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BellaVita Business Building System “How to Launch Your BellaVita Business” (April 2015 Rough Draft) To become successful in any business you must: 1. Learn what to do. (Knowledge) 2. Learn how to do it. (Skill) 3. Do it! (Desire & Action)

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1. BellaVita Business Building System How to Launch Your BellaVita Business (April 2015 Rough Draft) To become successful in any business you must: 1. Learn what to do. (Knowledge) 2. Learn how to do it. (Skill) 3. Do it! (Desire & Action) 2. 2 CONTENTS Introduction p. 3 System of Duplication p. 4 New Member Orientation p. 5 Step 1 Getting Started Correctly p. 6 Step 2 Introduce the Products and Business p. 19 Step 3 Follow Up and Determine Interest p. 33 Step 4 Build Belief p. 35 Step 5 Ask for a Positive Decision p. 37 Step 6 Get Your New Members Started Correctly p. 39 Step 7 Building Towards Events p. 40 Bonus Section p. 42 Notes p. 44 Downloadable Resources p. 45 Limited Launch Edition 2015 Printed in the United States of America 3. 3 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your decision to join BellaVita! If you are considering diversifying by creating an additional stream of income, we believe you will be impressed with the freedom and flexibility that this business offers. Because of the strengths of BellaVita and this simple training system, you can be very successful at building a part-time business while maintaining balance in your life. If your goal is to gain greater control of your life by pursuing your own business full-time, you will find that BellaVita offers you all the benefits of being in business for yourself without the risk or headaches of a traditional business. If you are like most people, you will need to start part-time and develop an income base that can enable you to leave your present career, should you so desire. Due to the power of geometric growth combined with the dynamics of creating a leveraged income, this business provides the opportunity for you to build a sizeable, part-time income that can then lead you to a full- time career with BellaVita. This training program can teach you exactly how to build a successful business with BellaVita. Realize that a fast start is an easy start; build momentum and generate income your very first month! We dont promise overnight transformation because we all know that real change takes work. Its time to take a step forward. Well be right here to help in every possible way. Your membership with BellaVita is a business. The more you treat your business as a commercial enterprise, not as a hobby, the greater and more satisfying your results will be. Build your business with professionalism, but above all else, build it with integrity and have fun in the process. Again, congratulations on your decision to team up with BellaVita! To become successful in any business you must: 1. Learn what to do. (Knowledge) 2. Learn how to do it. (Skill) 3. Do it! (Desire & Action) 4. 4 Your Step-By-Step Guide to Making Money with BellaVita. You are about to learn a system that has helped tens of thousands of people just like you achieve their financial goals. You will not only learn the fundamentals of building a successful network marketing business, but you will also learn the little things that separate the top leaders in our profession from everyone else. The steps below comprise our System of Duplication. The system shows you step by step exactly what you need to do to build a successful business with BellaVita; a process that anyone who joins your organization can duplicate. This training system singles out each of these steps into a chapter format. It should be your goal to master each of these steps and follow the coaching of your mentor and team leaders. These steps represent the activities that, if done correctly, will help you achieve your goals with BellaVita. Once you learn each of the steps in this system and begin enrolling people, you will then want to teach it to others so they can successfully duplicate the process. 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS 1. Get Started Correctly. 2. Introduce the Products and the Business. 3. Follow-Up and Determine Interest. 4. Build Belief. 5. Ask for a Positive Decision. 6. Get Your New Members Started Correctly. 7. Building Towards Events. System of Duplication 5. 5 New Member Orientation Getting Started Correctly Checklist q Become a BellaVita Member and place an appropriate Start-Up Order consistent with your goals. Suggested Levels: _________ (Starter Package $165) _________ (Fast-Start Package $495) _________ (Professional Package $990) q Use the Products. Set up an appropriate Autoship: 100 CV (Commissionable Volume) is necessary to maximize in the BellaVita Prosperity Plan. q Become familiar with and acquire your business building tools: audio, video and documents. (Online & Offline) Review available presentation and training tools, and upcoming BellaVita events. q Schedule a New Member Orientation with your Sponsor in the first 48 hours. Approximately one hour will be needed to review the Getting Started Correctly checklist in detail. Schedule your Grand Opening to occur in your first 5-10 days. q Go through your database of contacts and begin identifying those with whom you will share the BellaVita products and business. Launch your business with a Major Blast ASAP. q Understand the importance of using 3-way calling on your phone and the use of online conferencing (Skype, Google Hangouts, and others). Complete the Upline information sheet. q Get plugged in! Communication and current information are critical in this business. Like (team page) and (corporate page) for the most current updates. q Put your goals in writing. (Goal setting worksheet included.) Deliver a copy of these goals to your sponsor and team leaders. Get to Supervisor ASAP. q Participate in Daily Personal Development. (Read the recommended Book of the Month). Make an unconditional commitment to succeed. Do the right thing at all times. q Check with your upline leaders to see if there are any other items they recommend you add to your checklist. 6. 6 GET STARTED CORRECTLY This checklist is designed to help you get started correctly building a successful business with BellaVita. 1. Become a BellaVita Member and place an appropriate Start-Up Order consistent with your goals. Before you can start building a business with BellaVita, you must first become a BellaVita Member. (A Customer is a product user only. A Team Member is one interested in using products and building a business. In this training, we use the terms Customer and Member.) The membership kit is $25 U.S. and includes your online business center and a replicated website that you can use to enroll others. Your sponsor can assist you with the enrollment process. Place your start-up order. (The BellaVita Professional Pack is the suggested enrollment package for those wanting to get off to a fast start.) _______ (Standard Package $165) _______ (Fast- Start Package $495) _______ (Professional Package $990) Before you determine which level you should enter to launch your business, it is important to understand why you need to purchase products. Here are four reasons to consider: To experience the products. Using the products will not only increase your knowledge about the products, but it will also build your belief and confidence as well. To keep a small, working inventory to sample and to have on hand for your new or existing customers. Although it is not required to inventory products and we dont recommend you have too much on hand, there is no doubt you will sell more products and provide better customer service if you have a small inventory on hand. (Theres an old saying, Its hard to sell from an empty cart.) STEP 1 7. 7 To help your new Members get started quickly. When you enroll a new Member in your local area, send them home with product to use until their first order arrives. This will allow them to get off to a fast start. To qualify to start earning commissions and bonuses. Be sure to review the BellaVita Prosperity Plan to learn what you need to do to start earning commissions as soon as possible and what it takes to become a leader with BellaVita. Each level qualifies you for different commissions and bonuses in the plan. Download a copy of the BellaVita Prosperity Plan at 2. Use the Products. Set up an appropriate Autoship: 100 CV minimum is necessary to maximize the BellaVita Prosperity Plan. q The BellaVita Autoship is a convenient way for you to receive the BellaVita products you want each month. These are products for you and your family to use and to share with others. Understand the difference between the minimum and the appropriate Autoship. (It needs to be appropriate for your familys product needs and your business goals.) There are several reasons to enroll in the BellaVita Autoship program and several things that will determine what is appropriate for you. To make sure you have the products each month that can improve your health, the health of your family, and to share/sample with others. To earn money with the BellaVita Prosperity Plan. If your personal volume is at least 100 CV, you will be eligible to participate in the BellaVita Prosperity Plan. To set the example for those who join your organization. When you get others started in the business, they will likely ask, What products do you get with your monthly Autoship, or what do you recommend? If you do not enroll in the program, you cannot expect others to enroll. As you look at the power of geometric growth and consider everyone having at least 100 CV or more, you will see the clear advantages of making sure that you lead by example. What size order do you want duplicated in your organization? Your Autoship can be changed or modified as often as you like. You decide the date that your order will be shipped. 8. 