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  • 8/6/2019 Success by 6 Booklet WEB


    The first six years in a

    childs life are the most

    important. Success By 6aims to give children the

    best start in life.

  • 8/6/2019 Success by 6 Booklet WEB


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    Purpose of the Report 4

    Young Children in KFL&A 8Success by 6 Pursuites and Indicators 12

    Promoting Healthy Births 12

    Promoting Healthy Early Development 18

    Building Safe and Caring Communities 23

    Supporting Families and Neighbourhoods 25

    Promoting School Readiness and Early Learning 33

    Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect 37

    Additional Information on Programs and Services 40

    Endnotes 44

    References ??


    From the time of conceptionto age 6, children go througha crucial development period.Physical growth, emotional

    attachments, attitudes and

    behaviours, language and motorskills all develop at this time.Many factors can influencechildrens early years and canhave impacts that last for life.In Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox

    and Addington there are 13,462

    children ages 0 to 6 years old.We all have a role in raisinghappy, healthy children.And the simple things can make

    a big difference. Take the time...make the moments matter.

  • 8/6/2019 Success by 6 Booklet WEB


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    Why Early Development Matters

    From the time of conception to age 6, children go through a crucial

    development period. Physical growth, emotional attachments,

    attitudes and behaviours, language and motor skills all develop at

    this time. Many factors can influence childrens early years and can

    have impacts that last for life.

    Success By 6 is an initiative in Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and

    Addington (KFL&A) that aims to give children the best start in life.

    It promotes partnerships, and supports programs in the communityto give children the opportunities and skills they need to grow and

    be ready to learn. It also advocates the importance of childhood

    development and the role that community has in contributing

    to childrens success.

    Highlights from this Report include:

    *New statistics on children 0 6 years and their parents livingin KFL&A

    *Indicators that have shown improvement, for exampleGreen Flags:

    ~ new booster seat legislation

    ~ new Ontario Smoke Free Act

    ~more Breastfeeding Friendly restaurants

    ~ growing attendance at Early Years Centres

    *Indicators that suggest setbacks or need further improvement,for example: Yellow Flags

    ~More women in KFL&A smoking while pregnant than the rate

    for Ontario as whole

    ~Alcohol consumption during pregnancy still acceptable for some

    ~Changes in government funding for subsidized child care

    ~ Low vacancy rates, increase in average rents and fewer

    subsidized housing providers

    ~ Increase in the number of children 0-6 years in womens shelters

    ~ Increase in the number of referrals to the Childrens Aid Society

    *New indicators that are red flags: asthma, childhood obesity,Nutritious Food Basket Red Flags

    *More information on where to find resources and assistance.

    Success By Six Priorities and Action Plan

    To help focus our work, Success By 6 commissioned a position

    paper, It Takes a Community to Raise a Childwhere issues that

    greatly affect childrens early years were explored in depth. Based on

    this work, Success By 6 identified four priorities for immediate action:

    Early Learning and Early Childhood Development Opportunities

    Sensory stimulation is essential to brain development and the

    earlier it begins, the more positive and long-term the effects will be.

    Success By 6 recommends stronger support for the development of

    early years programs and affordable, accessible childcare to provide

    the supportive and interactive environments that children need.



    *Promoting healthy births*Promoting healthy early development*Building safe and caring communities*Supporting families and neighbourhoods*Promoting school readiness and early learning*Protecting children from abuse and neglect

    Tracking Our Progress

    In 2004, Success By 6 published its first report, Caring for OurChildren: how KFL&A is doing. This Report highlighted what was

    being done to promote early child development in our community,

    and examined several conditions or indicators that are used by

    researchers to determine the health and well-being of young children.

    In this second Caring for Our Children: an update on how KFL&A is

    doing, we have re-examined some of these indicators to measure

    any changes and introduced new information and indicators to help

    us better understand whats happening in our community.

