Echelon Asia Summit 2015: The Future of Payments

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<p> 1. The Future of Payments new opportunities for startups Corrado Tomassoni Global Director of Startups, Accelerators &amp; VCs PayPal &amp; Braintree 2. Mobile Web Offline Startups &amp; Developers 3. Payment experience Identification 4. Web Similar identification system Better Payment UX (Web tech evolution) 5. Mobile identification 6. Login once authentications 7. Fingerprint 8. Wearables can help 9. One Touch payments 10. P2P payments 11. Mobile Multiple identification systems (password, login once, fingerprint, ) Frictionless new payments experiences 12. Offline payments 13. Startups &amp; developers Whats in for Startups &amp; Developers ? 14. Subscriptions (Freemium, Premium, ) Revenues sharing E-commerce &amp; m-commerce APIs charge per usage Mobile Paid Apps ADV based models Consultancy / apps development 15. Web &amp; mobile integrations 16. Merchants mobile apps and mPOS SDKs 17. Web Mobile Offline 18. @korrat </p>


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