8 3. Become familiar with and acquire your business building tools: audios, videos and documents (Online and Offline). Review available presentation and training tools and upcoming BellaVita events. o CDs and DVDs (for prospecting, Grand Openings & training) o Business cards, personal stickers for tools & product samples. o Websites: _________________________________________________ o Weekly evening trainings: _____________________________________ o Live Conference Calls: ________________________________________ o Phone numbers for 24/7 overview calls: ___________________________ o Local BellaVita Events: _____________________________________ o Online presentations/trainings:_________________________________ o Product training web conferences: ______________________________ o BellaVita Regional events: ___________________________________ o BellaVita Annual Convention:_________________________________ Additional tools: Visit and go to the Events tab for company-wide events. After you enroll as a BellaVita Member, you can log in to the backoffice of your personal replicated website with your username and password to access your business center. Your replicated website is a powerful tool packed with information and training resources that make it easy and convenient for you to leverage the best of what the Internet can offer you as a business builder with BellaVita. You can set up your website to help you in establishing and growing your business. Your potential customers and potential business partners can go to your site to learn more about the BellaVita business and products. They can also enroll in your business as a Member or as a Customer directly from your web site. 9. 9 4. Schedule a New Member Orientation with your Sponsor in the first 48 hours. Approximately an hour will be needed to review the Getting Started Correctly checklist. Schedule your Grand Opening to occur in your first 5- 10 days. Set a time within the next 48 hours to meet (either in person or on the telephone) with your Sponsor to map out a plan to accomplish your goals. Putting together your 30-day business plan with your Sponsor is essential because it will clearly outline what you will do each day as you start building your business. Having the will to win is not enough; you must have a plan to win. If you can, sit down face-to-face with your Sponsor and put together a 30-day plan that you are committed to follow as you begin building your business. After your first 30 days, you will want to refine your plan for the next 30 days, and so on. The key to making your plan work is to be doing something every day that will take you closer to the accomplishment of your goals. The following points should be discussed with your Sponsor when putting together your 30-day plan: Schedule your Grand Opening. What is your plan to introduce the products and business to your potential customers and potential business partners? Will you lead with the products, the business, or both? (Review this entire training system for some options.) Are you willing to commit to starting with a Major Blast (contacting the top 50 to 100+ people that youd like to share BellaVita with during your first 7 to10 days) and then making at least 2 or more contacts a day for the first 30 days? If so, set your goals and track your results. Set up a schedule to talk often with your Sponsor or upline mentor for the first couple of weeks. As you get started, it is very important that your questions are being answered, that your plan is working, and that you are having positive results. Through these regular conversations, your Sponsor can help you stay on track. Discuss what you would like your Sponsor to do if you should get off track. Leaders on your team are willing to help you, but you need to initiate the calls. Find out when your team holds their weekly events (online or in person). 10. 10 5. Go through your database of contacts and begin identifying those with whom you will share the BellaVita products and business. Launch your business with a Major Blast ASAP. As you prepare to get started, think of everyone you know. Whose life do you want to impact in a positive way with our products and our business? Those new to our profession often ask, Do I have to talk to all my family and friends? Response: Well, if you truly believe you have life changing products and a business that could impact their life in a positive way, why in the world would you not want to share this with those you care about most? Do not think about who would be interested and who would not; give everyone the opportunity to learn about BellaVita. Take some quiet time and be creative. Imagine you are being paid $1,000 for every person you list. Some people in network marketing say making a list is Old School. Really?! When you hear this, someone is generally trying to sell you leads or some automated online system thats going to do all the work for you. Dont fall for the hype. Embrace technology, but dont buy into the easy, well do all the work for you hype. As you think of new names and meet new people, continue to add them to your database. Begin collecting the E-mail address and phone number of people you meet on a regular basis. Your database should be living and growing constantly. You can start your business fast or slow. A slow start can be frustrating and discouraging. A fast start is the best start. Visualize the launch of a rocket ship. More energy (fuel) is spent in the first few minutes of lift-off, in the first few miles of travel than will be used orbiting millions of miles in space. If you want a fast start in your BellaVita business, participate in what we call a Major Blast. This is where you share the BellaVita story with 50 to 100+ people as quickly as possible. (Well explain the best ways to do this in Step 2). 6. Understand the importance of using 3-way calling on your phone and the use of online conferencing (Skype, Google Hangouts, and others). Complete the Upline information sheet. Three-way calling is a critical tool for new Members. Introduce those who have reviewed BellaVita to another Team Leader. This allows you to get help from someone with experience in overcoming objections, answering questions and getting people started in the business. 11. 11 Skype, Google Hangouts and other internet products are free or inexpensive tools for conferencing long distance or internationally. A basic headset with microphone may be needed if you dont have a built in microphone and speakers on your computer. This is a very simple business. Not easy, but simple. (Most things in life that are worthwhile are not easy.) However, if you master the correct actions, you can be very successful. Best of all, you have many business partners you can request assistance from as you build your business. Your Sponsor, his/her Sponsor and others have a vested interest in your success, as does the company. UPLINE INFORMATION SHEET Your upline leadership team can play a key role in your early success if you know who they are, how they can help you, and you make it known to them that you are serious about your success. Whether you are working the business part-time or full-time, make it clear what you want to accomplish with BellaVita. List a few of your BellaVita business partners and their contact information here for future reference: 1. Name: ___________________ Phone: ____________________ Email: _____________________ Background: ___________________________________________________________ 2. Name: ___________________ Phone: _____________________ Email: ____________________ Background: ___________________________________________________________ 3. Name: ___________________ Phone: _____________________ Email: _____________________ Background: ___________________________________________________________ Others: _______________________________________________________________ 12. 12 7. Get plugged in! Communication and current information are critical in this business. Like (team page) and (corporate page) for the most current updates. Subscribe to regular email updates from your team and corporate. Also Like the BellaVita Official Fan Page on Facebook ( ) and your team page ( ) for new videos, events, training, announcements and more. Find out when your team holds their weekly events (Online and Offline). 8. Put your goals in writing. (Goal setting worksheet included.) Deliver a copy of these goals to your sponsor and team leaders. Get to Supervisor ASAP! Before embarking on your new business venture, we encourage you to take the time to put your goals in writing. It has been proven through countless studies that if you have written down clearly defined goals you are more likely to reach them than if they are just in your head. This step is also important so that your Sponsor and other leaders will clearly understand your goals. If they understand your goals, they will be more successful in guiding you on the right path. Begin with the end in mind. Take time now to complete the Goal Setting Worksheet in this training. 9. Participate in Daily Personal Development. (Read the recommended Book of the Month). Make an unconditional commitment to succeed. Do the right thing at all times. Determine now that you will take time daily to devote towards Personal Development. This can be reading or listening to audio programs/books. This could be the single most important activity you do each day that will bring you closer to your goals in all areas of your life: physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional. The Leadership team will recommend one book each month to read that will help you in becoming a better BellaVita leader and a better person in other areas of your life. Be sure to read the Book of the Month each month along with others you choose. 13. 