    Success By 6 has chosen six pursuits to ensure that all children in

    KFL&A have a healthy start:

  • 8/6/2019 Success by 6 Booklet WEB


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    This report highlights many of the organizations in KFL&A that offer

    programming and activities for children 0 to 6 years, such as the

    Ontario Early Years Centers. It also discusses the new Universal Child

    Care Benefit and how it may affect childcare for families in the future.

    Parenting Skills

    Parents and caregivers need to be continually supported and

    encouraged in being actively involved in childrens lives. Success

    By 6 aims to promote more awareness on the value of parenting

    skills, and how parents can have more frequent and more positive

    interactions with their children. This report shows many of the ways

    that parents are actively taking part in their childs development,

    such as by accessing post-natal care, encouraging daily sensory

    stimulation, and participating in a variety of parenting classes

    and workshops.

    Housing and Homelessness

    Adequate and affordable housing is an immediate need for many

    families in KFL&A, and this problem affects the safety and stability

    of children. Success By 6 advocates for a stronger community

    response to housing issues and more cooperative efforts with

    housing providers. This report shows the reality for many families

    in accessing housing, including those who are dealing with

    family violence.

    Impacts of Poverty

    A limited income creates barriers to obtaining many necessities for

    families, such as housing, health care, nutrition, stable employment,

    skills development and childcare. Success By 6 works to make

    community resources and services more accessible for children

    and families in need. This report has information on programs and

    resources for pre-natal health, child and family nutrition, parenting

    programs and pro-social resources for children.

    Success By 6 recommends stronger support for the

    development of early years programs and affordable,

    accessible childcare to provide the supportive andinteractive environments that children need.

  • 8/6/2019 Success by 6 Booklet WEB


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    Kingston & The Islands

    Number of Children ages 0 to 6: 8580

    Kingston West 18%

    Kingston Central West 16%

    Kingston Central East 18%

    Kingston North East 25%

    Kingston East 11%

    Kingston North 11%

    Frontenac Islands 1%


    Number of children ages 0 to 6: 1746

    South Frontenac 78%

    Central Frontenac 17%

    North Frontenac 5%

    Lennox & Addington

    Number of children ages 0 to 6: 3220

    Addington Highlands 6%

    Greater Napanee 36%

    Loyalist 38%

    Stone Mills 20%

    In Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (KFL&A) there are

    13,462 children ages 0 to 6 years old, who make up approximately

    8% of the total population. Almost two-thirds, or 8,580, live in

    Kingston. The largest number of these young children reside in the

    North East neighbourhood.


    In Frontenac and Lennox & Addington

    counties, children 0 to 6 years

    reside in the most populated areas

    of South Frontenac and Loyalist

    townships and in the Greater

    Napanee area.



    Parents of Young Children

    There are 26,800 parents of children 0 to 6 living in Kingston and

    Frontenac, and 7,920 living in Lennox and Addington. Female lone

    parents make up about 11% of all parents in these regions combined.

    In Kingston and Frontenac, the highest concentration of parents

    is 19% in the North East area. This area has a disproportionate

    number of female lone parents at more than half of all female lone

    parents in the two regions combined.In Lennox and Addington, most parents of children 0 to 6 years

    (37% or 2,930), live in Greater Napanee, which also has the highest

    number of female lone parents (13% of Napanee parents)).

    French-speaking Parents with Young Children

    French-speaking parents with children 0 to 6 are in two locations

    in KFL&A: Kingston, with 90 parents, and Stone Mills Township,

    with 10 parents.

    Parents of Young Children with Aboriginal Origin

    There are a total of 3,505 parents with Aboriginal ethnic origin in

    KFL&A, representing 10% of all parents with children 0 to 6 in this

    region. Aboriginal origin refers to North American Indian, Metis or

    Inuit, and ethnic origin refers to the ethnic or cultural group(s) to

    which the respondents ancestors belong.

    Kingston has the highest concentration of parents of Aboriginal

    ethnic origin, 1,296 (37%). Slightly more than ha