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Huawei RAN16.0 Solution Overview


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Huawei RAN16.0 Solution OverviewUMTS

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Key Value 1: MBB Visualization for Best User Experience

Coverageto Provide Good KPICapacityto Keep KPI GoodExperienceto Guarantee Good KQIROIBusinessCapacity & KPI InsightResource Bottleneck MonitoringKPI: Admission Rejection Rate < 2%Coverage & KPI InsightCoverage Probability >95%KPI: Access Success Rate > 95%

MBB Visualization New RNC Counters to Check MBB User Experience PRS Makes 2Gto3G User Migration EasyPRS Clarifies Why 3G Users Back to 2G

MBB Visualization makes precise investment drived by good user experience

Introduced in RAN16.0

Introduced in RAN15.0

Page #HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.:32-35pt : R153 G0 B0 :FrutigerNext LT Medium : Arial

:30-32pt : R153 G0 B0:

:20-22pt (2-5) :18pt : :FrutigerNext LT Regular : Arial

:18-20pt(2-5):18pt ::


Key Value 2: Achieving MBB Network Foundation

CapacityCell Throughput (UL/DL)CoverageCell-edge Rate (UL/DL)

+60%/10%+45%/20%ExperienceSpeech MOSConnection StormBig EventsTraffic StormHetnetHD VoiceKQI improvement

Key SolutionsLTEUMTS+20%+10%

Basic FunctionKPI ImprovementCall Drop Rate -10%Access Success Rate +10%Combined service KPI is optimizedCapacityConnection Number

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Key Value 3: Powerful SONSON maximizes network performance and efficiencyMLBANRMROACHCCOAdaptive RACHMaximize network utilizationStabilize KPI in multi-RAT networkImprove inter-frequency HOSROptimize antenna intelligentlyImprove cell throughput by 10%Save OPEX & provide customizable parameters

All above included in RAN16.0 SON solution

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Key Value 4: Investment on UMTS is that on LTE UBBP board smoothes UL co-building. UMTS today is for LTE tomorrow

Multi-RAT HardwareRFBBURNCOSSSoftware Defined RadioGUL in One Radio

Blade RRU

AAUSoftware Defined ControllerFor BSC/RNC Convergence

SRC (Single Radio Controller)One OSS Platform One Interface, One Experience

iManager U2000

Software Defined BBUGULT in One BBU


Co-Baseband achieved in RAN16.0 Co-Baseband in UBBPissued in RAN16.0

Co-Control in UMPTissued in RAN15.0Co-Baseband for 4 RATs

Multi-RAT in One HardwarePowerful CapacityInvestment ProtectionHigh IntegrationSmooth Evolution

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RAN16.0 Solution Highlights (1/2)RankingSolutionFeature IDFeature NameNew/EnhancedOptional/Basic/TrialScenarioBenefitTOP 1MBB VisualizationFunctionNew RNC CountersNBPrecise planning based on user experience3G to 2G back-flow2G to 3G migrationService & xMbps demand, Traffic, Terminal, Capacity & Coverage gap are visualized 3Gto2G back-flow & 2Gto3G User Migration VisualizationNOBottleneck shown at grid level VisualizationNOTOP 2Connection StormWRFD-160201CCPIC Phase 3NOMany connections with small package services per cell +20% in connectionsWRFD-160213Turbo IC Phase 2NOWRFD-160202Flexible Power Control for ULDRTNOWRFD-151201Adaptive RACHNOWRFD-151202FACH PoolNOWRFD-150246SS & Load Sharing in CELL_FACHNOTOP 3Traffic StormWRFD-160253Automatic Congestion Handler (ACH)NONot many connections but at high speed transmission+60%/10%in (UL/DL) cell throughputWRFD-160214Load-based Intelligent State TransitionNOWRFD-151201Adaptive RACHNOWRFD-151205Uplink CoMPNOWRFD-151207HetNet Uplink CoMPNOWRFD-01061203HSUPA Power ControlEOWRFD-160250Interference Rejection Combining (IRC)NTTOP 4HD VoiceWRFD-160204CS Voice Precise Power ControlNOExcellent speech experience on demand+10%in speech MOSWRFD-160106Fast Radio Bearer SetupNBWRFD-160102Garbled Noise Detection and CorrectionNBWRFD-020701AMR/WB-AMR Speech Rates ControlEOWRFD-160271Ultra-Flash CSFBNTTOP 5Big EventsWRFD-160206RB ParkingNOBig event scenarios such as parade, vocal concert, stadiumKeep KPI normalWRFD-151203Camping Strategy Switch for Mass EventNOTOP 6SONWRFD-151201Adaptive RACHNOAll90%Workload is saved+10%in network capacity WRFD-151202FACH PoolNOWRFD-151203Camping Strategy Switch for Mass EventNOWRFD-160253Automatic Congestion HandlerNORefer to SONmasterMLB, ANR, MRO, CCO & PSC Self Optimization NO