13 As you begin building your BellaVita business, you need to determine what level of commitment you are going to make to your business. Like most things in life, the level of commitment you make to whatever you do will determine your success and enjoyment. As you look back on some of your greatest accomplishments, you will likely see that in each activity or project you were committed to what you were doing. Realize that the first six months are a learning experience and that this is a two to four year plan. There are no roads to success free from challenges and obstacles. Your road to success in starting your new BellaVita business will be no different. Those who succeed are simply those people who are the most committed to succeeding and who do not quit when they encounter unexpected obstacles. Make the commitment today that you will do whatever it takes to succeed. It is also important to set aside the appropriate amount of time each day, which is consistent with your goals, in order to commit to building your business. (Refer to the Goal Setting Worksheet in this booklet). Evaluate your daily activities and set aside blocks of time that you will devote to building your business. This could be 15 minutes or several hours each day. Please understand that working your business 12 hours in one day is not the same as working 2 hours, 6 days a week. That would be similar to feasting one day a week and fasting the rest. Or exercising at the gym for 4 to 6 hours on a Saturday, and not returning until next Saturday. You cannot treat this business as a hobby; if you do, it will cost you money as most hobbies do. Treat it like a business whether you are working your business part-time or full-time. Write the following phrase down and display it in a prominent place: For a few years, I will set aside the time that most people wont, so that I can live the rest of my life like most people cant. Prepare for the Dream Stealers. These are the people who try to tell you the reasons why you will not succeed at this business, instead of the reasons you can succeed with BellaVita, as many others have. Unfortunately, these people are sometimes the ones that we love and respect the most, maybe even a spouse or family member. Do not let someone who does not have all the facts about BellaVita discourage you from achieving your goals. Dream Stealers tend to come in two categories: they have either never actually participated in the Network Marketing profession themselves (thus have adopted someone else's opinion as their own, or simply guessed at their conclusions), or they have participated and failed. 14. 14 Prepare now what you will say when you encounter these negative individuals. Here is an example of what you could say when someone is negative, Thanks for your concern about me. All I ask is that you look at the facts as I did, so you too can make an educated decision. I have used these products and they work. The products are not on trial. I may be new to this company/profession (select one that applies to you personally), but I am working with many others who are successful and have thriving businesses. Network marketing is not on trial, it works when done correctly. As I thought of people that I would enjoy working with and having on our leadership team - I thought of you. If the time is not right for you, I can respect that. I just didnt want you coming back to me a year or two from now saying, Why in the world didnt you tell me about BellaVita when you first started! This needs to be said with posture and excitement. When your potential business partners sense you are committed to this business, they will be more inclined to join your team. If your organization senses you are committed, it will strengthen their commitment and increase their respect for you. One of the greatest keys to success as an entrepreneur is having the discipline to do the things you know you should do, every day, even when you dont feel like doing it! 10. Check with your upline Presidential leaders to see if there are any other items they recommend you add to your checklist. The first step of the Business Building System is referred to as Step 1 Getting Started Correctly. The remaining steps in the System of Duplication are available in the second half of this manual. After you have completed the first half (Step 1) of the 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS, be sure to familiarize yourself with the entire system in detail. The acronym for S.Y.S.T.E.M.: Save YourSelf Time, Energy & Money. Follow this system and you will do just that! As in every successful business, BellaVita has a tried and proven system. Make a commitment to learn from those who have had previous success with our company or profession. One of the most important keys to building a large and successful network marketing business is to keep what you do SIMPLE. This system is comprised of revenue generating activities. Be sure that you are spending the majority of your time with these activities. 15. 15 GOAL SETTING WORKSHEET Take a few minutes to write down your goals. Do it now and you will feel great when you are done! Be sure to share these goals with your Sponsor/team leaders so they can assist you in accomplishing these goals. (If you have some personal goals that you would like to keep private, write them down on a separate sheet.) 1. List your top three goals for the next 24 to 72 hours. (Suggestions: Complete the New Member Orientation and complete first Major Blast, enroll one or more people.) _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 2. List your top three goals youd like to accomplish in the next 7 to 10 days. (Suggestion: Have your Grand Opening, reach the rank of Supervisor or higher.) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 3. List your top three short-term goals for the first 30 to 90 days. (Suggestions: Attend the next local/regional/national event, qualify for monthly bonuses and reach the rank of Manager or higher.) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 4. List your top three mid-term goals: 3 months to 1 year. (Suggestion: attend National Convention.) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 5. List your top three long-term goals (1 to 5 years). ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 6. List the top three reasons for building a BellaVita business. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 7. List the top three things that will improve in your life when you are successful in building your business with BellaVita. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 16. 16 8. List the top three things you will do to improve your health. ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 9. When do you want to reach the following levels in the BellaVita Prosperity Plan? Supervisor ____________________________________ Manager ____________________________________ Director ____________________________________ Executive ____________________________________ Presidential ____________________________________ Elite Presidential ____________________________________ 10. What hours will you set aside each day to build your BellaVita business? Monday _______ to _______ Total: ________ Tuesday _______ to _______ ________ Wednesday _______ to _______ ________ Thursday _______ to _______ ________ Friday _______ to _______ ________ Saturday _______ to _______ ________ Sunday _______ to _______ ________ Weekly Total: ________ My Commitment to myself: I understand that success does not come easily. I realize that one of the greatest keys to my success will be doing the things I know I should do every day, even when I dont feel like doing them. By signing this BellaVita goal and commitment sheet, I agree to do all that is required of me to be successful in accomplishing my goals listed on this sheet with NO EXCUSES. Signature______________________________Date_______________________ BellaVita LIFESTYLE = WE WORK HARD & WE PLAY HARD. 17. 17 WHO DO I KNOW? ____________________________________________________________ Locally? Nationally? Internationally? Some Stimulating Ideas! Who Who is / are our Relatives Who sold us our. ..currently takes supplements ..has a lot of credibility successful on our holiday card list I/we write checks to on our wedding list in the medical profession ..would I/we like to help I work with ..does my spouse work with ..have we done business with ..attends our church ..writes us letters ..plays games with us ..cleans our carpet from my old job from school/college from civic activities our favorite waiter/waitress from the health club from the lodge/club from the P.T.A. from the childrens sport program ..would we like to do business with ..owes me/us money in sales ..needs to make money ..complains about his/her job from the old neighborhood ..are parents of our childrens friends our favorite grocery checker ..travels a lot domestically/intl ..has approached us about ..friends ..neighbors agent ..childrens teachers ..massage therapist ..chiropractor ..clergy ..personal trainer ..painter ..mover ..night-school instructor ..babysitters parents ..pharmacist ..veterinarian ..optometrist ..dry cleaner ..photographer stylist ..handyman ..banker agent ..exterminator person ..UPS/FedEx driver ..the restaurant owner parents sister/brothers sister/brother-in-law nieces/nephews cousins aunts/uncles grandparents grandchildren stepchildren stepparents step grandparents stepbrother/sister former spouse former in-laws computer equipment diet plan vitamins appliance bicycles boat carpet cars and trucks clothes/shoes furniture lawn equipment maintenance lease office supplies printing supplies recent purchases Tupperware Note: Go through the Yellow Pages for more stimulating ideas! 18. 18 WHO DO I KNOW? Go through your database of contacts. Do not prejudge. Whose life am I going to impact in a positive way first? # Name Phone # Email address Comments/Relationship 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Dont stop here! You know a lot more people than this. 19. 