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CTVR is the national telecommunications research centre in Ireland. It is headquartered in Trinity College Dublin and works in partnership with six academic institutions in Ireland (NUIM, UL, UCC, Tyndall, DIT and DCU) and collaborates with over 60 companies. We engage in cutting-edge research, postgraduate education, technology transfer, commercialisation and outreach. We are involved in European wide projects as well as international collaborations. Our research focus is on wireless and optical networks . We work both at the architecture and infrastructure level as well as on the underlying technologies that will enable the networks of the future. We have expertise in wireless networking, optical networking, cognitive networks, dynamic spectrum access networks, machine-learning, advanced optimisation and game theory. From a technology perspective we have expertise in RF design, agile radios, antenna design, software radio, cognitive radio, tuneable optical components, photonics integration and modelling as well as advanced thermal management. Our work spans the theoretical & simulation domains as well as the practical and experimental. We also have expertise in the area of telecommunications policy. CTVR is an SFI Centre for Science & Engineering Technology. We also get funding from Enterprise Ireland, the HEA, the IRC as well as European Framework funding and funding directly from Industry.


  • 1. ISIN SME H2020 Workshop22 Oct 2014 1 Mark Cooney CTVR Commercialisation & Industry Manager
  • 3. TCD (Wireless & Optical Networking, Thermal) DIT (Antennas) DCU (Optical Systems) NUIM(RF Design) UCC (Optimisation & Mobile Communications) Tyndall(Photonics Integration & Photonic Systems) UL(Thermal) Founded 2004 19Academic Leads 70 Researchers HQTCD Funding35 million 175+ other industry collaborations CTVRAT A GLANCE
  • 4. ANTENNA DESIGN (DIT) Minimal & Conformal antennas for wireless and health applications Device and solar integration Body Area and M2M antennas Telemedical devices RF DESIGN (NUIM) Efficient Power Amplifiers Multimode Radios Software Radio & Cognitive Radio platforms GPP and FPGA based PHY layer signal processing for dynamic environments Future Wireless & Mobile Network Architectures (TCD, UL) Emphasis on sharing Small cells User-deployed Infrastructure Heterogeneous environments Cognitive Networking Game Theory for Networking Optimisation techniques for Networking New forms of spectrum access for networks Virtualisation and SDN techniques Mobility and transport issues Communication Theory Network as a sensor Quantitative network management Thermal Management CTVRCompetencies
  • 5. Optical Technologies (TCD, DCU, Tyndall, UL) Photonics Integration Tunable lasers Photonic components Component modelling Photonic Systems Adaptive modulation techniques System characterisation RF over Fibre techniques Thermal Management Future Optical Networks (TCD, UCC, Tyndall) Extreme PON LR-PON and other NG-PON Fibre to the premises solutions Optimisation for optical networks Dynamic resource allocation in optical networks Cost modelling for optical networks Open networks SDN techniques Wireless/optical interface Backhaul design CTVRCompetencies
  • 6. Industry Partnerships
  • 7. WPA: Networks A1 Optical Networks A2 Wireless Networks C3 OFDM for Flexible Cores C4 Flexible Access WPC: Optical technologies C1 Flexible Optical TX C2 Flexible Optical RX B1 Digital Power Amps B2 Digitally Enhanced Passives B3 Flexible Antennas WPB: WirelessTechnologies B4 Flexible Platforms WPD: Wireless & Optical C5 Thermal for Photonics B5 Thermal for RF D2 LTE + PON D1 Sharing in Wireless & Optical D3 hetero optical- wireless >175 Industry relationships Heres a (small) sample: CTVRWider Industy
  • 8. Spinouts Patents SMEs STANDARDS BODIES Companys ability to do the job; new ideas, products, new markets, profits, jobs, wider economic activity, reputation, imitation Societal change, regulatory change, technical leadership, reputation VALUE & IMPACT Intellectual Property C B D E F G consultation placements master classes collaborations source of expert staff policy work EI TIDA standards work 6 3 V A L U E & I M P A C T from R E S E A R C H REGULATORY BODIES & GOVERNMENT MNCs 4 2 1 Licensing 5 7 8 9 + A
  • 9. CTVRs Antenna on Decawaves new product: November 2013 Professor Max Ammann, Dr Patrick McEvoy & Dr Matthias John with An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny 9 Licensing Examples
  • 10. The Future
  • 11. 10Universities 38Industry Partners 50 million+ 6 years
  • 12. CONNECTingthe wider Irish Landscape
