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Types of Faults and Folds. Types of Faults and Folds. Faults: when rocks break due to force. Normal Fault Caused by tension (pulling apart) Reverse Fault Caused by compression (pushing together) Strike-Slip Fault Caused by shear (lateral) forces (sideways) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Types of Fault

Types of Faults and FoldsTypes of Faults and FoldsFaults: when rocks break due to force.Normal FaultCaused by tension (pulling apart)Reverse FaultCaused by compression (pushing together)Strike-Slip FaultCaused by shear (lateral) forces (sideways)Folds: when rocks bend due to force.AnticlineCaused by compressionFolded up like an "A"Syncline Caused by compression Folded down like a "U" Monocline Caused by compression, a gently dipping bend.

Stress and StrainStress is the applied force (The pushing and pulling on the rock layers). Strain is the bending & twisting that happens to the rock also known as deformation.

3 Types of StressCompressional stress pushes matter (rock layers) together. Tensional stress pulls matter (rock and dirt layers) apart. Shear stress is rotational. The stress is parallel to a face of the material

Normal Fault BeforeAfter

Reverse FaultBeforeAfter

Strike-Slip Fault BeforeAfter




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