19 INTRODUCE THE BELLAVITA PRODUCTS AND BUSINESS After completing Step 1, Getting Started Correctly, your next step is to start introducing the BellaVita products and business to others. It is important to understand as we begin this section that introducing people to our products and our business is a sifting process. Share BellaVita with everyone you know, then meet and spend time with those who are open to learning more. Even though it may be obvious to us that everyone should be using our products, many people are unwilling to put forth an effort to improve their health. The fact is many people are in denial and think the health challenges that affect millions will never affect them. Others simply dont care. Your goal is to find those who have the desire to improve their health. These people are one of your target groups. The other target group includes those people who have a desire for a secondary or leveraged income, those who want a home-based business, or those who are dissatisfied with their current situation in some way. Studies show that over 80 percent of the working population is dissatisfied with one or more areas of their career. As we look at the long list of benefits of the BellaVita business, we could ask ourselves why wouldnt everyone want to start a business with BellaVita? It is amazing to think that if there were a way for people to enjoy a better quality of life, why wouldnt everyone do it? Unfortunately, many wont. One of the keys to the success of enrolling others is to understand that not everyone will be interested in what we have to offer, and we should not waste our time with those people who do not have an interest. We need to focus our time on the people who do have an interest. Simply put, you are looking for the right people at the right time in their lives that are open to learning about the BellaVita business and/or products. We are looking for those who are looking. In this Step 2, you will learn about the best people to introduce to the products and the business, how to do it, and tips for effective communication. Also included are sample scripts for your review. STEP 2 20. 20 TO WHOM SHOULD I PRESENT THE BELLAVITA PRODUCTS AND BUSINESS? Lets start the introduction process by taking a look at the best people for you to contact. We can divide them into four categories. 1. Your FAR (Friends, Acquaintances, and Relatives), also known as your Warm market These are the people with whom you have some degree of relationship. In prospecting, your highest percentage of success will come from introducing the products and business to people you know. At the end of Step 1 - Getting Started Correctly is a section titled Who do I know? Continue adding to the list until you have at least 200 people you know listed. Take some quiet time and be creative. If you have not done so yet, stop everything and DO IT NOW! 2. Referrals from your contacts. People who have been referred to you by your contacts are excellent people to talk to. Set a goal to get at least two referrals from each person who declines to participate in the business. You will have your best results gaining referrals by asking specific questions such as Could you do me a favor? (Yes.) Who do you know who are self-starters that tend to be successful at what they do? Who do you know that has been affected by the recent changes in the economy? Who do you know that would have an interest in a home-based business? Who do you know that may be looking for other career opportunities? Who do you know that may have a need to make some extra money? Who do you know that seems to consistently excel at what they do? Who do you know that has concerns about their weight, health or energy levels? Who do you know that may be interested in the material you have reviewed? 21. 21 3. People you meet on a daily basis Each day we meet new people either over the phone or in person. These individuals are great potential customers and business partners. As you have conversations with these people, ask questions and listen carefully. What do you do for a living? How long have you been doing that? Is this what you want to do the rest of your career? How did you get involved in that kind of work? Hows it going for you? Do you enjoy what you do? Do you ever consider doing anything else? or any other question that might enable you to open the door and introduce BellaVita to them. With some people you meet, you may be better off asking for a business card and then calling them the next day. 4. Your peers. The next best group of potential Customers and potential Members are those people with whom you have something in common, such as your graduation class, people in your line of work, people who attend your church, or members of your club or organization, and the list goes on. Think now about those groups of people with whom you have something in common. Write the names of the groups below. 1.___________________________ 4._________________________ 2.___________________________ 5._________________________ 3.___________________________ 6._________________________ Other Ideas: 22. 22 HOW SHOULD I INTRODUCE THE BELLAVITA PRODUCTS AND BUSINESS? 1. Audio or Video presentation (Online or Offline). We have several of these tools to choose from. These tools have proven to be among the most productive, inexpensive, and non-threatening ways to introduce our products and business to others. These tools do the presenting for you and allow you to leverage your time. They will help you sift and identify those who have an interest in our products and business. Get a firm commitment that your contacts will review the information, preferably within 12 to 24 hours of receipt. 2. The Small or Large Group Presentation. You can have potential Customers and potential Members come to your home, an office or other public location and give your presentation to them all at once. It is recommended to use a company video, presentation DVD, PowerPoint or Whiteboard. 3. One-on-One Presentation. This is when you meet privately with your contacts to discuss BellaVita. Generally this should only be done if the contact has reviewed a BellaVita tool and has expressed interest in learning more. When meeting privately with a potential Customer or Member, it is much easier to customize your presentation to meet his or her needs and desires. When you are preparing to meet, dont worry about trying to give a detailed, canned presentation. Instead, just be you. Give an overview of the BellaVita products and business with a tool and talk about the points that impress them the most. 4. The Two-on-One Presentation. This is when you and another BellaVita Member get together to introduce BellaVita to one of your contacts. The advantage of the Two-on-One presentation over the One-on-One Presentation is if you are new to the business, you can learn how to give a live personal presentation from someone else who has experience doing it. This can be done in person, over the phone or online. Once you learn how to present and you feel confident in your ability, you can begin assisting those that you have brought into the business. How many times is the BellaVita story going to be told, by YOU, by a TOOL (CD, DVD, Online presentation, website, conference call, etc.) or by an EVENT? The answer to this question will determine the level of success you achieve with BellaVita. 23. 23 Which of these methods (you, a tool, or an event) should you use? All of these methods are very effective ways to introduce the BellaVita products and business to those you know. If you are like most BellaVita Members, you probably have contacts to which you should give a live presentation and others you should use one of the other methods. Regardless of the method you use, it is important that you start introducing the BellaVita business and products as soon as possible. With todays technology, all three of these methods can be done live or online, with the emphasis on live whenever possible. The more people you introduce to the BellaVita products and the BellaVita business, the more people you will enroll and the more products you will sell. HOW TO APPROACH PEOPLE In this section, we will thoroughly cover the topic of how to ask a person to review BellaVita. Of all the information contained within this training program, this section is one of the most important for you to learn. The reason is simple: If you are unsuccessful in getting people to review the BellaVita products and business, you will also be unsuccessful in building your business. The bottom line is this; much of your success will result from approaching people correctly. Whether you plan to introduce BellaVita by using a tool or by using one of the other methods, your objectives are the same when approaching people. Your four objectives are as follows: 1. To focus on listening to EVERY word your contact says. 2. To arouse interest and curiosity so your contacts will want to review BellaVita. 3. To create urgency so your contacts will want to review BellaVita as soon as possible. 4. To gain a commitment from your contacts that they will review the introduction tool, preferably a brief video overview, website or audio recording. Identify a candidate. If this is a potential customer and potential business partner you want to introduce to BellaVita by personal presentation, then you will want to call or email your contact and arouse interest and curiosity, create urgency, and get a commitment to review a tool or attend an event as soon as possible. After gaining this commitment, your goal is either to set a firm time to follow up by phone or to set a firm time to meet together in person to determine whether your contact is open to learning more. 24. 24 Each of the following approaches was written to be used over the phone or in person; however, you can easily modify them to be used when inviting someone by E- mail or by sending a Text. You can also customize your own by combining different parts of the following approaches. And ask yourself, How would you like to be approached - in a manipulative manner or in an openly direct and honest approach? The answer is obvious. Introduction Calls/Texts. When you call people to invite them to learn about our products and business, you have the option of having them review a presentation tool or to meet in person. The purpose of the call is to give your contacts a professional synopsis of our business. DIRECT APPROACH: Have you ever participated in the Network Marketing profession? Have you ever wished you could participate with a company before everyone else has heard about it; one you knew was financially stable? Well now is your chance! Hello Karen! Its been a long time since we last talked, so Im calling for two reasons: first, Id love to get caught up on a personal level and see what youve been up to since we last talked, and second, I have a business matter Id like to discuss as well. (This way theres no sneaky approach or perceived deception taking place. Straightforward and to the point. ) Kristi, just between you and me, have you ever thought about diversifying your income or doing something else? After a positive response, ask, Do you have a few minutes? (Yes.) I have been looking for ways to create additional sources of income and recently started a business venture that is being offered by a new company called BellaVita. Would you be open to reviewing a brief online video to see if this would be a fit for you? If you are open to learning more based on what you see and hear, we can meet to discuss this further. Is that okay with you? When you mentioned _________ (some frustration such as, youre tired of your job, burned out at work, been working with your company too long, etc.) were you serious or just kidding around? I may have a solution for you. Im helping launch a new business venture and as I thought of people Id enjoy working with, you were one of the first. Do you plan on doing what youre doing now for the rest of your career? "Do you know anyone who would like to earn an extra $500 to $1,000 a month?" 