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Click Recruit Enrol presentation focusing on social media tips for administrators from pre-18 education institutions.


<ul><li> 1. Managing your Social MediaJennifer Yorke@JenniferYorke#crepre18</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Ground rules Finding the right conversations Running a social campaign 3. Who are youTargeting? 4. Pick Your Goal 5. Find the Right Conversations 6. Set up Monitoring 7. Finding Your Audience 8. Create Content 9. Share lotsof links 10. Everyone should be involved 11. Schedule and Auto-Schedule 12. Lets plan an event 13. Before the Event Pick your #hashtag Write a blog post Pick three initiatives to monitor and set up streams Create and save draft messages 14. Day of Event Add your #hashtag to every post Watch for questions Use your draft messages Share information across your three initiatives 15. After the Event What worked? What didnt work? How much engagementdid you get? 16. Recap Focus you dont have to be everywhere Social Media is like real life networking just on theinternet! Remember to review and iterate 17. Thank You!Jennifer Yorke@JenniferYorke</p>