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1. MAGAZINE CONTENTSPAGEDECONSTRUCTION 2. The masthead on this contentspage is informal as they sayinside this mag instead ofinside this magazine. This isbecause it is a magazine forteenagers, and using informalwords will attract more buyers.The coverlines are separatedinto different sections. Theyhave sections like all aboutme and celebs & gossip. Thiswill help to attract somereaders as they will find iteasier to find their favouritestory line.The contents page imagesare images/ storylines whichare included in themagazine. They have usedthese as it will help to attractmore readers as youngerreaders are more attractedto pictures more thanwords. They have usedimages of clothing as it willhelp more girl readers.The colour scheme is pinkand yellow. They have usedthis colour scheme as theyare trying to attract youngreaders and bright colourswill help.The audience for this magazine is young teenagegirls. I know this because the colours are in yellowand pink which I would class as a girlie colour. Alsothe images are of shopping and attractive singerswhich again will also attract the young femalepopulation. 3. The masthead on thiscontents page is placed onthe left hand side as thatswhere the readers will looklast. It is a basic mastheadas it is in plain black writingand only says inside NMEThe colour scheme for thiscontents page is black, grey andred. This is a very sophisticatedcolour scheme and shows thatthe magazine is aimed at adults.The colour scheme also includesthe colour red as the title of themagazine NME is in the colourred.The cover lines areseparated inside thismagazine contents page.This is because somereaders will buy themagazine for the band listsection but some readerswill buy the magazine for theregulars section. This willhelp the readers find theirarticle quickly and mean thatthey dont need to spendloads of time looking throughthe whole contents page tofind it.There is only one imageused on this contentspage. This is because themagazine is for adultstherefore they wouldntwant to read it if it lookedchildish and full of images.The audience for this magazine is adults about30+. I know this because of the colour schemeand the way the contents page is layed out. 4. The audience for this magazine is for adults aged 25+. Iknow this because the colour scheme is in sophisticatedcolours so they audience doesnt get out off buying themagazine. Also the lay out of the magazine is also verysophisticated.The main image for thiscontents page takes upmost of the page. This willbe because Adele in thiscase, will be the main coverstory.The masthead for thiscontents page is very plainand boring. It is placed onthe left hand side as that iswhere the reader will looklast and therefore the readerwill not be put off buying themagazine by its plain contentpage masthead.The cover lines for thiscontents page are separatedinto different sections. This isbecause it helps the reader tofind their favourite artist orstoryline quicker.The colour schemefor this content pageis sophisticated. Thisis because themagazine is for adultsand therefore theyhave to have oldercolour and plaincolours so the readerswill buy the magazine. 5. Overall thought Overall I think that the magazine contents page design Iwill follow the most will be the Top of the pops. This isbecause I plan to do my magazine with the targetaudience of 14 younger in mind. Therefore the magazinewhich will appeal the most to this target audience is thismagazine as it has bright colours and is childish.