introducing yourself in english

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  • 1. } Greeting } Name } Where are you from? } What company do you work for? } What is your role/specialty? } What are your previous and current projects?
  • 2. Hello, my name is _________. I am from _________. I currently work for _________ as a___________. My areas of research are_________. My past projects include_________. I am currently working on_________.
  • 3. Hello my name is Charles Choo and I am from San Jose, California. I currently work for San Jose State university as a professor of electrical engineering. My areas of research are embedded SOC design and computer vision. My past projects include FPGA design of digital camera interface for satellites. I am currently working on FPGA based design of stereo vision system for farm and mining tractors.
  • 4. } Speak loudly } Speak clearly } Make eye contact } Be confident } Smile J
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