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RAN16.0 Solution Highlights (2/2)RankingSolutionFeature IDFeature NameNew/EnhancedOptional/Basic/TrialScenarioBenefitTOP 7NodeB Capability ImprovementHardwareUBBP board/BBU3910N-Large capacity baseband boardUL co-buildingCE Efficiency to be improvedGULT Co-Baseband1024/1024 CE (UL/DL) per UBBP2x CE efficiency of HUSPA 2msFunction12 cells resource pool NBWRFD-160205CE Efficiency Improvement for HSUPA TTI 2msNOWRFD-151210Inter-Dependence of BBU Uplink ResourceNOWRFD-160208160 HSPA Users per CellNOWRFD-160209192 HSPA Users per CellNOTOP 8RNC in PoolWRFD-150211RNC in Pool Load SharingEORNC expansion and redundancyRNC in pool in UPRedundancy in GU mode3 6910+1 6910, 4690+2 6910WRFD-150212RNC in Pool Node RedundancyEOWRFD-150240RNC in Pool Multiple Logical RNCsEOTOP 9HetNetWRFD-151205Uplink CoMPNOBig events scenarios, such as stadium with multiple RRU connected to 1 BBUComplex coverage+45%/20%in (UL/DL) cell-edge rate15%/7%Up in (UL/DL) cell throughput WRFD-151206HetNet Uplink CoMPNOWRFD-151207Uplink CoMP Based on Coordinated BBUNOWRFD-151208Macro-Micro Multi RRUs in One CellNOWRFD-151209Macro-Micro DC-HSDPANOTOP 10KQI ImprovementWRFD-150252Video Service Rate AdaptionNOUser experience to be improved by differentiated service Many combined servicesExperience guaranteed for VIP users or important services WRFD-150253VoIP Application ManagementNOWRFD-150254Differentiated Service Based on ResourceNOWRFD-150255Differentiated Service Based on TerminalNOWRFD-01061006HSDPA Mobility ManagementEOWRFD-160270Camp & Handover Based on SPIDNOFunctionUser experience improvement for combined servicesNBTOP 11KPI ImprovementFunctionTraditional KPI optimizationNBBenchmark and swapTraditional KPI is optimized;Combined service KPI is improvedFunctionCombined service KPI improvementNBTOP 12OM Efficiency ImprovementFunctionRehoming Efficiency ImprovementNBCell & NobeB rehomingInterference detectionRehoming efficiency is improved20x interference detection efficiencyRefer to NasterAutomatic Interference DetectionNO

RAN16.0 includes 12 solutions, high value inside

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ContentsMotivation of RAN16.0RAN16.0 Solution Summary

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UMTS is the Foundation of MBB Network in Coming Years

UMTS Smartphone Penetration RatioLTE Terminal Penetration RatioAverage 60%Average 10%ChinaChinaMiddle EastMiddle EastIndiaIndiaAfricaAfricaAsia PacificAsia PacificSASACACALatin AmericaLatin AmericaWEWERusRusSource: 2013, Huawei commercial networks

