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1. What is 5S? Methodology for effective and efficient organization of a workspace and it uses the list of five Japanese words. 1S- Seiri(Sort) 2S- Seiton (Straighten) 3S- Seiso (Systematic Cleaning) 4S- Seiketsu(Standardize) 5S- Shitsuke (Sustain) THE 5S METHODLOGY IS IMPLEMENTED IN THE PROBLEM OF STREETS OUTSIDE COLLEGE. 5s means Proper place for everything and everything in place 2. AESTHETIC LOSS FLIES PROHIBITING STREET ANIMALS 3. REMOVAL OF WASTES AND GARBAGE 4. UNLEVELLED MAN-HOLE COVER TREE TEMPLE, DARGAH,ETC ELIMINATION OF OBSTACLES FROM ROADS 5. PROPER ARRANGEMENT OF DUSTBINS DUSTBINS SHOULD BE AMPLE IN NUMBER , SHOULD BE PLACED AT EQUAL DISTANCES AND SHOULD BE EASILY APPROACHABLE TO THE PEOPLE. SEGREGATION OF GARBAGE BY USING SEPARATE DUSTBINS FOR VARIOUS CATEGORIES(i.e. BIODEGRADABLE AND NON BIODEGRADABLE) AND IT SHOULD BE MARKED ON THE DUSTBINS. 6. OTHER BASIC REQUIREMENTS PROPER ARRANGEMENT OF STREET LIGHTS. ENERGY EFFICIENT i.e. USAGE OF SOLAR STREET LIGHTS. SUFFICIENT IN NUMBER FOR PROPER ILLUMINATION. DIRTY LIGHT FIXTURES REDUCE ESSENTIAL LIGHT LEVELS, CLEAN LIGHT FIXTURES CAN IMPROVE LIGHTNING EFFICIENCY SIGNIFICANTLY. PROPER ARRANGEMENT OF GREEN BELT ALONG THE STREETS. INSTALLATION OF SIGN BOARDS AT REQUIRED PLACES FOR THE PROPER GUIDANCE OF THE PEOPLE. TRAFFIC SYMBOLS TO BE PLACED AT PROPER PLACES TO MAINTAIN ROAD SAFETY AND FOR ACCIDENT REDUCTION. 7. PRESENCE OF PROPER DRAINAGE SYSTEM PRESENCE OF PROPER FOOTPATH FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF THE PEDESTRIANS. AISLES SHOULD BE WIDE ENOUGH TO ACCOMMODATE PEOPLE AND VEHICLES COMFORTABLY AND SAFELY. WARNING SIGNS AND MIRRORS CAN IMPROVE THE SIGHT-LINES IN BLIND CORNERS. ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO USE AISLES SO THAT THEY DONT TAKE SHORTCUTS THROUGH HAZARDOUS AREAS. STAIRWAYS AND AISLES ALSO REQUIRES ADEQUATE LIGHTING. PRESENCE OF ZEBRA CROSSINGS AT REQUIRED PLACES. CONTD 8. PROPER PARKING ARRANGEMENTS OUTSIDE THE SHOPS NEAR THE COLLEGE AREA, TO AVOID MALFUNCTIONING OF THE ROADS. INSTALLATION AND EFFICIENT ARRANGEMENT OF BENCHES ALONG THE STREETS FOR LEISURE PURPOSES. ARRANGEMENT OF SHOPS AND STREET VENDORS IN A PLANNED MANNER ALONG THE STREETS. CONTD 9. MAINTAINING CLEANLINESS CHECK AND MAINTAIN THE DAILY CLEANLINESS OF DUSTBINS. CHECK THE PROPER DISPOSAL OF THE GARBAGE. CHECK THE PROPER USAGE OF THE DUSTBINS. REGULAR COLLECTION ,GRADING AND SORTING OF GARBAGE IS ESSENTIAL. CHECK AND MAINTAIN THE CLEANLINESS OF THE STREETS ,FOOTPATHS AND THE BENCHES. 10. MAINTENANCE OF OTHER PROPERTIES PROPER MAINTENANCE AND FIXING OF STREETS AND FOOTPATHS TO AVOID ACCIDENTS . PROPER MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRING OF THE ROAD DRAINAGE SYSTEM. CHECK AND MAINTAIN THE PARKING AREA TO AVOID INCONVENIENCE AND FOR EFFICIENT USAGE OF SPACE. 11. MAINTAINING HIGH STANDARDS OF ROAD SAFETY PROPER SET OF TRAFFIC RULES AND REGULATION SHOULD BE DEFINED AND STRONGLY IMPLEMENTED. STRONG CHECK SHOULD BE MADE ON THE NUMBER OF RIDERS ON TWO WHEELERS.( A RULE WHICH IS OFTEN BROKEN ON STREETS OUTSIDE COLLEGE) USE OF MOBILE PHONES WHILE DRIVING SHOULD BE STRICTLY PROHIBITED HELMETS (INCLUDING THE PILLION RIDER) AND SEATBELTS SHOULD BE MADE COMPULSARY. CARRYING LICENSE SHOULD BE MADE MANDATORY. 12. MAINTAINING HIGH STANDARDS Frequency of Checking of each Parameter should be Documented & Communicated to Concerned Authorities. The standard size of streets and footpaths should be 30-40ft and 2m respectively. However , in cases of narrow streets, maximum area of streets(workplace) should be obtained through proper planning like controlling encroachments, efficient parking, etc. Width of green belts should be 2-3 m with proper trimming, watering and manuring on monthly basis by appointing a gardening team. Dustbins should be placed after every 15 m and should be cleaned on daily basis. Benches should be placed after every 500 m. Street lights should be placed after every 10 m. Creating an efficient sweeping team for maintaining the cleanliness of the streets, footpaths and benches. Maintaining and cleaning of the drainage system especially during rainy seasons. Traffic maintenance team and parking management team should be formed to maintain the high standards of the streets and work should be done in three shifts for better maintenance. Collaborating with colleges and NGOs to help in maintain the standards of streets(workplace) by giving monthly assignments to the students/members , which will create a sense of responsibility and awareness among the people. 13. SUSTAIN & MAINTAIN ESTABLISHED PROCEDURES Train workers to follow good housekeeping disciplines autonomously. 5s program should be attended by all people (employees responsible for maintaining the street standards , students , members of NGOs , etc.) Banner , slogans , posters & newsletters should be fully utilized to draw attention of everyone for the same Periodic 5s implementation review should be conducted by top management by timely auditing. 14. S. NO. AUDIT CHECK POINT AUDIT OBSERVATION SCORE OUT OF 100 ACTION TAKEN (Y/N) PERSON RESPONSIBLE 1. Number of: a) Dustbins b) Street lights c) Benches d) Sign boards 2. Condition of roads 3. Condition of footpaths 4. Condition of bus stops 5. Overall neatness and cleanliness 6. Condition of green belts 7. Encroachment on roads and footpaths 8. Proper functioning of street lights 9. Management of parking 10. Management of traffic 5S AUDIT CHECKLIST 15. CONCLUSION AND LESSON LEARNED 5S is indeed an efficient methodology used by the Japanese to improve the standards of the working environment. With the implementation of 5S the chances of mistakes and accidents can be reduced to a great extend. The workstations(streets outside college) become more spacious, clean and tidy which leads to greater well being and increased motivation. Things become easy to manage thus leading to smooth working and time saving. Implementation of 5S methodology also leads to reduction of wastage and provides greater safety. Thus, 5S practice helps everyone to live a better life.