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“World is a small place”

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“World is a small place”

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• This small place has 195 countries with each country having different states ,cultures and languages.

• There are 6500 languages spoken all over the world

So many languages…

How is communication possible??

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Here comes TRANSLATOR TONY to help you in effective communication

See the World in your language

Connecting people all over the world….

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Logo and Slogan

Translator Tony

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People face a lot of difficulty when they travel from one place to

another due to linguisticDifferences.

Translate all kind's of voice

or text to any

language they want to.

Consumer has no prerequisites regarding the

language spoken over there .

Automatic Detection and

Interpretation of language

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• . Foreign ambassadors

and businessmen avid traveller


Now, there is no

need for them to learn new

languages as they

have Translator

Tony in your hand.

What about Quality?? especially in translators

where there may be chances of ambiguity since the grammar and sentence structure is different for

different languages.

Promises to serve

better and provide an

efficient translation

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How about an app which translates the video's voice or subtitles to any language you want to and narrates it from the background?

Yes this is possible with Translator Tony.

Every company large or small can leverage and monetize existing information and achieve additional return on investment by creating multilingual content from one source document with this app.

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Free Features(1/2)• Two-way instant speech translation in many


• Convert Recorded mp3,mp4 and other audio files.

• The central theme of this app is based on a fictional character Mr Tony who is the translator and his voice can be changed to robots, kid's, Women and Old.

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Free Features(2/2)• Any kind of video file upto 50mb limit can

be easily uploaded and it's audio is interpreted to the required language.

• Voice book: Star and save translations for future reference in any language.

• Dubs mash has become quite popular among people . Most famous dialogues in all languages are included.

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Premium Features(1/2)

• Mr. Tony 's voice in free is limited only to robot's, kid's, Women and Old. But in premium you can unlock more voices like Helium,Squirrel,Devil,Shrinking,Underwater,Alien,Ghost,Megaphone,Duck,Monster,Cave etc

• Offline interpretation and conversion is the most important and effective premium feature

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Premium Features (2/2)

• To unlock the feature of unlimited conversion of large video files (space occupied in gb’ s) the consumer needs to purchase the premium product.

• Offline Dictionary of all languages with it's meanings in the language specified by the consumer is provided as an extra bonus

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Segmentation and Targeting(1/3)

• Geographic Segmentation-Consumers are grouped according to their geographic location, languages spoken there and the languages known by them.

• The main target would be those people who do not have any point of intersection between the languages spoken and languages known.

• Such kind of people face a lot of difficulty to communicate as they have no idea of the major language spoken in their area.

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Segmentation and Targeting(2/3)


Consists mainly of students who travel

abroad for Educational purposes. They feel out of place in such kind of new

locations due to the blooming differences in

communication.Consists of businessmen, ambassadors who travel to new places for formal meetings and exchange


Consists of people who finished most important

phases of life and want to enjoy their post retirement

life.They become avid travellers and spend their time exploring new places.

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Segmentation and Targeting(3/3)

• Industrial Segmentation- To increase the sales of the industry in all the places, there is a need of effective communication with the locals in that particular area. Translator Tony would make it a very facile task.

• Psychographic Segmentation(Enthusiasts-They love watching different kind's of tv series or movies .It becomes really boring when you watch a movie with subtitles . Translating Tony targets such kind of people and gives them the best feeling by its efficient narration and interpretation.

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Target MarketEducationTravel CompaniesForeign ExchangeLarge and Small Scale IndustriesPublic Sector(Ambassadors.)Media and EntertainmentJudiciary(in judicial proceedings.)

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Biggest Competitor

• Voice Translator

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Points of Parity

Both the apps provide Two-way instant speech translation in many languages.

Listen to the translations (text to speech)

Dictate text instead of typing it

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Points of Difference(1/2)Translator Tony would provide a better and

a quality based conversion keeping in mind the grammatical rules and sentence structures.

Mr.Tony interprets the audio into the language of need and the voice could be changed accordingly into robotic, child voice etc .You can even add extra effects such as increasing the pitch, base, frequency etc.

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Points of Difference(2/2)

The most important point of Difference is the conversion of a video's language.

Translator Tony would be instant and time preserving.

You can join the Tony community, provide your own contribution by helping him translate words and increase stats. According to these stats rewards are given to consumers

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CollaboratorsTony community

Professional linguistics

Value added Resellers

Technology Partners

Industry associations

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Every second 800 apps is being downloaded. Translator Tony should gain atleast 500

Downloads daily to sustain.

Improvising app and modifying it continously to reach customer’s expectations.

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Product Promotion(1/3)Getting in Touch- Send emails to

people regularly.Reaching Out To Influencers.Leveraging the Mobile Website.Featuring the App in an Official Blog.Featuring the App in Emails.Creating a Demo Video.

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Product Promotion(2/3)Joining Developer’s & Entrepreneurs Groups on

Social Media.

Taking Screenshots and dropping it in the app store

Promoting through Reviews.

App store Optimization-Use keywords that aren’t in app title. Because app title is itself searchable.

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Product Promotion(3/3)The best way for promotion is Social MediaFew sites are: Facebook Buzznet LinkedIn Google+ Twitter Instagram Snapchat Pin Interest Youtube

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DistributionGoogle PLAYAmazon appstoreApp store(IOS)CodengoAppiaSlide MeOperaUser Opt-In for Apps from Unknown


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Price The price of the premium version of the app is 9$

which is Rs.598

Premium version offers conversion of videos of unlimited storage of any language to any language

Efficient and time saving feature truly justifies the price

First few video conversions in the premium version are absolutely free then you can start paying per video.

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Incentives and Offers Refer the app to your friends. Both you and your

friend will get one video conversion upto 150mb for free

Join the Tony community ,participate and help tony in translations and increase your stats.

More no of stats :Big Bang of offers and rewards are given

Record your voice or dubsmash and post it on Tony Community.9th of every month person getting more likes will be given free offers

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Customer Response Changes and better interpretation will be done on

the basis of Customer feedback or reviews.

Customers can discuss any kind of flaws or doubts in the Tony community.

Based on the comments and feedback in the Tony community, modifications are done.

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Organizational StructureTranslator Tony Marketing Executive

Production and Research

Advertising Distribution


• Collaborators• Customer’s


• News Papers• Demo videos• Social

Media• ASO

Google Play

Amazon App store

Codengo Opera

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Business process

Translator Tony TongueTransition

Information from




Advertising and







Promotion Tony



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SchedulePatner up with the CollaboratorsTranslate video’s, voicesImprovising according to

customer’sfeedbackPublish Updates in Tony CommunityGive rewards and offers to active customersPromote and Promote till we reach the

maximum number of Downloads

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SummaryWe have seen: Needs of the customer Logo and slogan Features of the app(Free and Premium) Competitors(POP and POD) Collaborators Goal Promotion and Distribution Prices and Offers Organizational Structure Business Process Delineation

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Created by Tejaswini Sandapolla, NIT Surat during a marketing internship under PROF.SAMEERMATHUR,IIM LUCKNOW