Terminal Penetration100%50%20192012GSM as FoundationUMTS Developing2003UMTS as FoundationLTE Developing

YearGSMUMTSLTETerminal and mobile network development indicate UMTS is the foundation of MBB network in coming years

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User Experience is the Key to Success

57% subscribers quit the website if not loaded within 3 secondsSlowing search results by just 0.4s will reduce 8000K searches per day1 second web page delay, potentially lose up to $1.6B/year

Source: Public news80% Subscribers leave because having bad experience72%Subscribers stay for the good experience

Source: Huawei MICause of Complaint %Carrier BCarrier FCarrier RCarrier OCarrier NDrop Rate othersCarrier DCarrier TCarrier TCarrier SSpeed

Slow speed is the main complaint in MBB eraIncome depends on user experienceChoice depends on user experienceIn MBB era, network investment should be oriented by user experience

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Connection Storm is Happening Connections per cell is up to 400. Connection Storm is happening all over the worldSource: 2013, Huawei commercial networks

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Big Events We Have to Deal with

1,000,000 people, Parade, France

3,400,000 people, Hajj, Saudi Arabia

100,000 people, the World Cup stadium, S. Africa

90,000 people, Super Bowl stadium, USA 150,000 people, railway station, Spring festival, China

55,000 people, concert, Singapore

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SON is on Urgent DemandNetwork Architecture More ComplexNetwork Operation More Difficult

Service AwareVideoOptTCPOptFirewall


4GPS CoreFrom Operator TWLAN GW

Internet6 Nodes from UE to Internet



Neighbor Configuration Complex2G2G/3G2G/3G/4G

$1.5B Loss Yearly to Network Outages1.5%~ 5% of Annual Revenue of OperatorOutage occurs in Avg 5 times yearly

Source: Light Reading and outage Analyzer

NetworkOutage ReasonConfiguration Physical Line problemNetwork BottleneckInvisiblePowerProblem25%50%10%15%


Lack of Unified ToolSource: Heavyreading 2013SON is required to improve network performance and efficiency

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MBB One Network Needs Software Defined Hardware UMTS/LTE should 1:1 Co-site with Gfor 1Mbps/5Mbps Anytime AnywhereMore Sites Need to be Deployedfor 1:1 co-siting with G G/U/L Co-sited with software defined hardware is the most economic strategy Source: Huawei mLAB 2013Q2

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ContentsMotivation of RAN16.0RAN16.0 Solution Summary

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RAN16.0 SolutionCapacity & Coverage Connection StormTraffic StormBig EventsHetNet

EfficiencySONOM Efficiency Improvement

ExperienceMBB VisualizationHD VoiceKQI Improvement

EvolutionNodeB Capability ImprovementRNC in PoolKPI Improvement

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ExperienceHD Voice SolutionPrecise Power Control, Voice MOS: +5% Garbled Voice Correction, Voice MOS from 1 to 3Ultra-Flash CSFB Further Reduces Delay by 4sKQI Improvement SolutionVideo Service Rate Adaption, Video Startup Time: xMbpsCounter 25: times of requested speed > xMbpsCounter 25 & 26 measured in RNC at cell levelxMbps Fulfillment Ratio = Counter 26 / Counter 25x can be defined in RNC LMT Performance Statistics

User Experience

User Experience all about SpeedFast Web BrowsingShort Video Startup TimeSmoothVideo PlayingxMbps

xMbps Fulfillment Ratio (x=2)

70%xMbps Anytime Anywhere = xMbps at 95% Area, 90% Time = 85% (95%*90%) of xMbps Fulfillment Ratio

Low Fulfillment RatioBad Experience

Basic FunctionEvolutionEfficiencyCoverage & CapacityExperience

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PRS Makes 2Gto3G User Migration EasyEvolutionEfficiencyCoverage & CapacityExperiencePRSActionsFurtherActions

