introducing yourself at the workplace

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Making Memorable Introductions1Courtesy of

A common situation:So, tell me about yourself! 2Common Question

"So, tell me about yourself."This may just be the most common and the most intimidating phrase you'll hear during your job searches, informal chats and formal job interviews. Be prepared because you're going to hear it all the time in networking situations. Lets get ready for them!

3Dont wing it!Rule #1

4Dont ever wing it! Its better to be prepared than sorry.

Take time to learn the key elements of introducing yourself!

Impress anyone you meet in a professional situation to land that dream job of yours! Rule #1

5 1Tell your name 2Tell who you are 3What do you want to achieve? Key Elements6

1Tell your name

Your Name in 10 sec

7Your Name in 10 sec

My name is BriarJamieson

8 1Tell your name Tips for Saying Your Name

Pause slightly between your name and surname, and smile at the end.Emphasize your name so everyone can hear it and feel the respect for it.Repeat your name if asked, always with a smile.Make your name memorable if your name is unusual, add a detail that will help others to remember it.

9Your Name in 10 sec

My name is BriarJamiesonBriar sounds like ice-cream - Breyers.

10 2Tell who you are Who Are You? in 10 sec

11Who Are You? in 10 sec

I am a teacher and I like working with people. This adds a lot of interesting experiences to my life.My accent comes from Germany. Have you heard of Munich, the city that hosts the biggest party in the world every year?12 2Tell who you are Tips for Saying Who You AreYou may:talk about your professional background, orexplain where your accent is from, ortalk about three things you like to do in Canada.

13 3What do you want to achieve? Your Goals in 10 sec14

Im here to see what everyone is involved in and how I can contribute to the organizational mission.I am pretty new to Canada. First, I need to get used to the winter and then enroll in a research degree.Your Goals in 10 sec15Tips for Your GoalsMention what you want to achieve in your professional career.Give a short-term goal and possibly a long-term one.

3What do you want to achieve? 16

Your TurnWrite down your introduction on the Discussion Board.Take your time and think it through.17 1Tell your name 2Tell who you are 3What do you want to achieve? Remember the Key Elements!18

Practice with somebody you know well.19Sources