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How To Repurpose Your Content in 2016

How To Repurpose Your Content in 2016Finding your best pieces of content and how to breathe new life into them test

Repurposing Your ContentThere are a number of reasons why you should want to repurpose your best performing content:

You already know it performs wellKeep it fresh and relevantDifferent formatting may attract different users


Finding The Best Performing ContentGoogle Analytics can show you the most popular pages of your website. In Google Analytics:

Click on BehaviorThen click Site ContentThen click Landing Pagestest

Finding The Best Performing ContentOnce there you can filter the results further by typing blog in the search bar and clicking the magnifying glass.

This will leave you with all of the blog posts on your website sorted by most visits to least.test

What To Do With That Best Performing ContentAfter we have collected a list of the best performing blog posts, we can start to plan our revisions by using the following methods:


ReformattingCheck to see if the best blog posts have any similarities. Look for ways to further enhance content by using:Corresponding ImagesBullet PointsHeader TagsInternal & External Linkstest

SlideShareSlideShare is a great website that hosts a ton of valuable presentations.

Create slides that show a condensed version of your post.

Easily share that information on other social sites or embed into a blog post.test

InfographicsInfographics are a graphical representation of the data you wish to present.

Infographics are made in a number of different ways and are shared frequently on social media.test

VideoVideo is increasing in popularity and should be a solid part of every businesses marketing strategy.

A video can be a product tutorial, walkthrough of a facility, business owner discussing a service or product or even testimonials of satisfied clients. test

PodcastsSimilar to video, podcasts continue to increase in popularity. A podcast can range from

One person talking about a particular topic or product A host and a guest discussing popular topicsA tutorial on specific productstest

ConclusionBe sure to repurpose your content in different ways to keep it fresh and relevant. Some ways to achieve this are:

FormattingCreating a SlideShare presentationCreating an infographicMake a video on the topicRecord a podcast on the subjecttest