first battle of bull run

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Taylor, Victoria, and Racheal First Battle of Bull Run

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First Battle of Bull Run. Taylor, Victoria, and Racheal. Location. Virginia 30 miles west from W ashington D.C By Bull Run Creek In Manassas. Military Leaders. McDowell. Beauregard. Leader of the North. Leader of the South . Victory for the South. What happened . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


First Battle of Bull Run

Taylor, Victoria, and Racheal

First Battle of Bull RunVirginia 30 miles west from Washington D.CBy Bull Run CreekIn Manassas


Military LeadersMcDowellBeauregardLeader of the North

Leader of the South

Victory for the South

What happened Sunday at 2 oclock the drums beat the assembly, then the started fighting at 2:10Union 460 killed1,124 wounded1,312 missing29 guns abandoned or captured by the Confederates28,450 on the Union side387 killed1,582 wounded13 missing 32,230 on the Confederate sideStatisticsConfederateIt was the first major battleThe Henry house was smashedDays were hot and steamy


PoliticiansThe north wanted Lincoln to invade Virginia Newspapers pressured President Lincoln to quick end of the rebellion of the southern states and Lincoln was stressed.Reason leading to battleSoldiers with hunting skillsThe New York 71st The New Hampshire 2nd

Important PeopleHow long the Battle of Bull Run lasted.The Battle of Bull Run lasted about one day .