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The Periscope Community Team presents their take on Pinterest and Instagram. Learn how your business or brand can use these rapidly-growing platforms to engage with and learn from brand enthusiasts.



2. &SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 3. Meet,Pinterest ( a virtual bulletin board that enables users to share images and links they ndinteresting or inspiring. Once shared, these images become Pins that can be placed on thematic boardsthat users can customize for any topic.SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 4. PINTERESTS AUDIENCEPinterests audience statistics W 70%+ 25-54 50%+75K+ 45%+ Pinterests average user today.From May 2011 to January 2012, monthly site visits grew to nearly 12 million. Percentage of Pinterest users accessing the site via mobile 1.6 %browser, indicating an overwhelming majority of users browse on PCs.In good company. Other top sites that Pinterest users visit. All cross-over trafc reect visits to sites that are known for beautiful photography and good content. Sources: Comscore, February 2012 & Alexis.comSOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 5. PINTERESTS FEATURESPinterests features The Pin: The core of the Pinterest experience is the Pin, a single inspiring image or item from the Internet that is shared with your followers. Boards: Users categorize their Pins into boards that reect their interests. In April 2012, Pinterest allowed users to set the cover image for each of their boards. Following People: Pinterest encourages users to follow one another, similar to Twitter. The home page displays recent Pins chronologically. Following Individual Boards: Users are able to follow all of a users boards or select individual boards to cut through the clutter. The Pin-It Applet: Pinterest enables users to add a Pin It button to the bookmarks bar of any web browser. When a user comes across something interesting, clicking the Pin It button easily adds it to the users boards. Pinterest Behaviors: Users are encouraged to Like pins posted by the people they follow, Repin items they want to showcase on their boards and Comment on Pins they nd interesting. Only the image is Pinned, so users expect to click-through a Pin to the original site, positioning Pinterest as a top referring trafc site. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 6. PINTEREST.COM HOME PAGEPinterests home page The home page shows Pins from the people you follow.SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 7. THE ANATOMY OF A PINAnatomy of a pin The site from whichthe Pin originated is On roll-over of theshown in the detailed pin, activity optionsview.display, including Standard Pin View Pin Detail View Repin, Like and Comment. Additional share options arePins with prices displayed on thelisted with $ or detailed view. in thedescriptionautomaticallygenerate pricebanners. The description ofyour pin, set to a 500character maximum.Your prole Pinning options arephoto, displaydenoted in detail view,name and boardincluding Pinmarklet oryou pinned this the board from whichitem to are allThe comment sectionyou repinned your Pin.included in theis moved to bottomdetails below theof the pin. description. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 8. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SHARINGWhat makes Pinterest special? Its Totally Addictive: Pins are always changing in your feed, so theres a sense that the best Pins may pass you by if theyre missed the rst time around. Additionally, Pinterests structure is social to the core. Its easy to explore other peoples boards and Pins with a few clicks and get lost Pinterest exploration. Its Timely: Pins are shown in a gallery chronologically. You see Pins as they happen, so there is constant content creation happening every minute. Its Aspirational: Pinterest collects your inspirations and posts them for you to revisit later as visual bookmarks that plug-in to the way our brains are wired. Its Built for Discovery: Pinterest limits a Pins description to 500 characters, so for recipes and other types of Pins, its best to click-through and discover the full details of a Pin. This helps users discover new sites and inspiration. In January 2012, the average visit on lasted 97.8 minutes. Source: Statista.comSOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 9. PIN VS POSTWhy Pin over Post? On Pinterest, everyone is a tastemaker: Pinterest is a site that makes everyone an equal-opportunity inuencer. While other social media channels enable you to share what you are doing and where you are, Pinterest lets you discover and share who you are and who you want to be. A freshman in her dorm room in Omaha can be just as inuential as Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia. All Pinterest users are your audience: Pinterest has an inherently collaborative core, where other peoples Pins help dene your own identity. Other social sites emphasize a one-way tastemaker relationship. Moving at the speed of a Pin: Its expected that Pins will be shared often, so the amplication of your Pins results in a social experience that builds your own personal brand more than circulating a post to your existing audiences.SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 10. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SHARINGPinterest dos & donts for brands DO: Take the time to establish your boards, identity and strategy and ll your boards with starter Pins before connecting with followers and opening your Pinterest presence to public scrutiny. DO: Follow people. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Pinterest account to nd your brands existing fans and followers. DO: Use your followers as an informal focus group. Dont just engage with them, listen to what they are saying through their Pins and boards. A lot of insight can be gained by keeping a nger on the pulse of your Pinterest followers. DONT: Just post your own products, services or offerings. This isnt just a suggestion, its a mandate. If Pinterest catches wind of you doing this, you may be removed as a user. Pinterest is all about inspiration not self-promotion, its a soft sell. DO: Organize your pins into boards that represent your core values as a brand and surprise and delight your followers. Start off with Pinterests default boards to get you started, but as you discover and Pin new items, create new boards that t into new themes. The possibilities are endless. DONT: Create boards that are too specic. Youll never ll them. DO: Write descriptions of your Pins and credit your sources, including the name of the recipe, artist or product. This will help your Pins show up when other users search for related topics. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 11. THE FUTURE OF PINTERESTWhat does the future hold? Pinterest is emerging as the top social commerce referral site, ranking fth behind Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Yahoo. Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular social media portals for consumers to visit prior to visiting retailers websites. It has already surpassed Google+ in driving retailer site trafc. Estimated unique visitors to increased by 329% from September to December 2011. As websites continue to add Pinterest to their social integration toolkit, Pinterests user base will continue to grow and refer trafc to retailers sites and beyond. Nonprots and micro-lending organizations like Kiva are using the tool to showcase the people who are helped by their organization. Although a date hasnt been set, Pinterest will launch publically, open its doors to all users and establish more concrete guidelines for brands and users. Currently, no safeguards exist to prevent users from squatting on brand names. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 12. BRANDS ON PINTERESTWhich brands use Pinterest well?SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 13. BRANDS ON PINTERESTChobani Builds unexpectedly compelling boards that dont necessarily relate to selling yogurt, but sell an aspirational lifestyle. Their boards represent the core values of their brand: simplicity, tness, health, avor and travel, including a board for their slogan Nothing But Good which has nearly 6,000 followers. Provides clever ideas that helpusers to make healthy choices in their everyday diets by using Chobani yogurt. Interacts with its followers and repins their pins. Provides parents with kid-friendly ideas on their Chobani Champions board. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 14. BRANDS ON PINTERESTMartha Stewart Martha is active on Pinterest, withgreat boards full of Marthas GoodThings. Martha extends the Pinterestexperience to her site, where all of herrecipes include Pin It buttons alongthe side. More often than not, peopleshare via Pinterest over the otheroptions like StumbleUpon, Google+,Facebook and Twitter. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 15. BRANDS ON PINTERESTWarby Parker Much like Chobani, Warby Parker is selling a lifestyle. They post gorgeous photos of cities around the world as inspiration, as well as boards that showcase things related to glasses: sunny spots, books and city sights. They assert themselves as style leaders by posting boards heavily inuenced by style. As a vendor of accessories, they post other accessories that may go well with glasses in their In Good Company board. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 16. BRANDS ON PINTERESTMcDonalds McDonalds has a small following on Pinterest, but their account is fairly new. McDonalds boards represent a well- rounded snapshot of their brand, including charitable efforts, global menu items, restaurant locations, sponsorships and partnerships. McDonalds actively engages with their followers by commenting and adding Likes to Pins. SOCIAL STUDIES: PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM 17. START PINNINGHow to use Pinterest in 5 steps Get invited. Pinterest is still in private beta. Find somebody you know on Pinterest and get an invite. Yes, still. Brand names are being squatted. Follow people. Travel-down the inspiration rabbit hole and follow people on Pinterest. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to nd friends that are already on Pinterest