25. 25 If they are open to reviewing more information, schedule a time to meet in person after theyve seen a presentation. If distance is an issue, schedule a three-way call with one of your upline team Leaders or company executives. At the conclusion of the call, ask, Does this sound like something you would be open to learning more about? If not, ask who he/she would recommend that you talk to about this business. If yes, say, Great! Here is our next step Listed below are some additional sample telephone scripts you could use when asking someone to review the BellaVita products and business. 1. Toni, as you know, Ive been successful in my (title of your career) career. Several months ago I made the decision to diversify and start my own business. Over the past few months, Ive reviewed quite a few businesses. Recently I made the decision to start my own business with BellaVita, a leading nutritional & wellness company. While I dont know if what we are doing would be of interest to you, I have a lot of respect for you and I would like to get your thoughts. We are currently establishing our leadership team and as I thought of people Id enjoy working with, I thought of you. Proceed with your selected approach. 2. Brooke, Im working with a new company called BellaVita. They offer some of the most scientifically advanced products available in the health care market, which as you know, is a rapidly growing market. I dont know if this is something you would have any interest in, but I would like for you to take a look at it and let me know your thoughts. I will direct you to an online presentation and then follow up with you to get your feedback on what we are doing. Would that be okay for you? 3. Brad, Ive recently started my own business with BellaVita, a rapidly growing nutritional company with several unique global products. They are offering people the opportunity to start their own business with virtually no risk. Id like to show you what we are doing. Could we get together sometime over the next couple of days for breakfast or lunch? Whether you use these approaches or create your own, try to keep the call short. Create interest and get a commitment either to get together or to talk again. If the potential customer and potential business partner is long distance, use one of the online presentations. Making phone calls to invite others to learn about our products/business is one of the most productive uses of your time as you begin building your business. Push yourself each day to make these important calls first. One of the greatest ways to have success in this business is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, every day, even when you dont feel like doing it. When you start making these calls, get on a roll and dont stop until you have accomplished your goal for the day. 26. 26 Tips to consider when making these calls or sending texts. Before: -Keep the area around your telephone clean and free of clutter. -Have all your names and phone numbers in front of you. -Decide how many people you will call before you start. During: -Smile; it affects your voice. -Be sure that you come across confident, with controlled enthusiasm. -Be professional and friendly. -Keep the calls short and to the point. . -Stress urgency to review the business, but never beg. -Confirm a definite time to get together and talk again. -If your contact is not open to learning more, always ask for referrals. After: -Keep good records of exactly what responses you get from each call. -Analyze each no that you get to see how you can improve your approach. -If you get three nos in a row, call a leader on your team before proceeding. Handling Questions. Some people will be curious about BellaVita and, therefore, ask you a question. This is a sign that you have succeeded in your goal of creating curiosity. It is important that you expect questions and be prepared to handle each question with confidence. The objective is not to create resistance, but to present logical and reasonable responses to their questions. Remember that your goal is to get a firm commitment from your contact, either to review the information you are giving them or to meet with you. Here are the best responses to most curiosity-driven questions: Tim, I recognize you are going to have a number of questions. Rather than trying to explain everything over the phone, Grab A Pen (G.A.P. approach) and write down this website. If you like what you hear/see, lets talk! Then we can cover any remaining questions you have. Fair enough? Sally, I recognize you are going to have a number of questions. Let me go ahead, if you dont mind, and send you some information to provide details of what we are doing. Then we can review any questions you still have. Would that be OK? If I, Would You? If I give you a link to a website with a short video, would you watch it? If I give you a CD, would you listen to it? If I invited you to a special invitation only webinar, would you attend? If I give you a DVD, would you watch it? 27. 27 Get a firm commitment. When setting up a One-on-One, Two-on-One, or a Group Presentation, it is vital that you get a firm commitment on the following points: Location. Always try to meet at a quiet restaurant, your office, your home, their home (you need to be able to avoid/control distractions) or some other neutral location. Avoid meeting at the other persons home or office if possible, because of possible interruptions and distractions out of your control. Time. Off-times generally command respect and gain attention; e.g., 10:15 a.m. Day and Date. e.g., Thursday, June 11th Spouse. Whenever possible, it is best to have their spouse present if your contact is married. Spouses must understand the business and be supportive. If the spouse is not present at the presentation, the natural tendency is for the spouse to belittle the others dream. That your contact will be there! Ask: Bill is there anything that could come up that would prevent you from coming? That your contact will call if there is a conflict with the appointment. Sandi, I would really appreciate the courtesy, as you would, that if something becomes a conflict with this time slot you would give me a call and let me know at least 24 hours in advance. Could you please do that for me? Make sure she has your phone number on her calendar with the time-slot marked. When someone says, I will try to be there, I will do my best to be there, or If I dont have an appointment I will be there, understand the person is saying NO. You must push to get a firm commitment or you will waste your valuable time. Call to confirm appointment When selecting the personal presentation as your method of presenting BellaVita, it is best to confirm your appointment either the night before, or the day of the presentation. As an example: Jenny, I just wanted to call and let you know I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon. I have it marked down that we will be meeting at 12:45pm at Dennys on Main Street. Is that what you have? Remember: always get a firm commitment! 28. 28 Using E-Mail & Text to Introduce (Please refer to the Unsolicited Email section of the BellaVita Policies & Procedures) This section will show you how to use e-mail to invite others to view an online presentation or live event. Direct Approach The easiest and most effective way for you to direct people to your website and an online tool is to send them a brief e-mail with a link to your site along with your contact information. This e-mail should contain or do the following: Arouse interest and curiosity. Create urgency (sound enthusiastic). Give no more information than necessary (keep it short!). Website link to the online presentation. Give specific directions as to what to do on the site. Indirect Approach Another way to introduce the products and the business to your warm market is the indirect manner, through the use of a signature file. Signature files are several lines of text that you set up as a footer that your e-mail program adds to every message you send. This is a great way to subtly promote your business. Sample E-Mail Scripts for your Warm Market As you create your own e-mail scripts to send to your warm market, remember these simple guidelines to improve your results: Be personable and show sincere interest in someone you know. You can do this by opening and closing with personal comments. Always use the persons first name. Create interest and curiosity. Communicate in your natural voice. Be sensitive to your tone and vocabulary. You dont want to come across pushy. Be genuine, caring and complimentary. Dont allow your e-mail to become too long. A long message is usually set-aside until later, but later rarely comes. Be brief and to the point. 29. 