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Mystic Earth. Geography Club x Reading Club 4E Helen Puk. 書名 : Tsunamis 作者 : George Capaccio KLA: Pure Science Call no.: 551.47 CAP. Causes of Tsunamis. Volcanic explosions under the sea 1883: The eruption of Krakatoa in South Pacific Landslides - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Mystic EarthGeography Club x Reading Club

    4E Helen Puk

  • : Tsunamis: George CapaccioKLA: Pure ScienceCall no.: 551.47 CAP

  • Causes of TsunamisVolcanic explosions under the sea1883: The eruption of Krakatoa in South PacificLandslidesrocks fall into the sea and cause a huge splashMeteorites ()No examples in history

  • If a Tsunami comes..A sudden drop in sea levelA loud roar like the sound of a jet engineGo to a higher ground as soon as possibleDo not stay in houses or buildingsLearn more about tsunamis

  • : :

  • Rift ValleyUsually nearby plate boundariesTectonic plates collide or divergeBlock sinks and form a rift valley

  • 3C Karen Cheng

  • :::

  • 4C Cherry Lam

  • Title: Weathering the Storms Publisher : Hong Kong ObservatoryAuthors : the people worked in HKOCall no. : 837 7721

  • Wind and Weather4C Anna Siu

  • :e.g~What is Air?~Why is the sky blue?~Where does the wind come?

    : 3D


  • Violent, Rotating StormsVery strong winds circulating around an eye in which the atmosphere pressure is very low.


  • CloudsCirrocumulus

  • Geography Club: Coming activities

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