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    March 2019 / VOLUME 2 / ISSUE 4

    Campus Life Update

    Featured This Month: Kinder Game Show

    Upcoming Events

    Race With the Dragon

    Journey to the East

    Kaplan Basketball Club

    CDS Editorals

    Alumni Editorals

    Inspired by the ever popular Chinese match-making game shows & Ellen DeGeneres’s fun and exciting talk shows, powered by attractive giveaways, our student leader, Damon (Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics and Information Security and Computer Science with Murdoch University) birthed the idea of an event that has a concoction of all three.

    Kinder Game Show 1 March 2019 Story by Ina Ong Photography by Huang Siwei

    Held at Blackbox Kallang, students were first initiated to a game to find their partner. Hosted by the man himself, Damon had the participants interact with each other before the team games commenced. The students played games such as taboo and dodgeball , all of which had prizes to be won. During the talk show, some participants were invited by Damon on stage for a casual interview.

    The highlight of this event was “Who wants to be a rupiah millionaire?” Teams were divided to compete against each other over a series of enriching questions and fun facts of Singapore. The winning team of course won more than a million rupiah, which is equivalent to SGD$150. The night ended with participants mingling and going for supper with their new friends. Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

  • “My philosophy is: If you can’t have fun, there’s

    no sense in doing it.” ~Paul Walker

    Kaplan Student Affairs organise monthly events with the student leaders from the Student Executive Committee for all students in Kaplan. Do enquire from us on the monthly activities and workshops which are specially organised for Kaplan students. You may wish to check out the following link https://campuslife.kaplan.com.sg/ to find more information on our events/activities/workshops held regularly.

    Join and Like our Kaplan CampusLife facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ KaplanCampusLife

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  • “Race with the dragon” was a fun and intensive dragon boating event organised by Kaplan Adventurers’ Club in collaboration with People’s Association at Bedok Reservoir. The trainers began by sharing with us valuable information behind the history of dragon boating and the basics of rowing. We were soon divided into two dragon boat groups. Each group was taught the rowing and team synchronization techniques. The values of teamwork and resilience were then emphasised by the two teams as they raced each other while having fun in the process. To simply put, this event was an intensive but enriching learning journey.

    Race with the Dragon 23 February 2019 Story by Subadra Edited by Ina Ong Photography by Kaplan Adventurers’ Committee

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    As February came to a close, the student leaders from MISC organised an out-of-city getaway trip to Pulau Ubin for our fellow Myanmar students. During the bus journey from Wilkie Edge Campus towards Changi Village, the club representatives (CR) started a round of introduction among the participants and the bus was soon filled with casual chatter.

    The bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin was rather fun as it was a first time for many of us. Upon

    Mysterious Island 23 February 2019 Story by Su Myat Noe Edited by Ina Ong Photography by MISC Committee

    arrival, everyone excitedly walked to the bicycle rental shop to select a suitable bicycle of their choice before cycling off together leisurely around the island.

    At one of the rest stops, the students had refreshments and played some games. One of the favourite games was the ‘Human Knot Game’, where participants stood in a circle and held the hands of the person across them. They had to untangle themselves from the messy knot of hands and form a circle with their hands

    while still holding on to each other. This game allowed them to learn how to work together, enabled problem-solving strategies and encouraged persistence.

    It was a good break away from the bustling city life as they enjoyed the wonderful nature in this peaceful island. With this, MISC would like to welcome all new Burmese students to join our club. Stay tuned for more interesting events with MISC.

  • The Kaplan Basketball club is not just a club. It is a sacred ground, watered by the tears and blood of players who strive to make a name for themselves and to achieve greatness. These knights train every Monday at Stadium, 7:30pm, guided by an experienced coach with several titles of his own. The Kaplan Basketball team is not for the faintest of hearts. Training is difficult as these knights have many competitions to take part in such as the U183 Commissioners Cup and other leagues.

    What this team offers is a lifestyle, a brotherhood and success. If you think you are ready to challenge your limits and be part of us, come visit the Students Affairs office at PoMo level 6 (next to classroom 603), to register. We hope to see you soon!

    Kaplan Basketball Club Story by Foo Fang Earn Photography by Kaplan Basketball Committee

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    Career Lessons Most People Learn Too Late In Life

    In our previous issue, we shared about the importance of work-life balance. This month, we would like to share with you some important career lessons from seasoned professionals which most people learn too late in their lives.

    1. YOLO! But do it responsibly (For older readers, YOLO is an acronym that millennials use for “You Only Live Once.”)

    Life is too short to spend being unhappy. If you have a job you hate, a work environment that is toxic or a career that isn’t worthwhile fighting for, make sure you do something about it today. You don’t want to only start changing your career only twenty years later, regretting not making a change when you could have done so twenty years ago. But remember to make your move wisely; do not jump into a decision without careful thinking.

    Story by Hakim Asfee Photography credits: Google 2. Sometimes staying in a job might be a better path for


    While the previous point encourages you to look for other opportunities when you feel trapped and unhappy, Guy Kawasaki (a respected Silicon Valley icon) feels that changing your job might not be the right move at times. When asked regarding one of his biggest career regret that he has, Guy says that “…jumping from green-looking pasture to greener-looking pasture might not be optimal. It can be better to stay in the same pasture and make it greener.” Guy pointed out that although leaving from one position to another might seem to be an ideal move, it might actually be more beneficial to stay on and make improvements to his or her current work and its environment. Because in the long run, the current position might offer unexpected career opportunities and the “greener pasture” may not be as green as you imagined it to be. Therefore this is the reason why

    you should take your time to consider your move wisely.

    3. Staying healthy is VERY important. We have read that many driven and successful people concentrate on every aspect of their career but neglect their health. It is true that being busy, productive and successful is great, but you need to stay healthy to taste the fruits of your labour later in life. As we mentioned in our last article, you only have one life so take good care of it.

    4. Learning is part of your life. Changes are taking place all the time and at a very fast speed. And I really mean very, very fast. You will end up being outdated if you feel that you have learned enough. The phase “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” should be kicked out from your belief system. Unless you prefer to be compared to a museum artefact, keep on learning and stay relevant.

  • Resources: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10- important-career-lessons-most-people- learn-too-late-hyacinth

    https://www.bernardmarr.com/de- fault.asp?contentID=980

    https://www.lollydaskal.com/lead- ership/12-important-career-lessons- most-people-learn-too-late-in-life/

    5. Be contented As we keep on chasing our goals in life, we tend to forget to appreciate the things we already have. Simple moments like spending time with your loved ones or even taking a walk at a park to appreciate nature will help you realise that life have much to offer besides sitting at your desk and getting slogged at work. If you don’t have any idea on how to start feeling contented, perhaps you can start to volunteer for a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO). You will be surprised that there are many others out there who are less fortunate than you are. Be glad that you are blessed with the things that you already have. Like they say, you wouldn’t want to lose a diamond while busy collecting stones.

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    We have all been invited to that same event - a room filled with fifty individuals, nothing but stale crackers, cheese, and dwindling hope of establishing meaningful connections, or a place where the best outcome might be just the free wine. Many would say, this is a re-enactment of The Hunger Games but in fact this is an exact description of one’s networking event, where you wonder why you would ever choose this stuffy room over your perfectly cozy couch after a hard da