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MOOC Reflexivity

miniMOOC in Supporting Community EmpowermentRamone Al Bishawi, KTP Associate, North AllianceDr Rachel Shanks,University of Aberdeen1Technology Strategy Board

North Alliance

University of Aberdeen

Critical Friends GroupThe MOOC Project2

North of Scotlands geography. -travel time, costs, access to CPD in rural and remote locations

Social isolation in rural & remote locations

The increasing importance of IT literacy

Why ICT for CLD WorkersMulti-level social barriers to involvement;

Technological barriers to access

Blended learning was considered optimum method of delivering CPD

Virtual barriers poor internet access, firewalls, lack of modern technology

Qualities of a good online resource ease of access (no multiple logins), highly interactive, mix of delivery methods.

Scoping Study

MOOC What is a MOOC


Self paced



Choice to participate

Group approachCharacteristics of the MOOCPilot Project miniMOOC in Supporting Community Empowerment

Ran over six weeks and attracted around 50-60 people

Contained keynote speeches

Included weekly tasks for participants to complete

Used innovative technologies

MOOC Content & TechnologyFeedback from miniMOOC participants18 people out of 50 Why people participated....Participants didnt find the technology too difficult100% said they learnt something!!!& 87% think these technologies can be used in a CL&D setting

How did you find the following activities?How did you find the following activities?Based on 15 responsesout of 18

Im not totally lost in the technology. Accessing the learning at any time of the day was very useful. However, participating in the discussions is more difficult with delays in time

Learned loads about technology

The variety of projects made it particularly interesting. Its always so useful to hear what other people are doing and this was so much more engaging than reading case studies

Do you feel you learnt anything from the miniMOOC?

The video sessions could be used as a training tool. Google hangout could be used to support groups further afield i.e for when the cost of regular travel could be prohibitive to a project

These technologies can be used to bring people together when physically doing so might not be possible

It sort of kills two birds with one stone...we are learning about how to be more comfortable with well as learning about the course topic

Example of how participants would use these technologies with their CL&D participants.

Weekly tasks were designed in a way that exposed learners to different technologies in addition to different interpretations of empowerment

Used learning technologies that can be applied by participants in own course design

Intentions of the course & future developmentsAny Questions?

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