29 Script 1: Dear Jerry, I have something I'd like to share with you that may benefit you or someone you care about. If I send you a link to a 2-minute video, will you watch it? -Thomas Script 2: Dear Kim, Hope all is going well with you and the kids. Life is certainly hectic here. In fact, that is why Im sending you this e-mail. I have just stumbled onto a home-based business that allows me to work part-time and still be there for Darren and the kids. Take a minute and visit my new website. Just click here: I cant wait to get your thoughts. -Sue Script 3: Herb, I hope you and your family are all doing well. We have been very busy with all the kids activities. Ty will be playing his first year of baseball so it will be interesting to see how that goes. Give me an update and let me know how you guys are doing. We think about you often and value your friendship. I have been researching ways to make extra income that would be fun and yet not interfere with what Im already doing. After all my research, I made the decision to start my own business, and Im really excited about it. When you have a chance, check out my website and let me know what you think. I value your insight and feedback. You can get to my site by just clicking on the link below. Tell Diane I said hi. I hope we can get together and get caught up on things. Perhaps we can meet for lunch or dinner sometime soon. Take care, Chris To go to my website, just click here Its filled with great information. My e-mail address is [email protected] and my phone number is (987) 123- 1234 30. 30 E-Mail & Text Communication Tips E-mail will be one of your most useful tools for developing and running your own business. Here are some tips for using it effectively: Identify Yourself Select a strong e-mail address that clearly identifies you and is easy for others to remember. This may be your name or keywords that describe your business. For example, [email protected], or even [email protected] (if your name is not available) are both preferable to [email protected] or [email protected], which do not clearly identify the sender. Make it Personal Give each message a personal touch by beginning with the recipients name and closing with your name. Within the message, use a natural, honest voice and make the note personal. Make a Good Impression Enhance the professionalism of your messages by using spell check. Always proof read each message; you will generally catch minor mistakes that can leave a bad impression on the reader. Rarely do we write exactly what we are thinking and thoughts dont always communicate in writing the way they were originally intended. Proof read! Add Personality Carefully When you talk live with someone, the person can derive special meanings from your inflection or body language. Remember that you dont have those aids in typewritten form, so spell out exactly what you mean in order to avoid confusion. Stay Out of the Later File Keep your messages concise, to the point, and break the text into paragraphs leaving blank lines between each paragraph to make your messages easier on the readers eyes. If your message is too lengthy, the recipient is likely to save it with the intention of reading it later. Unfortunately, later rarely comes; as a result, many long messages go unread. Use Strong Subject Lines to Get Your Messages Read Make your messages stand out in someones mailbox by entering a strong subject line. Enter a brief and powerful subject to capture interest. Even a simple, Hello Jim! can be effective with someone you know that will recognize your email address. E-Mail Scripts The actual words you use to attract potential customers and potential business partners are critical. If you approach others with the language that has been taught in our profession for the last 30 years, you are probably using language that is overused and over-hyped. Your contacts will consciously or subconsciously discount and reject what is being said. In their minds, they have heard it all before. 31. 31 FINAL PROSPECTING TIPS Here are some tips on what NOT to say and some replacement language that will make you and your offer come across as interesting, attractive, and genuine. 1. OPPORTUNITY This is probably the most overused word in network marketing. This is especially true when used as a business opportunity. Try to avoid saying opportunity again. Instead, try these words: venture, project, proposal, enterprise, and proposition. If you would like to add the word business to it, do so. Business venture, business enterprise, business project would all be acceptable. 2. MEETING Most people do not enjoy going to meetings. When you invite people to a meeting, they immediately put up their guard. They think it is going to be a sales pitch. Instead, use replacement language like this: BellaVita Event, business & product overview, company overview, training, business & product training, or a wellness seminar. 3. A FEW KEY PEOPLE How many times have you heard this one, Im looking for a few key people? It has been used so often that most people just tune it out. Try any of these: qualified candidate, business partner, someone that can meet the requirements, a business associate or marketing partner. 4. IM INVOLVED WITH Again, this is overused language that triggers negative images of network marketing in the mind of your contact. Instead, you might say: I have recently teamed up with; something has been brought to my attention, grabbed my attention, or crossed my desk. 5. AWESOME! FANTASTIC! EXCITED! CHANGED MY LIFE! This is hyped, pushy, aggressive overselling. When you say something is fantastic, remember, thats your opinion, not theirs. Let your prospects decide for themselves. Better language might include: Interesting, attractive, great potential, meaningful to me, intriguing. 6. GET RICH When you tell people that you are involved in a fantastic business opportunity and they could get rich with it, you can almost see the blood drain from their faces. It sounds so phony; they cant wait to get rid of you. It sounds more believable to use one of these phrases: An additional income stream, a substantial part-time income, a leveraged income, get paid what youre worth. 32. 32 7. YOURE PERFECT FOR THIS; YOU WILL LOVE THIS This type of assumptive language is an insult to most intelligent people. It makes your contacts feel they are being manipulated. Even if they are perfect for network marketing, these are not the words to use to get their attention. The following phrases may get their attention: This may or may not be for you; or you may already have the skills for this; or this may be something you could fit into your schedule. 8. WHAT ID LIKE TO DO Others generally do not care what you would like to do; they want to do what they would like to do. Give them that power by saying it this way: With your permission may I make a suggestion if its okay with you 9. INTERESTED Instead of asking if they are interested, try Would you be open to learning more How could they be interested? They do not know what you are about to present to them! 10. PROSPECT Try referring to your prospects as a potential customer, a potential Member or a contact instead of a prospect. Do you like being referred to as someones prospect? Not likely. Lets look at some examples of outdated, overused language versus a fresh, new way. Old Language: Im involved with a fantastic business opportunity that has changed my life. Im expanding the business and looking for a few key people who want to get rich. Youd be perfect for this and Id like to invite you to a meeting to meet some awesome people. NEW Language of Professional Network Marketing: Im working on an interesting business project and am looking to partner with an associate who can meet some specific business requirements. This may or may not be something that you would be interested in. My question is would you be open to looking at an attractive business venture outside of what you are doing now? 33. 33 FOLLOW UP AND DETERMINE INTEREST (The fortune is in the Follow Up!) After you introduce the BellaVita products and business, your next step is to follow up and determine whether your contact is open to learning more. The way to determine a contacts interest will be based on the method you have selected to introduce BellaVita. As an example, if you have selected to introduce the business with an online presentation, then in most cases you would be following up by phone, e-mail, or in person to determine interest. If you introduced the business to someone by way of a live presentation, then you would determine his or her interest at the conclusion of the presentation. Lets look at what to do in both cases. We will begin with how to determine interest when introducing the business using one of the tools available. The best time to follow up with someone is immediately after they have reviewed the information. Generally, their interest is at its peak at this time. The more time that passes from the time they have reviewed the information and the time you follow up, the more your potential customer and potential business partners interest will decline. Timely follow up is very important. We have found it best to give our contacts one or two days to review the information before following up. The goal of the follow up call is to make an appointment to meet with each interested individual as soon as possible and to avoid lengthy phone conversations. The more you tell them on the follow up call, the less likely they will be to meet with you because they will feel that they have already learned all they need to know. Keep your follow up call short, determine interest, handle questions briefly, and set an appointment to get together. If your contact is not local, then you will naturally need to cover the details over the phone. STEP 3 34. 34 Suggested Telephone Follow up Sequence 1. Make the follow up call After small talk, ask, (name), did you receive the information I emailed you? (Yes) Have you had a chance to review it? 2. If their answer is yes, your goal is to schedule an appointment. Ask, (name), based on the information you have, does this sound like something you would be open to learning about? If the response is yes, schedule a time to meet. Ask, (name), whats your schedule like over the next couple of days? We could get together and discuss this in more detail. Set an appointment. 