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  • 1. Cyber-bulling children
    Shelby Vasta

2. What is Cyber-bullying?
When one child targets another child using harmful tactics.
Text messages, games, websites, playground harassment and more!
3. Importance!
It happens EVERYWHERE!
4 out of 5 kids in the middle school have been bullied
Parents informed to help stop it!
4. Background
Two types of Cyber bullying
Direct attack
Cyber bullying by proxy
Kids/teens being tormented
Not always one person.can be back and forth
6. Examples
7 students suspended for posting images
Two classmates make a website about another student
13 year old class mate bullied and sent instant massages
7. Impact on K-12 education
Students being cyber bullied:
Emotions, fear, scared, embarrassed
Concentration in schoolnot paying any attention
Poor grades
8. Continued
9. Future directions
Making lesson plans for students
Helps with:
School violence
Cyber security
Behavioral change
10. How is it being handled
Bill passed in 2002 for all schools to get a anti-bullying policy
Starting to give parents information
Bill 5288 states.
11. Conclusion
Cyber bullying must be stopped
Interferes with education
The well being of childrens lives
Parents must know and help
To many consequences come with cyber bullying
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