1. Terminal Distribution Analysis

2. Root Cause Analysis

3. Address information in grid geo-map

4. Coverage Optimization & Improvement

GUL interoperation optimizationCoverage EnhancementRF optimization123

5. Capacity Improvement after 2G users migration

User number and capacity forecastExpanding & planning to add new sites12Load ProblemWeak CoveragePilot Pollute

3G users3G fall back Users2G Users with 3G terminal

high PS traffic 2G users

Low PS traffic 2G users

A-class UserB-class userC-class User

ABCDepending on PRS issued in Dec 2014

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PRS Clarifies Why 3G Users Back to 2GEvolutionEfficiencyCoverage & CapacityExperienceInter-RAT Load HandoverGrid-level Coverage Capacity Visualization/KPI InsightCells Near by Railway StationFurther AnalysisReasonCells of Fall Back

Depending on PRS issued in Dec 2014

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Inner loop power control

Precise Power Control, Voice MOS: +5%

Multipath Search

SIR Estimation

BLER Control

Multipath SearchEnhanced

SIR EstimationEnhanced

DTX Control

BER Control

BLER ControlOuter loop power control


Normal Power ControlPrecise Power Control


The Lower BLERThe Higher MOS(Lower BLER)WRFD-160204EvolutionEfficiencyCoverage & CapacityExperience

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Garbled Voice Correction, Voice MOS from 1 to 3 Challenge: Garbled Voices in 22% of Complaints


Garbled VoiceVoice After Correction

Garbled Voice Correction, 80% Corrected

MOS13MOSUE Ciphering at HSNRNC Ciphering at HSN-1due to too big RF delay

Garbled Voice

Correction: RNC Ciphering at HSN-1+1Corrected VoiceUE Ciphering at HSN

HSN: Hyper Frame NumberWRFD-160102 EvolutionEfficiencyCoverage & CapacityExperience

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Ultra-Flash CSFB Further Reduces Delay by 4sEvolutionEfficiencyCoverage & CapacityExperience

Ultra Flash CSFB

Flash CSFB

CSFB 8.2s7.6s4.2sScenario: LTE user call LTE user0.6s4s48% latency reduced

RIM procedureMMEMSCLTEUMTSUE synchronization time saved in UMTS600ms Saved by Flash CSFB

Resource allocation time saved in UMTS

SRVCCprocedureMMEMSCLTEUMTS4s Saved by Ultra Flash CSFB

RIM : RAN Information Exchanging

SRVCC: Single Radio Voice Call ContinuityDepending on Huawei MME & MSC and UEs support of SRVCCMinor impact for existing network, no need for IMS server. Smooth evolution for VoLTE.

Trial FeatureWRFD-160271 Ultra-Flash CSFB



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Page #Key Message:As the basic LTE voice solution, one of CSFBs main challenges is connection latency. Ultra-Flash CSFB exchanges information between the EPC and the CS network while mobile phone fallback to UMTS network and CS core network can do the preparation in advance by private SRVCC procedure. The connection latency of Ultra-Flash CSFB can be shorten for about 1 sec.

Note:The standard SRVCC procedure will judge 2 conditions: 1) VoIP setup; 2) IMS service is OK. The private protocol process these two judgment specially by Huawei MME & MSC equipment.SRVCC UE is neededThe time delay of traditional PS HO CSFB is about 5s.SRAN7.0 Flash CSFB feature is used in L2U redirection scenario.23

Video Service Rate Adaption, Video Startup Time: 20Suitable to scenario where ROT > 6dB and HSUPA UE number > 20WRFD-160202The lower SIR targetthe less load per service the bigger capacity

Set big retransmission times and big HARQ OffsetEvolutionEfficiencyCapacity & CoverageExperience

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Turbo IC Phase 2 Doubles Connections HSUPA 2ms TTI UsersThroughputTimeHARQ: Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request

2040UE No. of HSUPA 2ms TTIAfterBeforeScenario:Lots of HSUPA 2ms TTI terminals;Low service average rate, i.e. T for longer DCH state High Experience ModeT2