3. If they have yet to review the information when you follow-up, your goal is to get a commitment to review the information as soon as possible. How soon can you watch the online video? Its only ___ minutes long and Id like to get your thoughts. If your contact is long distance and has an interest, then you would want to find out what else they would need to know prior to getting started. Then you would provide additional information for them to review and schedule a follow up three- way call with a member of your team. The first time you follow up, some people will not have reviewed the information, so you need to be prepared for that response and know what you are going to do. Either schedule another time to follow up in the next hour or schedule a time to get together and encourage him or her to review the information before the appointment. Suggested Follow up Sequence in Person If you introduce BellaVita to others by way of a live presentation, then you would determine their interest at the conclusion of the presentation. When they express interest, answer their questions and then ask them what else they need to know in order to make a decision. Suggested Follow up Sequence for Someone with No Interest When others are not open to learning more about our business or our products, simply thank them for their time and ask if they would like to be kept informed about your progress from time to time. By asking their permission, this leaves the door open for you to touch base with them again. A person who doesnt have an interest today may have an interest later on as their circumstances change. Determine at this time if they know someone who could benefit from being in this business or from using these products. Conclusion Your objective when following up is to build or strengthen your relationship with your potential customers and potential Members and provide information to assist in making a decision. 35. 35 Build Belief After introducing someone to BellaVita, your next step is to follow up and determine their interest in the business/or the products. Some of your contacts will be anxious to use the products and some will be ready to enroll as BellaVita Members without requiring additional information. Others will require more information in order to make a decision. This section will outline some of your options for building someones belief. Lets look at some of your options. (You will notice these methods are the same methods we use to initially introduce others to BellaVita. A combination of two or more is always best.) 1 Share Products Many people become BellaVita Members after using the products. Your goal is to share products with every one that expresses an interest in learning more. 2 A Three-Way Call A great way to build a contacts belief is to set up a three-way call with a member of your team. A three-way call is when you, your contact, and a member of your team participate in a call so that they can help in answering questions and in building your contacts belief. 3 Your personal BellaVita website, You can refer potential customers or potential Members to your BellaVita website to gain additional information and knowledge about our products and company. 4 The One-on-One Session This is when you meet with an interested contact with the goal to (1) strengthen your relationship with your contact and build rapport. (2) Identify why they have an interest in the business-why he or she would consider joining BellaVita. (3) Identify what is important to your potential customer or potential Member and what he or she needs to know about the business in order to make a decision; such as, George, what else do you need to know in order to determine if this is something you want to do? (4) Provide the information that is important to your contact and answer any questions. (5) Get a positive decision to join the business and start using the products. STEP 4 36. 36 5 The Two-on-One Session This is when you and a member of your team meet with a potential customer or potential Member. Your goals are the same as those covered in the One-on-One Sessions. The Two-on-One method should be used if you are new in the BellaVita business because it offers you a great opportunity to learn from someone on your team who is more experienced. 6 Corporate Events Regional and National events are held throughout the year. These events are a great time to hear from our corporate officers and to learn about new products and future plans. Members and guests who attend these events will gain solid leadership skills to develop strong, successful organizations. Always Know Your Next Step One of the most important things to focus on in the process of building belief is to always know your next step. If you follow up with a contact that is open to learning more, your next step is to schedule a time to get together (if local). If you get together with someone in a One-on-One Session and he or she does not make a decision to get started; you must know your next step. At this point you definitely want to send your contact home with some additional information (a CD or DVD they have not yet reviewed, the training system, product information, etc.), but you also want to schedule an appointment to either talk by phone or get together. You can schedule a three-way call. You can invite your contact to participate in the weekly training sessions. You can schedule a Two-on-One session with another team Member. You can set a time to follow up and have a conversation. Whatever you do, schedule the next appointment. Ideally, schedule it for the next day or two. Be specific with all times set (e.g., 7:45 p.m., Thursday), and not general (e.g., sometime Thursday evening). If you set a firm appointment to either talk by phone or in person, then your contact knows the next step, you know the next step, and ideally your contact will have reviewed the information you gave him or her and will be prepared for your next conversation. This process demonstrates to your contacts that you are serious about your business and that you are a professional network marketer. This section has been designed to help you build your contacts belief in our BellaVita product line and enhance their vision of this business. We know that only one thing stands between the contacts on your list and their long-term success in our business, and it is this: Their belief that time spent in anxious pursuit of the BellaVita business, utilizing the strategies and principles taught herein, will cause them to get more than they might get by directing those hours into any other business effort. 37. 37 ASK FOR A POSITIVE DECISION The previous section, Building Belief, outlined the options available to you to build someones belief in our products and business. If you are effective at building someones belief, then getting a positive decision will come almost automatically. Once someone has evaluated our company and products, they fall into one of three categories: No interest at this time, product consumer, or a BellaVita Member/Distributor. 1. No Interest at This Time - There will be those who are not open to learning more at the exact moment you share BellaVita with them. They love what theyre doing in their career, they are satisfied with their familys current health situation and like the wellness products they are currently using. Thats OK! They already were not using our products and they were not in our business. To these individuals we say, Thank you for taking some of your time to learn a little about who we are. If you feel you have been treated in a professional manner, we would appreciate the opportunity to present this same information to those you know who are not quite as happy in their present line of work, maybe they would be open to creating a secondary income stream, or could benefit from our products. *Be sure to ask for referrals, Who do you know questions get better results than, Do you know anyone that might be interested? Examples: Who do you know that could benefit from our wellness products? Who do you know that has expressed an interest in a career change or that would like to diversify? 2. Product Consumer These are the people who want to benefit from our unique health and wellness products. They can enroll in the BellaVita Customer program. Help them set up their Autoship to guarantee they dont run out of product. STEP 5 38. 38 3. Become a BellaVita Member These are the people who want to use the products, build a business and begin earning money as quickly as possible and have the resources to get serious about the business immediately. Here are some questions you can ask to help you identify what a potential customer and potential Member needs to know in order to make a decision. 1. Donna, based on the information you have reviewed to this point, is there anything else you need to know before getting started? 2. Keith, based on the information you have reviewed on BellaVita, what else do you need to know in order to team up with us and get started? 3. John, it appears that you have interest in these products and our business. Would you like me to show you how to get started? 4. Cindy, you obviously came to tonights presentation to learn more about our business. Can I show you the application and explain what it takes to get started? After you get a positive response from your contact, your next step will be to get him or her started correctly. The next section will cover how to get your new BellaVita Member started correctly. Always remember, people want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Youre not closing someone; youre opening or beginning a new business partnership. Always treat others the way youd like to be treated, with respect and dignity. 39. 39 GET YOUR NEW MEMBERS STARTED CORRECTLY Now is the time to be a coach and a leader. Getting your new BellaVita Member started correctly will prove to be one of the most important steps to your success in building your BellaVita business. The two most important things to focus on when enrolling people are to get them started quickly and correctly while they are excited. If you do not get people started correctly, they will likely duplicate the process incorrectly, have poor results, and become frustrated. When you enroll someone, it BEGINS your training cycle. With the help of your sponsor and team leaders, you need to teach and show your people how to complete the following steps in the System of Duplication: Step 1 Get Started Correctly Step 2 Introduce the BellaVita Products and Business Step 3 Follow Up and Determine Interest Step 4 Build Belief Step 5 Ask for a Positive Decision Step 6 Get Your New Members Started Correctly Step 7 Building Towards Events It is imperative to understand the importance of Step 6 and to understand that HOW you get your new Members started becomes the pattern they will follow as they emulate your example to get their people started. When your contacts make a decision to get started, your goal should be to get them started as soon as possible. The more time you allow to pass, the less likely they will be to actually get started. You have two options when enrolling people. First, if you are meeting with them in person, you can help them complete a paper application and set up their account online later that day. Second, if you are together in person, and you have access to the Internet, get online and help them enroll immediately. If you are not able to meet in person, get on the phone and guide them through the online enrollment process. STEP 6 40. 