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Children picture book story. From the Award winning authors and world renowned publisher.


  • Quasimodo And His Fish Trap By: Mohamad Noori Shah Nik Amir Syahir

  • Every morning Quasimodo goes the near by river to check on his fish trap.Usually Quasimodo the fish trap will be left the night before.

  • On the first day Quasimodo found no fish in his trap. But there are fish bones left inside.

  • On the second day, Quasimodos trap is still empty. Even worst! There are more fish bones in them. Quasimodo feels sad.

  • On the third day, Quasimodo wait, and wait, and wait

    Suddenly, a river monster came and ate Quasimodos fishes!!

  • Dont hurt me, pleaseIll grant you one wish You can ask for anything. I will make it come true.So its you whos been eating my fishes! You gonna pay for this you freak monster!!!

    TAKE THIS!!!!!!

  • So, now Quasimodo needs to decide one wish. Just one that he really wants.

    If you are in his shoes, what will you ask for???


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