st. olavs and ahus hospitals – improved patient care and hospital logistics with mobility

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“St. Olavs and Ahus hospitals– Improved patientcare and hospital logistics with mobility” “St. Olavs and Ahus hospitals– Improved patientcare and hospital logistics with mobility” Jan Røberg-Larsen Senior Key Account Manager, Telenor Group, Oslo Norway ([email protected])

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St. Olavs and Ahus Hospitals – Improved Patient Care and Hospital Logistics with Mobility. Roberg-Larsen J. eHealth week 2010 (Barcelona: CCIB Convention Centre; 2010)


  • 1. St. Olavs and Ahus hospitalsImproved patientcare and hospital logistics with mobility Jan Rberg-LarsenSenior Key Account Manager, Telenor Group, Oslo Norway([email protected])

2. Agenda Mobile solutions that works ICT platforms for mobility Reference projects Questions 3. Mobile solutions that works 4. Mobile devices WLAN coverage for the entire campus, inside and outside Wireless IP telephony on Cisco phones 5. Message serverWindows WindowsClustering Clustering 6. Mobile Nurse CallNurseCallMobileDeviceClient-Staffing plan -Monitor alarmsNurseNurse NurseStation(ElectronicWhiteboard)IMATIS -Receive mobile nurse callCommunication -Acknowledge/dismiss call -Nurse Call System -Call back -Critical Alert -Update precense status Patient NurseCallInterfaceModule PrimaryNurseCall PatientPhone 7. Hand over of dutiesA new reality 8. Summoning and Critical Alert Functional Overview -Receive critical alert with origin marking -Alert medical teams -Alert on-call resources -Summon resources in general -Receive -Monitor status of alerts and summoningalert/summon -Update status of alert and summoning-Acknowledge manually alert/summon -Cancel alerts and summoning -Call back MobileDevicesCodeBlueButtons MobileDevicesPagers -Alert/summon fromSMS mobile device -Alert from fixed code blue buttons 9. Hospital orderly dispatchServiceworker Servicerequestmobiledeviceclient ordermodule StaffDispatchandadminconsole -Register service requestsServiceworkers -See status on service requestsReceiveassignmentsChangestatusontasksSendemessagestodispatcher/operatorSendemessagetocustomer-Register service requestsCompletetask-Monitor ordered and active service Registerservicerequestsrequests and service workers-Assign new tasks to service workers-Administer tasks-Generate invoice and statistics-Communicate with service workers-Search task archive 10. AGV and the wireless network Main hospital workhorse Laser guided, microchip controlled, it talks All scheduled supply and removal of goods Shares elevators with patients 11. Traditional hospital solutions 12. An ICT platform for mobility Security / AuthenticationData Server Cabling network Middleware applications Operations/Administrasion 13. Focus on functionalityBedside patient terminalTV distribution Nurse call Digital dictationAudio/video IP telephony Fixed/wirelessPeripherals Alarm/ ProfessorAdmin Positioning Message server workerDoctor t Directory services Sign on/ tienPa- . authentication -Bio engPDA Ass nurseNurse Operationalsystem/toolsCore networkApplic Data Network Fixed/wirelessApplic Data 14. Benefits of an ip-enabled integratedsolution Efficient and secure communication access Increased availability always fast access Increased digital interaction and communication Always up to date patient information focuson the patient Everything over IP, IP everywhere ! 15. ICT investment, no new workprocesses Companies which invested heavily in ICT without new work ca. 4% processes were less productivethan companieswhich spent little inboth areas. Source: Beyond the Productivity Paradox; Hitt & Brynjolfsson, 1998 16. Investments in ICT and work processes Companies which invested heavily in ca. 5% both ICT and new work processes were more productive than companies which invested little in both areas. Source: Beyond the Productivity Paradox;Hitt & Brynjolfsson, 1998 17. Reference projects 18. ICT in numbersSt. OlavAhus 5250 PCs 2500 PCs 3200 wireless ip-phones 1300 wireless phones 2600 wired phones 1300 wired phones 150 servers 655 bedside patient terminals 180 Cisco switches 645 printers 1100 wireless access points 1850 nurse call units 930 bedside patient terminals 110 A/V system units (TV sets) 130 multifunction printers 21 km cabling (Trunk network) 650 laserprinters 1200 km cabling (Access network) 1800 wireless access points 23000 network ports 19. Telenors role at St. Olav and Ahus Our partners delivered their main components to the ICT solution Partners took part in solution design and project administration We took total responsibility for the ICT infrastructure: Functionality Quality Delivery Profitability of the project 20. Mobilty and health further opportunities Mobile x-ray solutions Integrated telephony Mobile Fixed Wireless Unified communication RFID m2m Uniforms Medicines Equipment Netcentrical message servers Hospital at home 21. Questions?