  • 13. smart sensors microelectronic circuits RF design energy harvesting strategies antennas thermal strategies optical technologies PHY layer signal processing software/cognitive radio platforms optical architectures optical/wireless interface cognitive networking virtualization techniques wireless/mobile architectures network optimization network performance monitoring mobile services cloud services spectrum management privacy/security services service platforms Audio-visual media processing M2M/D2D applications cyberphysicalsystems PHY layer monitoring sensor networks Rapid Prototyping and Experimentation Media Rich Applications Advanced Technologies - Enabling the Smart & Cool Things for the Future Internet Open Communications Opening the Networks to Everyone & Everything 1 2 3 Future Applications & Services Supporting Media-Rich Interactions to M2M bursts OUR EXPERTISE OUR FOCUS THINGS Network- aware SERVICES Service- aware NETWORKS Future Applications & Services Future Fixed & Mobile Networks Internet of Things EXPERTISERAINBOW CTVR
  • 14. TCD (Wireless/Optical Networking/ Thermal /Media Applications) DIT(Antennas) DCU (Optical Systems/Multimedia) NUIM(RF Design/Network Mathematics) UCD(Network Performance Management/Cloud Computing Microelectronics) UCC (Optimisation/Mobile Communications/Security) Tyndall(Smart Sensors & Microelectronics) CIT(Built Environment & Communications) UL(Thermal) TSSG(Network Applications & Services) Start date: 2015 / value: 50 Million ++ / duration: 6 years 10Institutions 45Academics + 120RESEARCHERS Future Apps & Services Future Fixed & Mobile Networks Internet of Things 10 THE INSTITUTIONAL TEAM
  • 15. CONNECT a new paradigm for Research& Impact
  • 17. will be performed into existence in response to the service need networks of the future
  • 19. Advanced technologies -Enabling the Smart & Cool Things for the Future Internet Experimentation & Prototyping in the Lab TEST & TRIAL TRANSLATION UNIT [IRELAND A LIVING TESTBED] Future Applications & Services Supporting Media-Rich Interactions to M2M bursts Open Communications Opening the Networks to Everyone & Everything TARGETED PROJECTS The Centres vision will be realised through a mix of i.LONG-TERM RESEARCH ii.TARGETED PROJECTS which are commissioned by, designed with & executed forour industry partners. A key feature of the centre will be the rapid prototyping of ideas and the implementation of those ideas in the real world.
  • 21. IBM is seriously looking for the creation of one or more spinout companies in the areas as noted by the objectives above ... Investments in spinouts could be in the range of 1-10M ... The goal of this collaboration is to maintain active pipeline of academic research which furthers Intels business goalsin IOT We see that it will lead to employment opportunities in Socowave within 2 years. ...could be responsible for the overall employment increase of 50%... The roll out of the ESB fibre network has the potential to bring a level of connectivity to Ireland that has not been experienced to date. Working on this project will allow us to really focus on such challenges as rural broadband INTEL IBM SOCOWAVE ESB
  • 22. publications graduates & skilledprofessionals know-how IDFs patents licenses spinouts E&O courses public events specialist events nationwidetestbed facilities policydocuments open source tools digital media new international collaborations do high quality research-platform & TP make quality hires build strong identity deliver a rich experience for industry grow industry engagement foster entrepreneurship proactively market and manage IP deliver spinouts developthe testbed culture diversify funding build international collaborations deliver E&Oprogramme operate open-door policy increased internationalreputation and strong identity new directionsfor research more skilledworkforce new products / new services / new processes forpartners more indigenouscompanies more FDI policy change more SMEsinvolved in research more Irish companies involved in EU programmes greater sustainability forcentre greater economic competitiveness greatertake-up of STEM subjects ACTIVITIES OUTPUTS OUTCOMES IMPACT
  • 24. 30,000+ kids 100,000+ TV Viewers SPECIALIST SCALE NATIONWIDE NETWORK MATHS BT Young Scientist 40,000+ Radio Listeners Engineering Fictions TVWS Policy Women for Election Open Issues National BB
  • 25. 35%of all jobs in the ICT sector in Ireland are based in the CONNECTindustry partners.
  • 26. SPOKES NEW PARTNERS H2020 50%
  • 27. CONNECT Centre for Future Networks & Communications
  • 28. Thank You Mark Cooney CTVR Commercialisation & Industry Manager Dunlop Oriel House Trinity College Dublin e: [email protected] m: 087 774 2694