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  • 1. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazines

2. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazinesMastheadThe masthead is at the top left of the contents page. The font style looks the samethroughout. There is only two colours white text on a red background this makesthe masthead stand out in comparison to the rest of the content page.Necessary InformationThe date and issue number is located at the top right of the page. There areseveral page numbers located on the screen however they are not in order andthe magazine have done this because them particular page numbers will appealto the audience more than the others. At the bottom there is a page number totell you what page you are on. There are 2 websites to choose from and it islocated underneath the date and issue number.TextThe text is quite short as it is just a sneak peak at what to expect in the magazine.It is informal as it jokes on about going to the gym. There isnt a lot of text incomparison to other magazines and this is to appeal to the reader because youwant a preview what to expect not an essay. The purpose of the text is to explainon what the sub-heading is talking about. There are several sub-heading as thereare several stories in the magazine that they want to use to appeal to the reader.The order of the text is quite structured as the layout is around the main image.FontThe font used is the same throughout the cover of the magazine. They have usedthe same font style throughout so that one story doesnt stand out more that therest. There are 4different colours that have been used. There have been no italicsused. There is bold text and that has been used for the title and the review andthey have done this so that the eye is drawn to the content underneath.ImagesThere are two images used in the contents page one main image that has a littlesub-heading, it positioned underneath and to the right of the text beside it andwriting over the top of the image and the second image is much smaller andbeside this one has several different captions beside it and this is situatedunderneath the main image.CompositionThe images are framed by the text around it. The layout is quite formal. Theyhave also used layering for the image and on top of that they have some text.Both images relate to the text.Linguistic FeaturesThere are not very noticeable linguistic features in this content.ColourThere are only 4 colours used (red, white, black and a dark cream) in thiscontents page and the images also use them three colours as they look quiteminimalist in colour. 3. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazines 4. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazinesMastheadThe masthead is in the left hand side of the screen and it is located to the right ofthe corner this is strange as usually the masthead is located to the right of the lefthand corner. The masthead is in bold and there has been several colours used inthe masthead: white, black, yellow, red, green and blue.Necessary InformationThe date, website and page number is located at the bottom right of themagazine. The issue number is located in a separate place at the top of themagazine covers underneath the CONTENTS title.TextThe text describes what is in the magazine but also what events are coming soonand exclusives you can get online. The text is quite informal and friendly. Itspurpose is to advertise some of the things that will be included in the magazine.There are several sub-headings to describe not only what is in the magazine butalso to give a headline of some of the magazines exclusives. The layout of the textis structured well however there is a lot of text for the audience to deal withmaking me think that the magazine cover is text led. They have numerical orderfor the chart that is at the left hand side of the page and they also have numbersfor the different page numbers.FontIt looks as though there is only two types of text used; one for the title and onefor the text underneath and I think they have done this to make the eye is drawnto the sub-heading, There has been 2 colours used black and blue and they havedone this to separate each story. There have been no italics used. There has beensome text in bold and they have used bold to highlight the different celebritiesnames.ImagesThere have been 4 images used: the main image is situated at the middle right ofthe magazine page, the rest is situated at the top of the screen underneath thecontents title and the images are of celebrities. The main image has text around itquite closely and the other three images has numbers long the bottom right ofthe image to show which page number in the magazine the celebrity will befeatured on.CompositionThey have frames this page with neat lines and structured text lines to frame theimages and the layout is very structured. They havent really used layering in themagazine contents page. The images relate to text that is situated beside theimage. I think that the contents page of the magazine is text led because it hasmore text than pictures however the text is quite small in comparison to theimages suggesting that the cover is image led. 5. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazinesLinguistic FeaturesThere are no rhetorical questions, assonance and puns. They have used minimalalliteration for example Power Players. They have used little paragraph featuresto tease the audience (enigma code). There arent many linguistic features to givea massive effect on the magazine.ColourThe magazine has used different colours: red, green, black, white and blue. Theimages colours are quite dark as the different celebrities are wearing black inevery picture. These colours make the tone of the magazine have a morepolished and professional finish and they also have used colour in the text so thatcertain parts of the text stands out. 6. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazines 7. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazinesMastheadThe masthead is situated in the middle of the magazine. They have used the samefont style for the masthead however they have used to different colours: whitefor the actual masthead and then after this it states THIS WEEK they have putthis in old to separate this from the masthead and to make your eyes attract to it.Necessary InformationThe date and issue number is situated under the contents page sub-title. Theyhave not put a page number on this magazine. They do not have any website linkhowever they do have a subscription advertised at the bottom right hand side ofthe magazine.TextThe text is names of bands and there is a huge paragraph at the side of the pagethat is dedicated to the editors writing. The formality of this is quite friendly andits purpose is to give a sense of relationship to the audience as the editor is doingthe magazine to keep the audience happy. The celebritys names have been put inthere to let the audience know who is featured in the magazine and to hopefullyby it for that reason. There are several sub-headings to separate the differentarticle features in the magazine. The order in a way is structure however thelayout is quite messy. They use umbers however they dont have the numbers innumerical order as they are just listing the page numbers that they think theaudience would enjoy the mostFontThere are 3 different types of font used: one for them masthead, one for the textand one for the sub-headings and they have done this to make the eye seesomething new and the audience will also focus more on the changes in the textand the eyes will be drawn to that. They have used 4 different colours: red,yellow, white and black. They havent added any italic writing however they haveused bold text to carry on the theme of the masthead.CompositionThey havent really used the framing of the text and images very well howeverthe only noticeable framing is on the masthead as they have used a black strip toseparate the picture on the top half to the writing and text on the bottom half.They have used the layout with the text by putting vertical lines to separate thedifferent columns. The images relate to the text that is beneath. The magazinecontents page is very image led as there has half the page just for 1 image.Linguistic FeaturesThey have no used any noticeable rhetorical questions, alliteration, assonanceand puns however they have used enigma codes, they have done this by usingcelebrity names to give teases to the audience and in some of the articles shortparagraphs about what is to be expected.ColourFor the text they have used 4 different colours and for the images they have usedquite dark images however they have some lighter features in them for examplethe person red hair so that it matches the red in the text. Thy have used these 8. Rebecca BlackContents Pages for music magazinescolours to add effect to the images and text as the colour you can see in themagazine page your eyes will be drawn to it.