40 BUILDING TOWARDS EVENTS Events are the lifeblood of our business. They are a big part of Step 4 Build Belief in the BellaVita Business Building System. At these events, whether live in-person or live online, you will be exposed to top leaders in the business. You will generally be surrounded by people who are ready to help you and have similar goals and dreams as you do. You may hear stories of people who are like you, or maybe they were even worse off than you were when you first started the business. There is physical interaction from meeting with people in person, and that helps build trust and belief. There is a critical element we call social proof. It is important for your contacts to see that there are other people using the products and participating in the business. They see first hand the support that is involved and they realize that they will not have to do this by themselves. There are many types of events and well mention a few here. Local Business Events Network Marketing is a person-to-person, relationship-building business. Trying to build a successful business without ever meeting with or talking to anyone on your team does not work long-term. Therefore, if you want to build your organization onceand get paid for a lifetime, you must attend local business events. These events can be held in a public place like a restaurant or library, hotel lobby or conference room, an office conference room or any other place recommended by your leadership team. Make sure you know where these events are taking place, and then attend as often as you possibly can. Regional Business Events In addition to the local BellaVita events held in your area, there will be larger regional events on a monthly or quarterly basis. Those interested in building a BellaVita business within a certain region of the country attend these events to learn from top leaders and company executives. Attending these events is a must if you want to save time learning from the best-of-the-best! STEP 7 41. 41 National & International Business Events In many ways, these events are similar to regional events, only bigger and better, and generally offer more product training, along with all the how-to-do-the-business training that can be packed into a weekend event. This is where you really learn about our profession and company. Attending these major events as soon as possible is the single best decision any business-builder can make when it comes to his or her long- term likelihood for success. Remember, the single-most important step you will ever take in building your BellaVita business is simply getting started correctly and plugging in with those who are achieving what you desire in your life. Events are the first step toward leadership in your BellaVita business. Life changing decisions are made at events. People will make and solidify their commitment to building a dynasty in their business at these events. If you are not there, why would you expect your team to go? Some people say, I dont have a team yet, so Ill go once I do have a team. This is a critical mistake to make. The vision you paint for your team about success is one that must include events if you want a growing, thriving team and you want to reach the top. Big growth in your business will always follow events! People who attend leave with inspiration and a passion about achieving what they want. The best way to build towards events is by being the first to get registered, and then make sure your team is reminded continuously about the event. Not everyone who attends these events earns $50,000 per month. However, everyone who is currently earning $50,000 per month attends every event! Once people make the decision to get started, the first thing you should do is congratulate them. Shake hands and welcome them aboard. Next, get them started correctly and see that they have a copy of the BellaVita Business Building System. Locate the checklist, review it and schedule a time to meet in the next 48 hours to put together a plan to help them get off to a fast start. Do not rush through this process, every step is important. Then you will want to duplicate the process by helping them begin building their businesses. Challenge yourself to be the best coach and sponsor you can be. To become successful in any business you must: 1. Learn what to do. 2. Learn how to do it. 3. Do it! 42. 42 Bonus Section: HOW TO SELL PRODUCT As a leader, one of your goals should be to sell as much product as you can each month and set an example for everyone in your business. Keep in mind that many of your satisfied customers will want to become Members so they can make money by sharing these products with others. This is a very important part of building a balanced business. The following are tips on how to sell product/build your business: Three ways to introduce the BellaVita products to potential customers are: 1. By word-of-mouth. 2. Through the use of one of our tools. 3. Invite them to a BellaVita event. (Live or Online) Two ways to sell the products to your customers are: 1. Customers can purchase products directly from you. The best way to sell products to a local customer is to have a small working inventory on hand. This lets you deliver the products directly to your customers. Your first customers may be your contacts who decide to use the products either to acquaint themselves with the products before they do the business, or those who are not open to the business but like the products. By having a small inventory, you can show your customers how to use the products as well as strengthen your relationship with them. By building good relationships with your customers and servicing them, you will increase your reorder rate, you will likely get referrals, and you will have the opportunity to discuss the business with them when the time is right. 2. Customers can purchase directly from your BellaVita website. This is done by sending someone to your website and having them register as a Preferred Customer. Valuable follow-up ideas. If your contacts are placing their orders online with BellaVita, ask them to call you when the products arrive so that you can explain each product and give the proper usage instructions. Have them open the products right then while youre on the phone. You want to be there for them if they have any questions or concerns. If you do not hear from your customers within a reasonable period of time (when they should have received the products), give them a call. The sooner you get your customers using the products, the sooner their health can improve, and the sooner they will need to reorder. 43. 43 It is also wise to follow up with your customers occasionally to see how they are enjoying the products and how their supply is lasting. As in most businesses, those who seek to offer the best possible service to their customers have the highest reorder rate, a higher percentage of referrals, and long-term success. When we serve others as we enjoy being served, our business will grow. Set up a follow up system for servicing your customers; track your system; provide friendly, gracious service and watch your business grow. Note: If you have an interest in learning more about the products offered by BellaVita, we suggest you access detailed information regarding our products from the company website. Do not try to be the expert, let the company do that. We are just the deliverers of information. There are four ways to build a successful business: 1. Increase the number of customers who buy your products. 2. Increase the size of the orders placed by your customers. 3. Increase the frequency of orders placed by your customers. 4. Increase the retention of your customers. Summary If you follow the ideas shared in this section and strive for excellence in providing world-class service as suggested, you can build a large and growing customer base that will enable you to enjoy a residual income as your customers enjoy our products month after month. You will also find that many of these customers will become Team Members and some will begin building their own BellaVita businesses as part of your team. You will then be able to train them how to do what you have done. Over time, your organization will grow and you will benefit from a leveraged income that is no longer based on your day-to-day efforts. Please understand what happens when we attempt to shortcut a natural process in our growth and development. If you are only an average tennis player but decide to play at a higher level in order to make a better impression, what will be the result? Or what if you lead your friends to believe you could play the piano at a concert hall level while your actual present skill is just that of a beginner? The answers are obvious. It is simply impossible to violate, ignore, or shortcut this development process. It is contrary to nature, and attempting to seek such a shortcut only results in disappointment and frustration. Yes, BellaVita is a network marketing company that manufactures and distributes health & wellness products. But always remember that we are also in the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS. Quitters never win, winners never quit! 44. 44 NOTES 45. 45 To download this training document and accompanying audio files, please visit: (Not available yet) www.(BellaVita) Or BellaVita Business Building System Limited Launch Edition 2015 Printed in the United States of America