attitude LookbookInfosec Asia Bellua Asia PacificBrochureBrochure11 12. Bali Helping Hands, Cocoon, McConnell & Sneed, Oryza, Infosec Asia Websites12 13. Rapidline, Valeria Minniti, Business Warehouse, Cocoon E-commerce13 14. Maria Francisco Has a bachelor degree in Graphic Design from Trisakti University Jakarta, she possesses in excess of 13 years of experience as an Art Director in leading magazine publications and also several other graphic/branding projects in this island. Her extensive design experience will help your any visual media projects.Courtyard Marriott C Spa logo Gift Certificate MICE brochureAmelie Desjardine Book design14 15. Sea Sentosa Logo Stationary Marketing kit Billboards Roadsign Magazine ads Marketing officesgraphic Site-graphic15 16. Dallas and Carlos Lookbook 2010 Lookbook 201116 17. Insight Magazine Chi Magazine Ostrov Magazine Magazine layouts17 18. Leonard Leonard has experiences in web and multimedia design and involved in many projects. His passion in art and animation could produce fineblend products. More than 5 years of professional design and multimedia experience. Well expertise in web designing, flash design & development.18 19. Artek N PartnerUtty Jewellerywebsite arteknpartner.comwebsite uttyjewellery.comPolyfilatexVa-Vite Pty Ltd Jewellerywebsite polyfilatex.comwebsite 20. Trans Makassar Multimedia Mall Directory ApplicationBank Panin Multimedia Interactive CD Product knowledge toolPPPI Multimedia Interactive CDPrudential Multimedia Kiosk Application20 21. Multimedia Online lottery gameDigital Illustration21 22. Sri Purnami Dewi Graduated from New Media Interactive Computer College with 3 years work experiences in print and website designs. Worked with various clients in Bali, Sri has passion for graphic design, music and book.22 23. Sukah CollectionSukah Collection Website design23 24. Print ad Booklet24Selera Marketing & Consulting Print ad 25. London Academy Media Film & TV Print adBali Wedding Organizer Flyer BannerBali Trend Edvertiser Magazine layoutsScience Udayana University Baliho25 26. Pertokoan Semer Jaya, Kav. 3-4 Jl. Raya Kerobokan Kuta Bali 80361, Indonesia p. +62 361 7835277 68 Berkshire Rd. Sunshine North VIC 3020, Australia p. +61 03 90157972 e. www.balivirtualassistants.com26