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YOUZEE is a software for graphical presentation and goal oriented analysis of highly complex data. YOUZEE offers small and medium-sized businesses of all branches the possibility to create and edit comprehensive reportings and analysis charts and to present them multifarious.


  • 1. Whoever wants to make right decisions must have access to the right information always up to date and in a significant form. YOUZEE is a software for graphical representation and result oriented analysis of highly complex data mass. YOUZEE gives small and medium sized businesses of all branches the chance to create and edit comprehensive reportings and analysis charts and to present those in a multifarious form. You can query branch typical characteristics on a comfort- able user interface. The information is displayed via dia- grams which can further be analyzed using freely defin- able filter functions. That way you can control sales figures or advertising tactics, optimize sales channels or uncover supply gaps. The Knowledge-Tool for decision-makers With YOUZEE you lay the foundation for precise decisions and the right arguments through analyses and significant graphics.
  • 2. H I G H L I G H TS PRODUCT TYPES: YOUZEE as a small business version: up to 5 user max. YOUZEE as a standard version: unlimited users Intuitive appliance on a comfortable user interface Create detailed reportings simple and uncomplicated Context sensitive online help YOUZEE enables you to retrieve certain operating figures at a click of the mouse. The No training course for users needed system accesses the internal data and automatically generates an analysis in form of All current analyses at a glance a dynamic diagram on a well arranged user interface. Direct access to all standard queries Protected access to analyses Take advantage of the diagrams different display options and click right into the graphic in order to receive specified information. Zoom into the graphic to show cir- Standard queries deliver dynamic graphics cumstances clearer. Bring in some more analysis and see the graphic in direct compa- at a mouse click rison. Combine individual queries with new query packets and make them available Different diagram types applicable (circle to others on demand. chart, histogram or line graph) Combination of different queries to new query packets Direct comparison of up to 4 analyses simultaneously Drill-Down allows zooming the graphic Multi dimensional data selection through filter functions Special filters optionally configurable Configuration and allocation of individual analyses batches Exporting columns of figures Analyze your data upon individual problems Integration of diagrams in Power Point YOUZEE opens new possibilities for continuative analysis of your data queries. Imple- Power Point templates in corporate design ment freely definable filters on diagrams to select certain information. Mark particular areas in the graphic and relate the values to other characteristics to examine the total Free definition of meaningful operating revenue in a certain period at certain location for instance. This way you can configure figures new analysis batches and save them for private and shared use. Integration of arbitrary data via data warehouse technology possible Present sturdy results and make them available for others System configuration possible by YOUZEE makes it easy appealingly presenting specific analyses, making them available KONZEPTUM Ltd. or internal IT department for colleagues or protecting them from external access: Pass down already existing User defined task allocation easily analyses for internal processing and assign special user rights to every user. Generate configurable Power Point presentations with the very latest charts based on drafts in your corpo- rate design or export your column of figures directly to Excel. More Information: K O N Z E P T U M GmbH Moselweier Strae 4 Telefon: D - 56073 Koblenz +49 (0) 2 61 | 5 79 09-0 Telefax: +49 (0) 2 61 | 5 79 09-199