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  • 1. Contents Page Deconstruction

2. C:Documents and SettingshpMy DocumentsMy Picturesscan0018.jpg The month of the magazine is in black bold text and is located slightly over the contents title which is very effective in making it stand out. The contents heading is very large and bold which is effective informing the audience of what this page actually is. Although Bliss is targeted at teenage girls which is highlighted through the use of the colour pink throughout the magazine when designing my magazine although I used the layout of Blisss contents page, I used the colour blue which might help attracts male readers. The layout of the images is what really attracted me, as it provides an eye-catching organisation of the photos which make them stand out. Again, the organisation of the lists of the contents are very coherent in using the colour pink, black and purple throughout creating a funky layout which would definitely appeal to young teens A stunning photo of Mollie from the girl band The Saturdays. The mise en scene used here, would appeal to young teens as her black dress emphasises her sexuality and her confident posture will appeal to teen girls in terms of her being a role-model. The contents explains the pages mentioned on the front cover which is straight to the point and informative which would definitely appeal to young teens